Kyle Busch Not In The Best Of Moods, But Has A Few Enjoyable Zingers

Kyle Busch is No. 1 in driver rating at Bristol and won the Camping World Truck Series race at the track on Wednesday night.

But he was in a peevish mood on Friday thanks to a poor practice session which had him just 26th on the charts.

Nevertheless, Busch answered all of the media's questions and unleashed a few zingers along the way.

Here are some of Busch's comments:

On his day: "It is what it is. Just here making laps at Bristol with a new tire again."

On the Nationwide race: "We're not very good. So don't expect the 18 car to win. Hopefully we can just get a top five."

On the Chase: "We're playing defense now. Every week, we seem to fall further and further back. Hopefully we make it. Couldn't tell you (why)."

On which of NASCAR's changes he wishes had never happened: "The new car."

On whether Ryan Newman races people too hard: "It's an accurate assessment. Everybody says the same thing. Nobody confronted him. Joey did. You know that's what you get with Ryan Newman. ... You should be able to go talk to them and discuss and give your point of view and take their point of view and just kind of talk about it. Apparently though, it looked as though Ryan wasn't too interested in listening."

On what the proper racing etiquette: (sarcastically) "Go ask Tony Stewart what racing etiquette is supposed to be. He'll tell ya."

On whether he can "turn it on" in the Chase: "Not right now. We're working really hard. Dave (Rogers) works harder than anybody out here, I think. ... Every single week, we're always a tenth-and-a-half, two tenths off. We're trying to find it, trying to figure out where it's at and hopefully a good-handling race car will be better than a fast one here tomorrow night."

On how long he enjoys a victory like the Truck race he won on Wednesday: "The race I won is over with. It's gone, it's done. Now the focus is the Nationwide car and Cup car. ... That's it. It's gone. Time for the next one."

On his intro song for Bristol called "Rowdy Busch" by 2012 featuring Raytona 500: "Part of the proceeds go to the Kyle Busch Foundation. It's generous of those guys to do that for us. ... It's good, you know? It's a little short. There's a lot of repetition, so it's easy for people to remember and sing it themselves. Kind of like (Hanson's) 'MmmBop.' It's pretty cool, I guess. Jeff Gordon is in a song by a popular artist, but he doesn't have a song about himself."

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