Season Predictions: 1 of 8


Well, the season is now upon us so I think it is time for people to start thinking about the end of the season. No? All right yea it is way early but I started this actually a couple months ago but then my computer lost them so here I am again. Welcome to the first part of a 8 part series that will look at all four divisions and where I think they will be when we get to the playoffs.

Follow me after the jump and we will get started...


TEAM: Seahawks

RECORD: 8-8 : Win the Division (barely)

REASON: I don't think one is needed they will just be glad to see this lol. Anyway they are young and have a lot of pieces that it takes to go to the playoffs. There big question mark is a QB because no one knows how he will do however, the whole division is weak in this area. I think youth in this case will get them in as this is the weakest division in the league at this point.

TEAM: Cardinals

RECORD: 7-9 ; No Playoffs

REASON: They are in a tough spot having just lost there (potentially) HOF QB. Now they have a QB they benched cause he couldn't produce with a weak arm. They do have the O-line to be able to be successful on that side of the ball though but think they all drop in performance this year. Defense is average.

TEAM: 49ers

RECORD: 7-9 ; No Playoffs ; could see them getting one more win and maybe making it.

REASON: This result isn't going to be popular with everyone and I can understand and think they could do better. However as much offensive talent as they have they got one very important hole and that is them not having a good QB. There Defense is pretty good and moving the right direction but a team with a receiver like Vincent Jackson or Fitzgerald, Larry.

TEAM: Rams

RECORD: 3-13 ; No Playoffs

REASON: I like what this team is trying to do and think that they made a good pick in Sam Bradford. However, with a very dismal O-line I can't see them doing much of anything this year, though give them three wins as I think they have enough offensive talent that against some of the other weak teams they play they will pull out a few wins.

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