WASHINGTON - JULY 29: Adam Dunn #44 of the Washington Nationals celebrates with teammates after hitting a home run in the eighth inning against the Atlanta Braves at Nationals Park on July 29 2010 in Washington DC. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

MLB Trade Rumors: Adam Dunn Apparently Not Chicago-Bound

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MLB Trade Rumors: Dodgers May Be Nearing Ted Lilly Trade

Just because it's past midnight on the East coast doesn't mean the rumors are done flying. Buster Olney comes in with the latest on perhaps the top starting pitcher left on the market:

Heard this: The Dodgers and Cubs are closing in on a Ted Lilly trade.

The Dodgers have been a rumored destination for Lilly for quite some time, as they could slide him in between Chad Billingsley/Clayton Kershaw and Vicente Padilla/Hiroki Kuroda. The probability is that they'd need the Cubs to kick in some cash to cover at least a fraction of Lilly's remaining 2010 salary, but the Cubs have expressed a willingness to do so, and doing so would aid in bringing back more talent from the Dodgers.

The Yankees have also shown recent interest in Lilly, with Andy Pettitte on the disabled list.


MLB Trade Rumors: White Sox Saying They're Out On Adam Dunn; Rays In?

Setting a high price for a player is always nice in theory. In practice, it can backfire, as the Nationals are beginning to figure out:

#WhiteSox saying, again, that they are out on Dunn. If that's true, Dunn could stay with #Nationals. #Rays only in at rt price

#Nationals don't seem ready to budge. So, barring mystery team, hard to see Dunn deal. #WhiteSox can wait until Aug. - Alex Rios time.

This could be posturing on the White Sox's part, but they wouldn't be the first team to grow weary of Washington's demands. If the Nationals finish tomorrow with Dunn still on the roster, they will have made a mistake.

As Rosenthal points out, though, not all hope is lost. Says Jon Perrotto:

Hearing #Rays might make one more push at the deadline for a bat (Corey Hart or Luke Scott) to counteract #Yankees' moves tonight.

Perrotto, of course, doesn't mention Dunn, but he is there as a possibility, and the Rays have rumored to be interested on several occasions before. The issue would be Washington's price and getting Dunn to DH, but if they want to catch up to the Yankees, Dunn would be among the boldest of moves they could make.


MLB Trade Rumors: Pirates Talking About Chris Snyder

The Diamondbacks have had some desirable pieces they wanted to move, and some less desirable pieces they wanted to move. One of said latter pieces is backstop Chris Snyder, but they may have found a match anyway:

The Diamondbacks and Pirates have spoken about a trade that would send catcher Chris Snyder to Pittsburgh, major-league sources said Friday.

Arizona would almost certainly need to include a substantial amount of cash in the deal.

Snyder is due $5.75m next season and has a $0.75m buyout for a 2012 option, so he's been made available primarily due to financial reasons. Another reason is that he's been passed up by the younger, cheaper Miguel Montero. So Arizona let the world know that Snyder was available, and it seems that piqued the Pirates' interest. The Pirates have used Ryan Doumit, Jason Jaramillo, and Erik Kratz behind the plate this year, but Doumit is currently suffering from a concussion and is not very able in the field, and neither of the other two are particularly notable.

Snyder has a career .737 OPS, and hit 16 home runs in 2008. He's also hit better on the road than at home, easing some concerns that Arizona's environment was boosting his numbers.


MLB Trade Rumors: Cardinals Looking Hard At Jake Westbrook

The Cardinals have long been searching for a rotation upgrade and were in on Roy Oswalt, but that very clearly didn't materialize. So, in response, they've turned their attention to a cheaper, more attainable arm:

The St. Louis Cardinals have made Cleveland Indians pitcher Jake Westbrook their No. 1 target leading into the trade deadline, according to teams that have spoken with them.

Westbrook is a sinkerballer with passable fourth-starter numbers who would and could slide in with ease behind Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, and Jaime Garcia. He'd be exactly what you'd think he'd be - a moderate, unsexy improvement on a team with a lot of star power but little in the way of depth. One sticking point, according to Jayson Stark:

In addition to the nearly $4 million remaining on his $11 million salary, Westbrook's contract would pay him a $2 million bonus if he gets traded.

The unofficial odds that Westbrook gets moved are '50-50', and if he gets moved, the Cardinals are the overwhelming favorites to get him.

Westbrook is slated to start tomorrow afternoon.


MLB Trade Rumors: Padres Sniffing Around Pirates' Paul Maholm

What does a low-key team try to do around deadline time? Why, make a low-key move, of course. Enter the San Diego Padres:

The San Diego Padres and Pirates are not close to a trade involving Paul Maholm, according to a high-ranking team official here at Busch Stadium, but there are ongoing discussions in multiple directions.
Of the Padres, the official described them as "just fishing."

