DETROIT - SEPTEMBER 19: Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles scrambles for a first down during the game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on September 19 2010 in Detroit Michigan. The Eagles defeated the Lions 35-32. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

Change Of Course: Eagles Name Michael Vick Week 3 Starting QB

The Eagles surprised everyone and on Tuesday named Michael Vick the new starting quarterback.

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NFL Trade Rumors Mount As Eagles Receive Calls About Kevin Kolb

It's been less than 24 hours since the Eagles announced Michael Vick would be the starting quarterback over Kevin Kolb and already the NFL trade rumors are mounting.

According to ESPN's Sal Paolantonio, an unnamed team official said "We have had calls" on Kevin Kolb.

One of the teams that have called is the Browns. Their GM, Tom Heckert, was previously in Philadelphia with Andy Reid so he knows Kevin Kolb very well.

Anytime a quarterback like Kolb's name is thrown around, you're going to have some interested parties. There are a few teams in the NFL with quarterback questions who should be getting on the phone with the Eagles.

When asked on Tuesday about a possible Kolb trade, Reid said, "Listen, I can't predict anything down that far, nobody in this league can do that."

There's no word yet on what the Eagles true feelings are on trading Kolb. Publicly Reid has remained firm that Kolb has a role in the future with the Eagles.

Check out Bleeding Green Nation for more on the Kevin Kolb trade rumors.


Michael Vick Decision Is Hard For Kevin Kolb But Maybe Best For The Eagles Super Bowl Chances

As you know, the Eagles named Michael Vick the starting quarterback moving forward.

From Kevin Kolb's perspective, it's clear that he wanted to start? Did he deserve to start? Yes, if you ask SB Nation's Bleeding Green Nation. "Kevin Kolb was screwed here. Flat out screwed and there's no denying it."

BGN also recognizes that head coach Andy Reid has one goal: To win a Super Bowl. Perhaps this is the best move to get them in that position.

Andy Reid has one job and one job only, which is to do every thing in his power to win a Superbowl for this team and this city. If even for a second he thinks Michael Vick gives them a better shot to do that, he owes to himself and to us to explore that possibility. Now, he may very well be wrong... but that's a separate issue. The fact that he made this move tells us that he thinks Vick give them their best shot to win, which means at least for him that it was a move he had no choice but to make.

It seems that many Eagles fans recognize that this isn't very good for Kolb but ultimately it's about winning. And if Vick gives them the best chance to win, so be it.

Check out what all the fired up Eagles fans are saying over at Bleeding Green Nation.


Eagles Fans React To News Michael Vick Will Start Over Kevin Kolb

SB Nation's Bleeding Green Nation has started gathering fan reactions to the news that Michael Vick will be the Eagles week 3 starter.

Eagles fans have a unique way of reacting. Here's a sampling of the reactions BGN has culled:

I’m glad 7 non-concussed pass attempts is all we need to know. If we don’t win the SB with Vick this year, this is a mistake. This is now going to be McNabb-Kolb all over again assuming they extend Vick. And if they don’t extend Vick, and we don’t win the SB, what was the point?

Kolb is balling on the bench. 12 million, and just watch the game. Good for him.

If Vick could take that Atlanta team as far as he did just imagine what he will do with our much more talented team should be great…..I hope

Hop on over to Bleeding Green Nation to see a full set of reactions from Eagles fans. Besides, we all know Eagles fans are entertaining.


Andy Reid Explains Reasons Behind Decision To Start Michael Vick

The Philadelphia Eagles caught some in the football world off guard on Tuesday when the team announced that Michael Vick will remain starting quarterback for the foreseeable future, despite proclaimed future franchise quarterback Kevin Kolb able to return after being sidelined with a concussion.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Reid announced, "Michael Vick will be the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. I think his play has even exceeded expectations over the last two weeks. This has nothing to do with Kevin Kolb's injury ... he's done a phenomenal job for us here. The future of Kevin Kolb is not slighted by this one bit. He has an opportunity to be what I would consider a franchise quarterback and very deserving of so. This is more about Michael Vick and his accelerated play. He's sitting there as possibly the hottest quarterback in the NFL at this time."

"When you deal with a decision like this, you take as much time as you possibly need to take," Reid said. "The first person I met with on this decision was Kevin Kolb. I met with him the past two days and we shared thoughts ... He's a young quarterback that I think the sky's the limit for. He's just in a situation where an ex-superstar has regained his abilities and it's that simple. Michael Vick is playing out of his mind right now."

Hey, someone sounds excited about the new Michael Vick era in Philly.

