Francisco Rodriguez To Plead Guilty To Assault; Will Attend Anger Management

New York Mets' reliever Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez has reached an agreement with the organization concerning his 2010 and 2011 salaries.

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Francisco Rodriguez Pleads Guilty To Assault Of Girlfriend's Father

It's not the end to the saga, but it's a step along the way - Francisco Rodriguez will plead guilty to assault after repeatedly punching the father of his girlfriend.

On August 11, Rodriguez pinned the man - Carlos Pena - against a wall inside Citi Field in front of other players' families and punched him multiple times, injuring his own thumb in the process. As a penalty, Rodriguez will be ordered to attend anger management, although he will almost certainly not have to serve any time in prison.

Rodriguez will return as the Mets' closer in 2011, but he's still got some legal issues ahead of him, including a lawsuit from Pena himself, who suffered injuries to his upper body. During the first trial, it was additionally revealed that Rodriguez once beat up his girlfriend and sent her to the hospital, and given all of this history, Rodriguez is likely to get an icy reception whenever he steps onto the field.


Francisco Rodriguez, Mets Reach Settlement In Contract Grievance

A resolution! After a long and unpleasant process, Francisco Rodriguez and the Mets have arrived at an agreement regarding his salary. You'll recall that the Mets placed Rodriguez on the disqualified list after he injured his hand throwing a punch, a time during which he was not paid. The Mets then attempted to convert Rodriguez's $11.5 million 2011 contract to a non-guaranteed deal that would allow the Mets to get out of it if they chose.

Rodriguez contested these efforts with a grievance, and today there's a settlement. Rodriguez will forfeit the $3.1 million he lost during his time on the disqualified list. However, his 2011 contract remains in place as guaranteed. The only way for the Mets to get out from under that burden now is by pulling off a trade, but it's difficult to imagine that anyone would find Rodriguez very desirable.


MLBPA Files Grievance Over Mets' Handling Of Francisco Rodriguez's Contract

Sure enough, the players' union didn't take it too well when the Mets placed Francisco Rodriguez on the disqualified list:

NEW YORK (AP) The players’ union filed a grievance against the New York Mets and the commissioner’s office on Wednesday, protesting how the team has handled Francisco Rodriguez since he was injured in a fight at Citi Field.

The Major League Baseball Players Association is challenging the Mets’ decision to place the record-setting closer on the disqualified list and their effort to convert his contract to a non-guaranteed deal.

As is, Rodriguez is set to lose more than $3 million while he stays on the disqualified list. In addition, by converting the rest of his deal to a non-guaranteed contract, the Mets would be able to cut Rodriguez next spring for a small fraction of his $11.5 million 2011 salary.

The players' union, though, has it in its best interests to fight any attempt to reduce a player's pay, and so its actions today were easily predictable. Says the AP:

If the case isn’t settled, arbitrator Shyam Das would decide whether the team’s actions were justified. No hearing date has been set.

If the Mets are indeed able to convert Rodriguez's contract to being non-guaranteed, they will free up an enormous amount of 2011 cap space, assuming they would move to cut the reliever prior to the season.


Players' Union Intends To Challenge Mets' Placing Of Francisco Rodriguez On Disqualified List

Well that didn't take long.

Union head Mike Weiner on K-Rod: The #Mets actions are without basis and I expect the union will challenge them right awayless than a minute ago via web

It seems the MLBPA doesn't take too kindly to one of its members losing out on money without a fight. Even after injuring himself and having season-ending surgery, Francisco Rodriguez at least indirectly remains a distraction.


Francisco Rodriguez Placed On Disqualifed List By Mets

The following is part of a press release from

FLUSHING, N.Y., August 17, 2010 -- The New York Mets on Tuesday announced that they have placed pitcher Francisco Rodriguez on the Disqualified List for conduct in violation of his Uniform Player's Contract.

In addition, the Mets notified the player, his agent, and the MLB Players Association that it has exercised its right to convert Rodriguez's contract with the club to a non-guaranteed contract.

While Rodriguez is on the list, he will not be paid. There's no saying for sure what comes next, but the probability is that Rodriguez will remain on the list through the end of the season.


Report: Mets Will Not Seek To Void Francisco Rodriguez's Contract

There has recently been speculation that the Mets would try to move to void the rest of Francisco Rodriguez's contract, which calls for  the reliever to make $11.5 million in 2011 with a $3.5 million 2012 buyout. However, NBC's Craig Calcaterra hears otherwise:

I just heard that the Mets have decided that they (a) will not attempt to void Francisco Rodriguez's deal as a result of his little fracas with his girlfriend's father, but they will (b) attempt to avoid paying him the balance of his 2010 salary as a result of him suffering a non-baseball-related injury.

