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Lorenzen Wright's Ex-Wife Claims Wright Left House With Drugs, Money Night Of Homicide

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Ex-Wife: Lorenzen Wright Left House With Drugs, Money The Night He Was Killed

Former NBA player Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife told police he left her house on the night of his death with a box of drugs and an unspecified sum of money, according to court records obtained by the Memphis Commercial-Appeal.

Sherra Wright told detectives her ex had a conversation on “a ‘tracfone’ or similar cellular telephone” with an unidentified person before he left with the drugs and money. She also told police he owned an iPhone and made calls from both cells while at her house.

“During the conversation with the unidentified individual, Sherra Wright told Det. Young she heard Lorenzen Wright say he was going to flip something for $110,000,” according to an affidavit obtained by The Commercial Appeal on Tuesday.

Sherra Wright also told police her ex-husband kept two guns in the family van but they have yet to be found. The police did seize two items from her house, pieces of burned metal and a letter addressed to Lorenzen and Sherra Wright. She was unaware of the contents of the letter.

Memphis PD Lt. Alan Ruhl said late Tuesday that the homicide investigation is continuing to develop.


Police Investigate Possible Homicide After Ex-NBAer Lorenzen Wright Found Dead; 911 Hangup May Be Key Clue

Police have begun investigating the death of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright as a homicide, according to the Detroit Free-Press.

Wright, whose body was discovered in southeast Memphis late on July 28th, had been missing July 19th. While early speculation had centered on the possibility that his gunshot wounds were self-inflicted, possibly motivated by Wright's well-documented financial problems, the sheer number of wounds all but rules that possibility out. Indeed, Wright reportedly had as many as twelve gunshot wounds.

Police have recently come under scrutiny for not finding Wright's body earlier. The police eventually found his body by following the lead from a 911 hangup they received the night of his disappearance. That brief call featured a male voice speaking an expletive, followed by the sound of at least ten gunshots, according to the Memphis Commercial-Appeal. It's not known who the phone the call was made from was registered to, but it was found on Wright's person when police discovered his body on Wednesday. The 911 dispatcher reportedly called the phone back after receiving the hangup, but it's not known whether the police followed up on it, before it came to their attention late Tuesday night.

Wright's mother accompanied the police to the Collierville scene where her son's body was found. She told reporters:

I wanted to see the last steps of my son, the last steps my son ever took. He was my first born child. I really wanted to see his last steps. [...] I was wondering how they would get a 6’11’’ guy inside of the fence.

Lorenzen Wright was 34-years-old at the time of his death.


Memphis Law Enforcement Source Confirms Body Found Was That Of Lorenzen Wright

Lorenzen Wright's tragic ending has been confirmed. While the Memphis Police Department has yet to officially comment, a "law enforcement source" has confirmed to Memphis' Commercial Appeal that the body discovered on Wednesday is indeed that of Wright, who had been missing since July 19.

His body was found in a wooded area at Hacks Cross and Winchester in southeast Memphis.

Police sources also said that they are indeed "investigating a 911 hangup call from Wright's cellphone" that was made Monday morning.


Lorenzen Wright's Dead Body Found By Police In Memphis

There's been a tragic ending to the disappearance of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright: police have reportedly found his dead body in Memphis, according to MyEyeWitnessNews.com.

Wright had been missing since July 17th after leaving his ex-wife's home. His family filed a missing person's report on July 23rd and said that they feared he'd been the victim of foul play -- suspicions the police initially downplayed. Earlier on Wednesday, police had announced that they had found a body in southeastern Memphis as they investigated Wright's location based on his last known phone call, a 911 hangup made early in the morning of July 18th. At first, police refused to identify the body as Wright's, although according to MyEyeWitnessNews.com that is indeed the case. The body reportedly suffered a gunshot wound. Early speculation was that the wound may have been self-inflicted.

Wright, who was beset by numerous financial woes, was reportedly carrying a fair amount of cash at the time of his disappearance. That and the reported 911 hangup certainly make a robbery-murder also seem very plausible.

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