MLB Playoff Schedule: Twins, Phillies Set To Begin October Play At Home Wednesday

After Tuesday night's slate of games, the MLB playoffs schedule is beginning to take shape. 

In the American League, the Rays and Yankees both clinched playoff berths (the final five days of the season will determine who wins the A.L. East and who's the Wild Card Champion, earning them a trip to Minnesota). The Twins have already won the Central, and the Rangers the West (with as many wins as the third-place Red Sox /just sayin'). 

Though it's still subject to change, here's how the A.L. playoff schedule looks as of Wednesday (all times are TBA): 

American League Division Series 

Game 1: Wild Card @ MIN, Wednesday, Oct. 6 (TBS)
Game 2: Wild Card @ MIN, Thursday, Oct. 7 (TBS)
Game 3: MIN @ Wild Card, Saturday, Oct. 9 (TBS)
Game 4: MIN @ Wild Card, Sunday, Oct. 10 (TBS)*
Game 5: Wild Card @ MIN, Tuesday, Oct. 12 (TBS)* 

Game 1: TEX @ AL East Champion, Wednesday, Oct. 6 (TBS)
Game 2: TEX @ AL East Champion, Thursday, Oct. 7 (TBS)
Game 3: AL East Champion @ TEX, Saturday, Oct. 9 (TBS)
Game 4: AL East Champion @ TEX, Sunday, Oct. 10 (TBS)*
Game 5: TEX @ AL East Champion, Tuesday, Oct. 12 (TBS)*

* if necessary 

Meanwhile, over in the National League, the Phillies and Reds have punched their tickets to October, winning the N.L. East and Central, respectively. For Philadelphia, it's their fourth-straight division crown, while Cincinnati will be making their first playoff appearance in 15 years. 

With just five games remaining, the Giants hold a two-game lead over the Padres in the N.L. Central, and the Braves are clinging to a slim 1.5-game advantage in the Wild Card. 

National League Division Series

Game 1: TBD @ PHI, Wednesday, Oct. 6 (TBS)
Game 2: TBD @ PHI, Friday, Oct. 8 (TBS)
Game 3: PHI @ TBD, Sunday, Oct. 10 (TBS)
Game 4: PHI @ TBD, Monday, Oct. 11 (TBS)*
Game 5: TBD @ PHI, Wednesday, Oct/ 13 (TBS)*

Game 1: TBD @ TBD Thursday, Oct. 7 (TBS)
Game 2: TBD @ TBD Friday, Oct. 8 (TBS)
Game 3: TBD @ TBD Sunday, Oct. 10 (TBS)
Game 4: TBD @ TBD Monday, Oct. 11 (TBS)*
Game 5: TBD @ TBD Wednesday, Oct. 13 (TBS)*

* if necessary 

The American League Championship Series is set to begin Friday, Oct. 15 (on TBS), with the NLCS scheduled to start the next day, Oct. 16 (airing on FOX). The World Series, which begins Wednesday, Oct. 27, will conclude Nov. 4 if a seventh game is required. 

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