Given how difficult it would've been to fight the union and void Rodriguez's entire contract, this seems like a much more doable alternative. Which isn't to say that the union won't still put up a fight, but Rodriguez did kind of screw the Mets out of money with his off-field act of aggression, so the Mets certainly have a compelling argument.

Rodriguez is still owed just over $3 million for the rest of 2010.


Mets Looking To Void Francisco Rodriguez's Contract Following Altercation

One couldn't help but wonder what recourse the Mets had after Francisco Rodriguez injured himself by punching his girlfriend's father at Citi Field. Now it looks like we may just find out:

#mets are looking into voiding k-rod's contract, has learned.

Rodriguez is due more than $3 million over the rest of 2010, and $11.5 million in 2011. He also has a $17.5 million club option for 2012, with a $3.5 million buyout. If there is any fine print by which the Mets may get themselves off the hook for this deal, they have every reason to seize the opportunity.

Adds Jon Heyman:

#mets' case to void krod contract based on him injuring himself outside the course of play, sources tell


Francisco Rodriguez Needs Surgery After Tearing Thumb Ligament In Fight

Francisco Rodriguez came out and threw a scoreless inning last Saturday in his first appearance since punching his girlfriend's father. In case you thought that was the first step of his long hike back to normalcy, though, think again:

Krod torn ligament in thumb. Not with team. surgery recommended.

Team official: K-Rod injured thumb with punch

Rodriguez is set to make $11.5 million next year.


Francisco Rodriguez Agrees To Anger Treatment, Expected To Return Saturday

The rehabilitation, personally and publicly, of Mets reliever Francisco Rodriguez begins with the news that he will enter an anger management treatment program before returning to the Mets this Saturday.

The Mets placed Rodriguez on the restricted list for two days without pay, a suspension that was negotiated among the Mets, Major League Baseball and the players union. In addition, the Mets asked Rodriguez to be evaluated by doctors from both Major League Baseball and the union, after which a course of treatment will be determined. If Rodriguez changes his mind and rejects the treatment, he could face further discipline.

The Mets had apparently actually considered a much stiffer penalty than the two-game ban but decided to go with that after the union and MLB agreed on it.

Daian Pena, Rodriguez’s common-law wife and mother of his children, and her father Carlos Pena, whom Rodriguez punched, received an order of protection that forbids K-Rod from going to the house they all shared together.

Mets’ GM Omar Minaya says he has been in contact with Rodriguez, that he feels bad about the situation, though he did not officially apologize. Expect to hear that on Saturday.


K-Rod To Be Arraigned Thursday Morning On Assault Charges

New York Mets closer Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez is currently in police custody Wednesday night after an altercation with his father-in-law at Citi Field following the Mets’ 6-2 loss to the Rockies. He’s been charged with third-degree assault and, according to SNY’s Kevin Burkhardt, he’ll be appearing in court first thing in the morning.

KRod will be arraigned this morning at Queens Criminal Court.


PHOTO: K-Rod's Father-In-Law Taken Away From Citi Field On Stretcher

Details continue to dribble out regarding New York Mets closer Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez altercation Wednesday night with an unidentified family member assumed to be his father-in-law at Citi Field.

The “unidentified family member” is seen here on the Daily News website being taken away in an ambulance. As Amazin Avenue notes, he seems fine and the emergency worker doesn’t seem in much of a rush to take him away.

More details to come, I’m sure.


Details Emerge About K-Rod Altercation With Father-In-Law

New York Mets closer Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez is in police custody Wednesday night after an altercation with his father-in-law at Citi Field following the Mets’ 6-2 loss to the Rockies.

The Daily News has details on what happened leading up to and after the ruckus.

Investigators believe the emotional closer threw at least one punch during the altercation, which spilled into the hallway outside the team’s Family Lounge.

Rodriguez was yelling as he was pushed back from the lounge into the hallway, which was crowded with people, including many woman and children, waiting for players after the game.

When approached and asked about the scene in the hallway, the visibly angry Rodriguez snapped, “Mind your own f——-g business,” to a reporter who witnessed the altercation.

Unfortunately for K-Rod, no one is going to mind their own f——-g business now.  The Wall Street Journal adds another colorful quote from the reliever following the game.

When approached at his locker by reporters seeking comment, Mr. Rodriguez said: "Did I f-----g pitch? Then why do I gotta talk to you guys, then?"

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