Maholm's exactly the sort of B- or C-level player you'd expect a team like the Padres to target. The groundballing lefty has seen his numbers trend in the wrong direction, but he's under contract for a reasonable price through next season with a 2012 option, and he'd serve as rotation depth and an effective lefty killer. For his career, Maholm has allowed just a .573 OPS against left-handed batters, and an .816 OPS against righties.

With that said, while Maholm has his uses, he's not really the kind of player for whom a front office should splurge. The Pirates can ask for a starting pitcher in return all they want, but they're unlikely to be offered a very good one. If the Pirates continue to ask as much as they are for Maholm, the Padres will probably look elsewhere, and perhaps place another call about Jake Westbrook.


MLB Trade Rumors: Rockies Willing To Part With Pair Of Relievers

The slumping Colorado Rockies are in more of a reloading stage than a rebuilding stage. This is what happens when a team's in a reloading stage:

#Rockies willing to trade LH reliever - Beimel or Flores - but want legit prospect back. Both are cheap: Beimel 850K, Flores 650K.

Well that's not very interesting. Lefty Joe Beimel is cheap, but he's a free agent after the year, and he has all of 13 strikeouts in 31.1 innings. Randy Flores, meanwhile, is also cheap and a free agent after the year, but he's hardly anything to write home about. If the Rockies make deadline moves, and the deadline moves involve Joe Beimel and Randy Flores, are the deadline moves interesting? It's hard to see how anyone would want to part with "legit prospects" for one of these guys, but I've been surprised before.


MLB Trade Rumors: Nothing Doing With Blue Jays, Royals

The Blue Jays are in possession of a number of pieces that could theoretically be of great service to a contender. The Royals, meanwhile, having been trying to shed more and more parts after dealing Scott Podsednik and Alberto Callaspo. Where do each of these teams stand? Let's ask Jayson Stark:

Increasingly looking like #BlueJays won't be real active. Now telling teams they'd need to be "blown away" to move Jose Bautista.

Meanwhile in KC, keep hearing #Royals have made no headway on deals for Guillen, Farnsworth, Bloomquist, Bannister, etc.

The Royals bit makes sense, as they aren't selling any particularly desirable players. The Blue Jays are a little more surprising, as guys like Jose Bautista, Scott Downs, Kevin Gregg, and Jason Frasor could really help a number of teams, but Alex Anthopoulos has put a high price on all of his assets from the beginning, and he doesn't look to be backing down. Teams will continue to call Toronto about its relievers right up until the deadline, and we'll have to wait to see if anyone caves. Just how important is Scott Downs, really?


MLB Trade Rumors: Lance Berkman's Effect On Adam Dunn, Nationals

It was never really clear to what degree the Yankees were in on Adam Dunn, but one thing's for sure - their acquisition of Lance Berkman doesn't help the Nationals in any way. Says Ken Rosenthal:

Berkman to #Yankees could put #Nationals in bind with Dunn. Nats lose big potential suitor. #WhiteSox can hold out for deal of their liking. #Rays can't be sure Dunn will succeed as DH after failed expriment w Burrell. #Nationals might be stuck.

There are a few teams who're still buzzing around Dunn - namely the White Sox, Rays, and Giants - but as suitors fall away, the Nationals lose leverage, meaning Mike Rizzo may have to lower his asking price or suck it up and keep Dunn for the rest of the year.

Sure enough, Berkman going to New York and Edwin Jackson going to Chicago have made this a very interesting day for the Nationals organization.


MLB Trade Rumors: Adam Dunn Told By Nationals He Won't Be Traded To White Sox

Adam Dunn may still be traded before Saturday’s deadline, but it won’t be to the White Sox, according to … well, according to Dunn himself. Tim Kurkjian said on ESPN that Dunn told him that the Nationals won’t deal him to Chicago for Edwin Jackson, as has been rumored. Jackson was traded to the White Sox Friday afternoon, and Washington has expressed plenty of interest in him.

Other teams that appear to be somewhat in play for Dunn are the Yankees and Rays.


MLB Trade Rumors: White Sox Working On 'Something Big'

UPDATE: "Something big" didn't materialize, at least not in the rumored regard, and the White Sox went ahead and traded Daniel Hudson for Edwin Jackson. There is still the slim chance that Jackson gets flipped to Washington for Adam Dunn. Stay tuned.


So rumor has it the White Sox are hot after Edwin Jackson. How hot? Well, hold the phones.

Hold off on the Jackson trade folks, KW has something big cooking and if he gets it done Jackson trade is off.

