Tennessee Reinstates Greg King And Marlon Wells After Bar Fight, Darren Myles Pleads Out

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Darren Myles Pleads Guilty, Gets Host Of Probationful Parting Gifts

Darren Myles, erstwhile can't-miss prospect and a would-be jewel of Derek Dooley's young first Tennessee team, was the most high-profile casualty of the Vawl Brawl, ejected from the team almost immediately following the now-infamous barfight that hospitalized an off-duty police officer. He's now presumably on his way out of town as well, and managed to get all his summer court-going out of the way at once:

Myles, 19, pleaded guilty to resisting and evading arrest for the incident at Bar Knoxville when an off-duty Knoxville policeman, a UT police officer and a patron were assaulted.

A disorderly conduct charge and a charge for assaulting the UT police officer who was chasing Myles were dismissed.

He also pleaded guilty to public intoxication and resisting arrest for an incident on April 18 when he was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors at Sobu on Kingston Pike.

Probation, diversion, community service, and alcohol classes were handed down, and with that, we bid Myles a less-than-fond adieu. It's a true shame, though. After the April arrest, provoked by Myles' drunken car-surfing in the parking lot of a sushi restaurant, I kind of wanted to see this kid play. That's a recreational activity that requires some serious fleetness of foot.

With the reinstatement of Greg King and Marlon Walls, it appears Myles may be the only lasting casualty of the still-murky sidewalk melee. Rocky Top Talk takes a hard look, wondering how Tennessee fans should feel about all this whimpering and marked lack of bangs:

No one was ever charged with assault on Gary Russell inside the bar, or off-duty police officer Robert Capoullez outside the bar.  And on Tuesday, Dooley reinstated King and Walls from their suspensions...meaning the only on-field casualty from the incident is Myles, whose dismissal seems to have had more to do with the fact that his flee from the scene led to his second arrest of the offseason.

The picture we got on July 9 and the consequences on August 4 do not line up.  What do we do with that?  Do we shrug our shoulders and be thankful, quietly, that we've got one of our projected starters at defensive tackle back?  Do we tear our clothes and cry out for the justice that apparently isn't coming?

The beleagured Vols open the 2010 season Sept. 4 against Tennessee-Martin.


Derek Dooley Reinstates Greg King And Marlon Walls In Time For Fall Camp

Tennessee will start fall camp with two more players then the team expected, because head coach Derek Dooley is reinstating linebacker Greg King and defensive tackle Marlon Walls. The two were involved in the Bar Knoxville brawl last month:

Sophomore linebacker Greg King and sophomore defensive tackle Marlon Walls will join their teammates when they begin fall practice on Wednesday. The pair has been suspended since the July 9 brawl, though their rolls in the incident have never been made clear by police.

Dooley said Tuesday he's comfortable with the punishment Walls and King have served and said the pair have had a good attitude and shown remorse about the incident, which also led to defensive back Darren Myles' dismissal.

For those keeping score at home here is the status of the rest of the Vols who were involved with the fight:

Signee Dave Clark is out ...the status of incoming freshmen Eddrick Loften, John Brown, Martaze Jackson and Marcques Dixon has yet to be determined as UT prepares for its first practice on Wednesday.  

Then there is sophomore safety Darren Myles who was dismissed from the team, and that loss is causing the defense to shuffle the lineup to fill out the roster.


Tennessee's Darren Myles Dismissed, Two Players Suspended After Bar Brawl

The hammer has already fallen at Tennessee for some of the players apparently involved in a bar brawl that ended only after an off-duty police officer was injured and barstools were swung. Head coach Derek Dooley dismissed Darren Myles from the team and handed Marlon Walls and Greg King the dreaded “indefinite” suspension.


Although we are still gathering all the facts and some legal proceedings will follow, we have taken some initial levels of discipline resulting from my conversations with the student-athletes who were present.

Myles was one of two players charged in the incident earlier, the other being Da’Rick Rogers. King and Walls don’t appear to have been publicly linked to the fight before Dooley’s announcement.

Meanwhile, an attorney for DT Montori Hughes says the players didn’t start the fight. The lawyer also says there’s no surveillance tape, which should make it so much easier to straighten this out.

Keep an eye on our Tennessee blog, Rocky Top Talk, for more on this story as it develops.

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