Does Baron Davis Weigh 260 Pounds?

Baron Davis is known for a lot of things. Posterizing people. Being an aspiring movie producer. Even occasionally being a dominant point guard. But fitness is not one of them.

But still, there's no way Davis is currently tipping the scales at 260 pounds...right?


ESPN's Chris Broussard made some waves when he included this little nugget in his offseason report on L.A.'s second team:

Midsummer reports weren't good, as sources said the 6-3 point guard was up to 260 pounds, 45 pounds above his listed playing weight.

Which would be spectacularly awesome/awful if true; a real paragon of the Clippers ethos of being a complete and utter talent drain.

And given Davis' past battles with his waistline, it's somewhat believable. After all, Davis quickly packed on the pounds after signing his lucrative extension with the Clippers in 2008, before becoming a public spokesperson for Jenny Craig (who it was speculated paid him $250K to put on the weight in order to become an endorser). Davis had this to say about becoming the public face of the weight loss program:

I know Queen Latifah, and when I saw her out there using it, I thought maybe I could use it, too, to work on my health and fitness goals and inspire others. [...]

In the off-season, it's kind of hard to maintain day-to-day. I don't want to get up and cook. And when I pig out, I'm the type of person where there's no limit to what I can do. [...]

I go to Pinches Tacos in L.A., start with a carne asada burrito, and work my way down the menu.

Not exactly what a franchise wants to hear immediately after committing $65 million to a player.

But 260 pounds? At a position where 170-200 pounds is the norm? That defies belief -- and conjures up visions of a beefed up, modern-day Mark Jackson backing down (much, much) smaller guards in the post. That alone would be worth it for the sheer comedic value.

But alas, the report that Davis had ballooned to 260 pounds seems to be a bit of an exaggeration. Indeed, the Suns' Jared Dudley was quick to correct the record, tweeting that his current workout partner Davis only weighs 225 pounds.

Sounds like another boffo season is in store for poor Clippers fans.

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