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Report: Knowshon Moreno's Hamstring Not Torn

In the wake of Knowshon Moreno's leg injury this morning--and the dearth of official word on his status from his team--fear and speculation ran rampant about the severity of Moreno's injury. Reports even started trickling in that the team privately feared a torn hamstring (which would have been disastrous), and those slowly morphed into reports that Moreno had in fact torn his hamstring.

Not so, as it turns out; Fox 31's Josina Anderson continued her invaluable reporting today by breaking the news that Moreno's hamstring was not, in fact, torn. That's not to say that Moreno is fine; as the Denver Post reported, Moreno "popped his [hamstring] pretty good," and he'll likely miss a good portion of camp as he recovers. Similarly, there's no word on when Correll Buckhalter will return from his back injury. But neither player is expected to miss all of the six weeks before the start of the season, and that's all the team can ask for after the scares from this morning.


Buckhalter Diagnosed With 'Upper Back Pull,' Released From Hospital

As Broncos fans await word on the severity of Knowshon Moreno's hamstring injury, they can at least breathe a small sigh of relief now that news about Correll Buckhalter's condition has come in. As the Denver Post reports, his hospital stay is already over:

As a precaution, Broncos running back Correll Buckhalter was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, where he has already been treated and released, according to an NFL source. Buckhalter has an upper-back pull, after doctors checked his neck, back and spine.

As anybody who has ever suffered one can attest, pulled back muscles are both painful and insidious, as even an errant deep breath can aggravate the injury. Still, they're also relatively transient injuries, and Buckhalter should be fully recovered well before the beginning of the season six weeks from now. With Moreno's status for Week 1 fully in doubt, that's welcome news for the Broncos' suddenly fragile backfield situation.


Report: Knowshon Moreno Has 'Serious' Right Hamstring Injury, Receiving MRI Today

With Broncos coach Josh McDaniels predictably mum about Knowshon Moreno's leg injury, fans have been left to speculate about Moreno's condition given the scant amount of information available--mainly that his knee may have appeared to buckle upon his injury. It doesn't take much of a leap in logic to start wondering if Moreno had torn his ACL,which would certainly end his 2010 season right now.

Fortunately for Moreno, the Denver Post is adamant that his right knee is fine. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for his right hamstring. Per our Broncos blog Mile High Report, Moreno's hamstring injury could keep him out for at least the rest of camp: 

FInal word has yet to come from the Broncos regarding Knowshon Moreno, but it is sounding more and more like he sustained a 'serious' hamstring injury. While good news that it is not a knee, reportedly, a hamstring for a running back could be just as bad - especially if it is torn.

Some around here are saying 6 weeks, which would have Knowshon back in time for the Jacksonville game(42 days away from today).

Fox 31 reporter Josina Anderson corroborates this information, reporting that Moreno is scheduled for an MRI on that hamstring at the local hospital this afternoon.

Be sure to keep checking this StoryStream for more updates as details become available.


Correll Buckhalter Taken To Hospital With Leg Numbness

Earlier this morning, Correll Buckhalter left the Broncos' first practice with an apparent leg injury. While fellow running back Knowshon Moreno had to be be carted off the field, Buckhalter merely limped off, indicating that his injury might not be as severe.

Unfortunately, once off the field, Buckhalter's condition seems to have deteriorated, and according to a series of tweets from Fox 31's Josina Anderson, he has been hospitalized:

Correll Buckhalter taken by ambulance to Sky Ridge medical center after experiencing numbness from L. hip down to L. ft. According to sources, although Buckhalter walked into the facility on his own strength he started to complain about back pain. Then after further evaluation, Buckhalter started having numbness in his left foot. While sitting therefafter, he started to have more numbness on his left side. That's when they decided to take Buckhalter to Sky Ridge to evaluate his neck and his back. I'm told that Correll walked to the ambulance on his own strength. I'm told Buckhalter's experience of numbness came on suddenly.

There's plenty to take from this information. While it's good news that Buckhalter's legs are healthy, there's really no telling how much of an issue this nerve thing is going to be going forward. Be sure to check our Broncos blog at Mile High Report for all the latest news on Buckhalter and Moreno.

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