Mike Tyson Offers More Real Talk Than We're Prepared For

Continuing a candor-filled press tour that has already seen him admit that he considers his life a "[expletive] waste" and that he used to begin his days at a club at 2 a.m. drinking and doing cocaine, Mike Tyson abruptly showed up for an interview with ESPN Radio Las Vegas immediately following a trip to the dentist.

Tyson went on to describe his efforts to clean himself up since the death of his daughter late last year, along with his questionable reason for agreeing to appear in The Hangover, what it was like to weigh 350 lbs. and his aversion to getting back into the ring.

Sports Radio Interviews has the full transcript, but here are a few of the more salacious tidbits.

On his former lifestyle and women:

“It was everything goes. Just being out there, being Mike, not realizing who I am. The next thing I know I got people saying, ‘Yo man when are you going to pay for these drugs?’ I said, ‘Well you  know. What’ the problem? I ain’t got the money. I can’t pay you.’ And he said, ‘Well I got to pay somebody.’ And I said, ‘Tell the guy you got to pay to come talk to me.’ Listen, I’m Mike Tyson, international superstar, and I’m robbing a drug dealer.

On being in the Hangover:

“I was doing that to supply my drug habit. I’m sorry I’m coming at you guys like this… I said, ‘Wow, This is going to be really good. We’re going to sell this stuff on 42nd street on bootleg and make a lot of money.’ This is my best thinking on drugs… It wasn’t that way. It was an international success.

And on the worst part about being 350 pounds:

“It was hard to wipe my butt… I was sweating like some kind of guy from a moon project or something. It was crazy… All the clothes you see me with now are clothes that I had 15, 20 years ago. (Host: Did you have the back fat and everything?) Oh man the back fat. The back fat is when it’s so bad, your ass looks like a board. It’s like boom. The back and ass is one. It’s not like the back goes down and the back protrudes. No. It’s just straight down. And then girls were telling me I looked great. It has to be a money deal. It had to be.”

On if he would consider fighting again:

“I wouldn’t consider nothing to do with boxing. I couldn’t do that no more. I’d be petrified now. That’s not who I am anymore.”

Given that Tyson was already the subject of one documentary two years ago, as well as part of another ESPN-produced one set to air next month, there wouldn't be much revelatory content left for him to unload on the public, but then that's one very small benefit of having many, many issues from which a troubled figure has to rebound.

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