Week 1 NFL Fantasy Football Roundup

A new fantasy football season has begun. Week 1 brought some of the same ol' same ol' (Peyton Manning) and some new surprises (Arian Foster). We rundown the major story lines.

As usual, Week 1 in the NFL was exciting and there were names we've previously never heard of that exploded onto the scene. Guys like Arian Foster and Matt Forte tried to make the case they're in the fantasy elite while the mainstays like Peyton Manning and Chad Ochocinco showed why they're among the best, year in and year out.

Here's a run down on the big fantasy football topics after the first weekend.

Just three running backs go over 100 yards

When you're drafting players in fantasy football, it's generally the running backs that are off the board first. Maybe that shouldn't be the case anymore.

There were just three running backs -- Arian Foster, Chris Johnson and Rashard Mendenhall -- that went over 100 yards.

Maybe it's an aberration or, more likely, it's another sign that this is becoming a passing league. Which brings us to...

Eight receivers go over 100 yards

Receivers outplayed running backs in Week 1. Eight receivers went over 100 yards and it wasn't just the names we usually see. Guys like Brandon Lloyd, Austin Collie and Mark Clayton aren't usually at the top of the list when it comes to receiving, but in week one they made the SportsCenter highlights.

Don't worry, though, as the usual suspects were still there -- Chad Ochocinco, Hines Ward and Roddy White were among the week one's top performers.

If there's anything to take out of this, it's that receivers are making a play to be the most coveted fantasy football position.

Manning and Brady are still elite

He's one of the older players in the league so logic would suggest that Peyton Manning would be in for a down year.

Apparently, logic doesn't apply to Manning.

He exploded, again, for 433 yards and three touchdowns. He also set a career high with 40 completions. The Colts lost -- which is part of the reason they were passing so much -- but it wasn't the fault of Manning. After Week 1, it appears it's business as usual for the best quarterback in the game.

Meanwhile, Brady passed for 258 yards and three touchdowns and a very efficient 25-of-35 passing. Brady hit Wes Welker two times which is a good sign that the NFL's leading pass catcher over the past two years is fully recovered from knee surgery.

Things change every year in fantasy but these two players didn't.

Fantasy player of the week: Arian Foster explodes onto the scene in Week 1

The Texans running back situation is a funny one. You've got Arian Foster, who many people don't know about and was a popular sleeper pick leading up to the start of the season. You've also got Steve Slaton, who I think most people know about. More people may know who Slaton is but it was Foster who stole the show.

Foster's final numbers: 33 rushes for 231 yards and three touchdowns.

Yeah, I think fantasy football has heard of this guy now. Slaton will still primarily be the third down back while Foster probably gained the confidence of the coaching staff as they plan to feed him the ball more often.

Matt Forte's return

Bears RB Matt Forte had a terrific rookie year in 2008 causing him to fly up fantasy football draft boards. Unfortunately, in year two he wasn't so hot entering into the famed sophomore slump.

Year three? He's baaaack.

Forte blew up not by rushing the ball but in the passing game. He was targeted seven times by QB Jay Cutler and caught all seven passes for a whopping 151 yards and two touchdowns. He was average in the running game with 17 carries for 50 yards but when you go over 100 as a running back, things are good.

Hakeem Nicks' efficiency

Hakeem Nicks isn't a popular pick in fantasy football but he should be because he's apparently Eli Manning's favorite target in the end zone.

Nicks caught just four passes on Sunday but three of them went for touchdowns. That makes him your wide receiver touchdown leader.

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