BOSTON - AUGUST 28: Frank Edgar (R) connects with a punch to the face of BJ Penn during their UFC 118 lightweight title bout at the TD Garden on August 28 2010 in Boston Massachusetts. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

UFC 118 Results: Frankie Edgar Proves First Time Wasn't A Fluke, Dominates B.J. Penn In Rematch

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UFC 118 Results - Frankie Edgar Proves First Time Wasn't A Fluke, Dominates B.J. Penn In Rematch

Frankie Edgar was able to take B.J. Penn down multiple times in the UFC 118 main event but standing up was really where this fight was decided. Similar to in their UFC 112 bout Edgar was too fast on the feet for Penn. unlike their first fight Penn was unable to have his moments and it allowed Edgar to win a clean sweep on the judge's scorecards, winning all five rounds.

At a couple points Penn was able to get takedowns but Edgar was skilled enough to scramble and get out of bad positions. Penn got the back in the fifth round but Edgar spun out and ended up on top where he landed a lot of punches to really put the exclamation point on his performance.

Frankie Edgar will now move on to a rematch with the only man to defeat him, fellow UFC 118 winner Gray Maynard.


UFC 118 Results - Randy Couture Submits James Toney

For as much tension as many felt leading up to Randy Couture's bout with James Toney the result was entirely predictable.

In the opening seconds Randy managed to reach down, grab Toney's foot and put him on the mat. Couture quickly moved to the mount and started landing punches. After a few more punches Couture quickly moved to an arm triangle choke that forced Toney to quit.

It was short, it was predictable and there's not really much to talk about. Everyone knew how this was going to go and any other result would have been a fluke. It proved nothing except that 7 months is not enough time for a fighter to learn enough about MMA to hang with a veteran like Randy Couture.

Toney said he'd be back in the UFC but I wouldn't count on it.


UFC 118 Results - Demian Maia Decisions Mario Miranda

Mario Miranda deserves credit for getting to the scorecards against a great finisher in Demian Maia. Repeatedly throughout the fight Maia was able to take down Miranda and pass to mount or take the back. Every time he had good positioning Maia would abandon it looking for an armbar and every time Miranda was able to escape from danger.

Maia was able to dominate the fight though and took a clear 30-27 decision on all three judges scorecards.


UFC 118 Results - Gray Maynard Grinds Out Win Over Kenny Florian

It may not go down in history as one of the most exciting fights in the Octagon, but Gray Maynard was able to use his wrestling to control the fight against Kenny Florian for win on the judge's scorecards.

When the fighters were on their feet there wasn't much action with Florian afraid of Maynard's takedowns and Maynard was afraid of Kenny's striking. In all three rounds Maynard was eventually able to close distance and get takedowns where he was able to work a measured top game to earn the clear decision.

The scorecards read 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27.

With the win Maynard has put himself in line for a title shot against the winner of the UFC 118 main event between B.J. Penn and Frankie Edgar.


UFC 118 Results - Nate Diaz Puts Marcus Davis To Sleep

Marcus Davis was able to drop Nate Diaz in the first round of their UFC 118 bout but from that point onward it was all downhill for Davis. After a flurry where Diaz went down Davis tried to pounce and landed several more blows but Diaz recovered and caught Davis with a punch that opened a nasty cut.

From that point on Diaz landed punches at will while Davis would look for a single punch at a time. By the third round Davis' eye was badly swollen and bleeding as he got tagged over and over. Diaz was able to take the fight to the ground where he locked in a choke. Davis did not want to tap out in his "home town" so he went unconscious from the choke giving Nate Diaz the technical submission win.


UFC 118 Results - Joe Lauzon Embarrasses Gabe Ruediger

It only took a few minutes for Joe Lauzon to run through Gabe Ruediger. It appeared clear that Ruediger had absolutely no business in the cage with Lauzon who repeatedly slammed him to the mat, landed huge punches and elbows and finished the fight off with an armbar.

Lauzon is now back on track following his recent decision loss to Sam Stout.


UFC 118 Results - Nik Lentz Wrestles Way To Win Over Andre Winner

Nik Lentz didn't put on a tremendous showing against Andre Winner in the first bout of the Spike TV broadcast, but he clearly did enough for the judges who awarded him a unanimous decision victory.

In the first round the pattern of the fight was established. Winner would land the harder strikes at the moments where he had the distance to work from but Lentz would constantly push him into the cage, failing to get takedowns for a sustained period of time. Round 2 was almost a carbon copy of the first and SB Nation saw both rounds as 10-9 rounds for Winner on the strength of landing hard punches being of more value than failing to execute your takedowns.

The third round was a clear Lentz round as he got takedowns and spent the majority of the round on Winner's back.

The judges scored the fight 30-27, 29-28 and 30-27 all for Nik Lentz.

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