Invisible Kyle Busch Gets Most Noise At Richmond; Real Kyle Busch No. 8

Who do NASCAR fans dislike more than Kyle Busch? The invisible Kyle Busch, apparently.

We're not entirely clear on what happened Saturday night, but this much we know for sure: Busch was introduced twice during driver introductions at Richmond.

First, Busch was introduced in his 32nd starting position, but no one was shown emerging from the backstage area. From the best we and other witnesses can tell, Busch never came out.

Fans booed lustily anyway at the mere sight of Busch's car on the Sprint Vision screens.

Later, when it was Kevin Harvick's turn to be introduced in the 20th spot, Busch's name was announced again instead (just after his brother, Kurt). This time, he was shown coming out onstage and fans booed again, but not as loud.

Those watching the introductions were confused. Was Busch late? Would have have to start in the back of the field? NASCAR said no, and that all drivers were present for the introductions.

To tens of thousands of fans, the situation certainly seemed less clear.

Whatever happened, we believe "Invisible Kyle" got a bad rap. What's Invisible Kyle ever done to anyone?

Here are the noise ratings from this week:

Driver      dB Type of Noise Comment/Explanation
1 Invisible Kyle Busch 90.2 Boos Poor Invisible Kyle
2 Jeff Gordon 89.4 Mixed More cheers later in career?
3 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 89.2 Cheers Still Most Popular Driver
4 Jimmie Johnson 89.0 Boos "Please don't win again!" noise
5 Tony Stewart 87.9 Cheers Popular driver
6 Denny Hamlin 87.8 Cheers Hometown favorite
7 Carl Edwards 86.3 Mixed Pole-sitter
8 Real Kyle Busch 86.2 Boos Second chance to boo Rowdy
9 Kevin Harvick 85.7 Cheers Popular driver
10 Elliott Sadler 85.4 Cheers Hometown favorite
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