Gluckometer, Bristol: Record-Setting Crowd Noise, Unusual Names In Top 15

Allowing drivers to speak as they were introduced to the crowd completely shook up the Gluckometer noise ratings this week, knocking Dale Earnhardt Jr. out of the top 10 and boosting names like Jeff Green and Todd Bodine into the top 15.

Brad Keselowski's "Kyle Busch is an ass!" comment recorded the loudest-ever crowd reaction since we started using the decibel meter to measure noise.

Below we have listed the quote or song which drew the loudest reactions for each driver. Some of them (Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr.) got the loudest reactions when they first walked through the curtain, not based on anything they said.

Driver    dB Type of Noise Quote/Song
1 Brad Keselowski 104.2 Cheers "Kyle Busch is an ass!"
2 Kyle Busch 94.3 Boos "Aw, y'all are SO loving."
3 Tony Stewart 90.3 Cheers "…I want to see a hell of a wreck."
4 AJ Allmendinger 89.1 Cheers "Hope I'm in front of Brad and Kyle when this all goes down."
5 Jeff Gordon 87.7 Boos "I'm Jeff Gordon…"
6 Mark Martin 87.4 Cheers "Let's have a ball tonight!"
7 Kevin Harvick 86.9 Cheers "Like he said, drink beer!"
8 Jimmie Johnson 86.8 Boos "I'm Jimmie Johnson…"
9 Kasey Kahne 86.3 Cheers Song: "Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer"
10 Carl Edwards 86.2 Mixed Song: "Why Can't We Be Friends?"
11 Elliott Sadler 85.6 Cheers "Wooooooo!" (like Ric Flair)
12 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 84.9 Cheers "I'm Dale Earnhardt Jr. …"
13 Jeff Green 84.5 Cheers Song: "Sweet Home Alabama"
14 Regan Smith 83.8 Cheers "Hope you drink a lot of beer!"
15 Todd Bodine 83.6 Laughter Song: Three Stooges theme song

Below: A young fan from Bristol holds a sign after Kyle Busch's victory. (Getty Images)


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