Fantasy Football Q&A: Week 2 Edition

Had a bad first week of fantasy football? Never fear, there's still time to save the season, we'll try to help you out.

Did you have a good Week 1 of fantasy football? We hope so, but if you didn't, there's plenty of time to save your season. We start this week with some Fantasy Football Q&A, Week 2 style, with Joel Thorman. Away we go...

How much will Thomas Jones continue to eat into Jamaal Charles' workload? - Sean in GA

It seems like he'll continue to split carries with Jamaal Charles. Last week, they each had 11 carries. Charles ended up with 92 yards and a touchdown and Thomas Jones had 39 yards so it's clear who the better option is. But, Todd Haley loves what Jones brings to the huddle so don't look for the set up at running back in Kansas City to change too much.
With the Packers placing Ryan Grant on IR, the race is on for owners to pick up Brandon Jackson. Do you think he can match Grant's production? - Mark in WI

 In one short word: No. SB Nation's Acme Packing Company address the Ryan Grant replacement issue this week:

There's no way to spin it: Jackson and FB John Kuhn don't run like Grant. I wouldn't be surprised if neither runs for 100 yards in a game this season. The running attack has lost something that it can't replace.

That said, not all hope is lost. Brandon Jackson is superior as a pass-catcher and this was always a pass-first team anyway. I'd pick up Jackson and hope that what he lacks in the rushing game he cane make up for as a receiver out of the back field.

Are any of the Jets wide receivers worthy of fantasy starts down the line with the team's passing woes? - Steve in NY

Having Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes with a quarterback who has trouble getting them the ball is frustrating. I think you'll see some good games here and there from each of these guys but can they consistently score well? I don't think so. Mark Sanchez has shown the ability to be a good quarterback but the consistency just isn't there. Besides, this Jets team wants to get a lead, play good defense and run the ball. That's their M.O. Jets receivers are a risky play.

Is Beanie Wells a risky running back to have on your roster with his injury history and the Cardinals showing they'll still be a "pass first" team? - Phil in KY

The problem with Beanie Wells, besides the injury history, is that he's not getting all the goal line carries. That said, their quarterbacks are clearly not the strength of the team anymore. I see a more conservative offense coming in Arizona with more of an emphasis on the running game. It's still a risk but Wells is worth keeping on your team.

How does the loss of defensive tackle Kris Jenkins affect the New York Jets defense from a fantasy standpoint? - John in DC

Nose tackle in a 3-4 defense is the most important position so it'll definitely have an impact. However, this is one of the best defenses in the league. Darrelle Revis will continue to play like 2009 Darrelle Revis once he gets going after missing all of training camp. This is still an elite defense with or without Jenkins. Rex Ryan will find a way to create havoc on the opposing quarterback and shut down the run game.

With the trade of Lawrence Maroney, does Fred Taylor become an attractive fantasy option in New England? - Carl in CO

Nope. Three touchdowns and over 250 yards passing from Tom Brady should tell you what type of team this is. New England hasn't had a good fantasy back in a couple years so I'd avoid them if at all possible. On the bright side, they do score a lot of points which will create more opportunities for the running backs.

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