If I had names I would report them. All I've been told is it's big. Also been told that the chance of Hudson starting tonight is almost zero

Jackson-Hudson deal is not off, it's just being delayed while KW tries to shock the world. Hudson for Jackson might still happen either way.

Here's what I've just been told - "If [KW] pulls this off, the Sox will be considerably better by tonight.''

So mysterious! And exactly the sort of thing we've come to expect from Kenny Williams, purveyor of deadline excitement. For one clue, we might turn to Bob Nightengale:

white sox Sox GM Kenny Williams, the king of the trade deadline, is quietly exploring possibility of acquring Brett Myers from Astros

It's possible that the White Sox could be chasing Brett Myers - who the Astros recently called untouchable - and Lance Berkman in a package, since Myers would fit the rotation need and Berkman could provide a cheaper version of Adam Dunn's bat. But that's just speculation on my part. I wouldn't say Kenny Williams is always one step ahead of everyone else, but he's at least one step to the side.


MLB Trade Rumors: Approaching Edwin Jackson Trade, White Sox Maintain Interest In Adam Dunn, Yankees Sniff Around?

The White Sox seem to be making real progress in their pursuit of Edwin Jackson, and it would appear that they're on the verge of getting him for the cost of Daniel Hudson and another prospect. Which is all good and everything for them, but then what? Ken Rosenthal suggests that - surprise! - Adam Dunn could re-enter the mix:

Source: Dunn still in play for #WhiteSox, poss 3-way with #D-backs, Jackson would go to #Nationals - or if deal fails, end up...with #WhiteSox. Deal in #Nationals' hands. #WhiteSox's Hudson ends up with #Diamondbacks either way. Highly unlikely to start tonight. #MLB

Source: #Nationals also fielding offers for Dunn from other clubs. Question evidently is whether they could do better than Jackson.

So, to get you caught up:

-The White Sox want a hitter, and the White Sox want a pitcher
-The Nationals have a hitter
-The Diamondbacks have a pitcher
-The Nationals like the Diamondbacks' pitcher
-The White Sox like the Nationals' hitter
-The White Sox like the Diamondbacks' pitcher
-The White Sox are close to trading for the Diamondbacks' pitcher
-The Nationals would then like the White Sox' pitcher

It's all very complicated, but in essence, if the White Sox land Edwin Jackson, they could elect to either keep him, or try to move him along to Washington in exchange for Adam Dunn. And that part would be sitting in the Nationals' hands, as Chicago would be open to either.

So who else is out there looking at Dunn? That's one of the bigger questions here, as the Nationals are eager to find out if they can do better than Edwin Jackson. Take it away, Rosenthal:

Rival exec still believes #Yankees are in heavy on Dunn. Their "we're out" message was directed at #Nationals: Quit messing around! #MLB

Other sources, however, say the #Yankees are indeed out on Dunn.

The Yankees are either in on Adam Dunn, or they are not. Very helpful, and not the least bit confusing. One wonders if the Yankees are just hanging out and waiting to see if the Rays get involved so they can either try to block the move, or at least bump up the price.


MLB Trade Rumors: Dodgers In Pursuit Of Cubs' Ted Lilly, Ryan Theriot

The Dodgers have been sniffing around the trade market for weeks now, placing calls about starting pitchers and infield help. Friday, rumors are spreading that they could address both issues in one trade with Chicago:

The Dodgers are talking to the Cubs about a trade for both left-hander Ted Lilly and second baseman Ryan Theriot, according to major-league sources.

It is not known whether a deal is close. The Cubs almost certainly would need to include cash to cover part of the nearly $5 million combined that Lilly and Theriot are owed for the rest of the season.

Lilly isn't new - the Dodgers have long been one of the favorites to land him, and Minnesota is probably no longer a threat now that they've dealt for Matt Capps. Theriot, meanwhile, has had a down year, but is capable of covering the middle infield, which the Dodgers evidently consider to be a need. It's unclear how Theriot would be an upgrade over Blake DeWitt, Jamey Carroll, or even Ronnie Belliard, but the heart wants what it wants.


MLB Trade Rumors: Edwin Jackson May Be Headed From Diamondbacks To White Sox

The White Sox have shifted their focus from Washington's Adam Dunn to trading for Arizona starting pitcher Edwin Jackson, according to reports from Ken Rosenthal and Jon Heyman.

On Thursday, there were rumors that Chicago, Washington and Arizona could be working on a three-way trade involving Jackson, pitcher Daniel Hudson and Adam Dunn, but that appears to have fizzled out. The White Sox seem to have given up on getting Dunn, and are now focused on solidifying their rotation by adding Jackson, filling the void left by the injury to Jake Peavy.

For Arizona, they would likely get pitching prospect Daniel Hudson in the rumored deal. Chicago has been dangling him as trade bait for weeks.

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