Reid went on to say that Kolb has accepted the decision because he's a team player. Reid also said the team has not given any consideration to trying to trade Kolb,


Michael Vick Named The Eagles Week 3 Starter Over Kevin Kolb

The Eagles have announced that it will be Michael Vick -- and not Kevin Kolb -- starting on Sunday against the Jaguars.

This comes as a surprise to everyone because it was just on Monday head coach Andy Reid said Kolb would be the starter. In fact, he said that decision was "not hard at all."

Vick threw for 284 yards and a pair of touchdowns in week 2 against the Lions so the debate of who is the best choice for the Eagles has been going on for a couple of weeks.

The Eagles will conduct a 6:30 p.m. press conference explaining the move.


Kevin Kolb Speaks After Andy Reid Confirms Him As Eagles Week 3 Starter

QB Kevin Kolb has already been named the Eagles week 3 starter after missing last Sunday with a concussion. Of course in his one game absence Michael Vick threw for 284 yards and a pair of touchdowns making the status of Kolb as the Eagles starter a lot more interesting.

Kolb talked on Monday after Andy Reid confirmed he would be the week 3 starter.

"I mean, I know I didn't play very well that first half. We didn't play very well and Mike's done a great job. I'm really proud of him the way he came in and led us in that second half and then led us to the victory. That was a good team win yesterday. All I can do is deal with what's on the field, and that's me getting out there.

Kolb understands that the fans and media are talking about it, and he understands where the whole issues comes from -- Vick played well and he didn't, albeit in limited action.

SB Nation's Bleeding Green Nation has the full run down on what Kolb had to say about being the Eagles starter moving forward.


Kevin Kolb Will Start Over Michael Vick In Week 3 For Eagles

After Michael Vick's impressive 21-of-34, 284-yard and two touchdown performance in the Eagles victory over the Lions, Andy Reid says Kevin Kolb will start in week 3.

It's a curious decision -- one Reid called "not hard at all" -- but one that many figured the Eagles would make no matter how good Vick looked.

Kolb has been groomed for this role for the last four years so it's easy to understand Reid's motivations behind sticking with him. At the same time, Vick was awfully impressive over the last two games.

SB Nation's Bleeding Green Nation knows what will dominate the headlines but says having Vick play well isn't such a bad thing.

The Vick/Kolb discussions will of course dominate any and all talk surrounding the Eagles this week, and I think that's generally perceived as a bad thing.  I don't see it that way.  It's only a topic of discussion because Vick has been so surprisingly good, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with having the best backup QB in the NFL.

Reid says Vick will still be incorporated into the game plan next week.

Check out what Philly fans at Bleeding Green Nation are saying about Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick.


Michael Vick Will Reportedly Start For Eagles In Week 2

On Wednesday, Eagles head coach Andy Reid indicated that starting quarterback Kevin Kolb wouldn't start practicing with the team until Friday at the earliest. That caused many to speculate that Kolb would likely be unavailable for the Eagles second game of the season.

NFL Network's Michael Lombardi reports that the speculation is correct and Kolb will not start week 2, which means it will be Michael Vick taking the reins.

It'll be interesting to see what kind of performance Vick can put up against the Lions. Another solid performance certainly won't quiet those who think he should become the full-time starter after his performance in last week's loss to the Packers.

Check out Bleeding Green Nation for more on Michael Vick.


Kevin Kolb May Miss Next Start But Andy Reid Says He's Still The No. 1 QB

The chatter on talk radio in Philadelphia on Monday morning was whether a quarterback controversy was brewing. Michael Vick ended the loss against the Packers with a solid performance after starter Kevin Kolb exited with a concussion.

Jordan Raanan of writes that it's "unlikely" Kolb will make his next start. He won't be able to practice until Friday assuming he passes the remaining concussion tests.

Meanwhile, Eagles coach Andy Reid doused water on the quarterback controversy fire that was brewing.

"That's now what's happening … Kevin Kolb is the No. 1 quarterback," coach Andy Reid said.

If Kolb can't go next week, he'll once again be replaced by Vick.

Check out Bleeding Green Nation for more on Kevin Kolb's concussion.


Eagles QB Kevin Kolb Out With A Concussion, Replaced By Michael Vick

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb was hit hard by Packers LB Clay Matthews on Sunday afternoon and briefly left the game. The Eagles announced that Kolb had a jaw injury and would return.

He did return for a series but the Eagles announced at halftime that Kolb has a concussion and would not return.

The Eagles appeared to be giving him concussion-related tests on the sideline before he returned the first time.

The NFL has been stringent in the last year about how teams treat concussions. If a player suffers a concussion, he can not return under any circumstances.

Michael Vick replaced Kolb at quarterback.

Check out Bleeding Green Nation for more on the Kevin Kolb injury.

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