Adorable Little Brent Lillibridge Embroiled In Adorable Little Controversy

You may or may not be familiar with this lil cutie patootie:


In case you belong to the latter, the player shown above is four year old White Sox utility guy Brent Lillibridge. In most circumstances (read: every circumstance up until this one), you would have little reason to recognize that face or know that name. However, the White Sox are preparing for a three-game set against the team above them in the standings, and Brent Lillibridge is a professional athlete with a Twitter account. That's a clear recipe for disaster, and below please find the sordid details.

Most important night of the year Halo coming out at 12 tonight and yes I'm in a line to get it... Jokes please.. than a minute ago via Echofon

Brent, get to bed. Take Gavin, Thornton & Putz with you. Halo will survive the night without you. @BSLillibridge #heardLevel3IsSickless than a minute ago via TwitBird

I promise I'll be in bed early 2nite Noone wants to win more than I do. As much as I luv playing bball I have a lot of nerd in meless than a minute ago via Echofon

Mark Teahen, of course, is a teammate of Lillibridge, and their exchange found its way to ESPN Chicago, where readers left comments such as:

You know damn well after standing in line he went home and played it for at least six hours.

I am a video game nerd myself, but c'mon Brent. You're in the middle of a pennant race on the eve of the biggest series of the season. Not to mention you're still trying to prove your worth to the ball club in the long run.

Keep working hard and playing your game big guy! You are a hard worker and a stand up professional! You make all of us back home proud!!

Some thoughts:

  1. Remember, it was just last year that Miguel Cabrera partook in some extracurricular activities the night before a big game. I'm not sure why this story isn't being met with a stronger, more negative response. When you go out drinking, you end the night passing out and getting rest. One time I stayed in playing Civ 2 and when I looked at the clock it was eight in the morning. Video games are dangerous.

  2. It's a good thing Lillibridge wasn't waiting in line to purchase Civ 2.

  3. Lillibridge turns five this coming weekend, and his mom was buying the game for his birthday.

  4. Lillibridge's Twitter picture just barely cropped out his L.A. Lights.

  5. When I think "irreplaceable," I think "Brent Lillibridge."

  6. According to Lillibridge, no one wants to win more than he does. But according to Mariners manager Daren Brown, no one wants to win more than Felix Hernandez. Somebody is lying.
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