NFL Week 1: Previewing And Predicting Every Game Of Opening Weekend

Scroll down the page to find quick previews and predictions of each Week 1 stream from SB Nation's NFL Editor, Joel Thorman.

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NFL Week 1 Preview, Prediction: San Diego Chargers Vs. Kansas City Chiefs

San Diego Chargers (0-0) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (0-0)

When: 10:15 p.m. Monday, ESPN

SB Nation Chargers: Bolts From The Blue

SB Nation Chiefs: Arrowhead Pride

Breakdown: Normally we wouldn't give the Chiefs much of a chance but it is Monday Night Football at Arrowhead Stadium. Back in the day the Chiefs were nearly unbeatable at home so if that electric atmosphere returns, this could be a close game. Look for the Chargers to continue with their passing attack despite the loss of WR Vincent Jackson. The Chiefs have one of the worst pass rushing units in the league so QB Philip Rivers should have plenty of time.

Player to Watch: CB Javier Arenas is quickly getting recognized as one of the league's next best returners in the game. He took a kick return over 40 yards in every Chiefs preseason game and that will be incredibly important against the Chargers as the Chiefs offense doesn't figure to score many points. The Chiefs will need a score from an unlikely source and Arenas can provide that.

Line: Chargers are 4.5 point favorites.

Prediction: Definitely take the Chargers in this one because this game is such a mismatch but with the Chiefs playing at a sold out Arrowhead it could be closer than many think.


NFL Week 1 Preview, Prediction: Baltimore Ravens Vs. New York Jets

Baltimore Ravens (0-0) vs. New York Jets (0-0)

When: 7:00 p.m. Monday, ESPN

SB Nation Ravens: Baltimore Beatdown

SB Nation Jets: Gang Green Nation

Breakdown: This is arguably the best game of the week. On one side, you've got the Ravens who have fielded arguably the best defense over the last decade. Taking their place as the best defense in the game now is the Jets. This will definitely be a defensive game and I imagine the game will turn on a big defensive play.

Player to Watch: CB Darrelle Revis hasn't been in training camp so it's possible the Ravens will go after him. Revis himself said this week that he thinks the Ravens will attack him. Rex Ryan meanwhile dared the Ravens to do so and predicted they wouldn't. If Revis can shut down half the field like he normally does then the Ravens passing attack isn't nearly as dangerous.

Line: Jets are 2.5 point favorites.

Prediction: Most people will be taking the Jets in this game because they've had an all-star offseason but we're going with the Ravens. Their defense is still strong and among the best in the league but they've added a new weapon for QB Joe Flacco in WR Anquan Boldin. The Ravens win in a tight, low-scoring battle.


NFL Week 1 Preview, Prediction: Dallas Cowboys Vs. Washington Redskins

Dallas Cowboys (0-0) vs. Washington Redskins (0-0)

When: 8:20 p.m. Sunday, NBC

SB Nation Cowboys: Blogging The Boys

SB Nation Redskins: Hogs Haven

Breakdown: It's hard to find any advantage the Redskins have in this game. They're out-matched at almost every position. The key for them in this game is to get to QB Tony Romo early and often in order to avoid him getting into a rhythm. For the Cowboys, it's about showing why they're one of the best offenses in the NFL.

Player to Watch: QB Donovan McNabb is entering his first regular season game as a Redskin so he'll be the focal point. How he makes this weak Redskins receiving corps better will be a key to the game. If this were the Jason Campbell-led Redskins, then the Cowboys would be more than a touchdown favorite so McNabb's influence is important to note.

Line: Cowboys are 3.5 point favorites.

Prediction: The Cowboys should be able to take care of business in this game even with McNabb leading the Redskins. This is a rivalry game so look for it to stay close but the Cowboys will come out by a field goal or more.


NFL Week 1 Preview, Prediction: San Francisco 49ers Vs. Seattle Seahawks

San Francisco 49ers (0-0) vs. Seattle Seahawks (0-0)

When: 4:15 p.m. Sunday, FOX

SB Nation 49ers: Niners Nation

SB Nation Seahawks: Field Gulls

Breakdown: Neither of these teams do anything incredibly well but the 49ers enter with a stronger running game and defense. That means the Seahawks will need to get off to a fast start against the 49ers because their offense can't stage a big come back.

Player to Watch: Keep an eye on RB Frank Gore. QB Alex Smith is hardly a top quarterback so the 49ers will put Gore in the driver's seat early and often to control the game. He'll get a lot of touches on Sunday.

Line: 49ers are three-point favorites.

Prediction: Take the 49ers in this game. The Seahawks are missing their starting left tackle and Gore will likely be among the best players on the field. The 49ers should roll in this one.


NFL Week 1 Preview, Prediction: Green Bay Packers Vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Green Bay Packers (0-0) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (0-0)

When: 4:15 p.m. Sunday, FOX

SB Nation Packers: Acme Packing Company

SB Nation Eagles: Bleeding Green Nation

Breakdown: If you like touchdowns, then this is the game for you. Two of last year's best offenses will face off in one of the best games of the first week. The Packers will continue with their potent passing game while the Eagles will try to use their famed blitz defense to make QB Aaron Rodgers a non-factor.

Player to Watch: QB Aaron Rodgers is already a top-five quarterback so we know what he can do. The player to watch in this game will be QB Kevin Kolb as he tries to fill the shoes of QB Donovan McNabb. He has plenty of weapons and sits in a better position than most rookies. Look for Kolb to pick up where McNabb left off.

Line: Packers are three-point favorites.

Prediction:The Eagles aren't underdogs at home very often but the Packers offense might be the best in the NFL. Look for the Packers to sneak by the Eagles in a very tight, but high-scoring game.


NFL Week 1 Preview, Prediction: Arizona Cardinals Vs. St. Louis Rams

Arizona Cardinals (0-0) vs. St. Louis Rams (0-0)

When: 4:15 p.m. Sunday, FOX

SB Nation Cardinals: Revenge Of The Birds

SB Nation Rams: Turf Show Times

Breakdown: Both teams enter new eras in this game with QB Derek Anderson starting for the Cardinals and QB Sam Bradford getting the nod for the Rams. The key here for the Cardinals will be getting those talented receivers involved while the Rams may want to use RB Steven Jackson as much as possible to keep the pressure off of Bradford.

Player to Watch: Sam Bradford the number one overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft makes his debut and all eyes will be on him. He's got a boatload of potential but hasn't done anything on the field yet. He doesn't have many weapons so it'll be interesting to see how he handles his first NFL game.

Line: Cardinals are four-point favorites.

Prediction: You have to go with experience over potential in this one. Derek Anderson has a better cast of receivers than Bradford and should be able to win an ugly game. Take the Cardinals by a touchdown.


NFL Week 1 Preview, Prediction: Detroit Lions Vs. Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions (0-0) vs. Chicago Bears (0-0)

When: 1:00 p.m. Sunday, FOX

SB Nation Lions: Pride Of Detroit

SB Nation Bears: Windy City Gridiron

Breakdown: This is a game with two quarterbacks who many think have loads of potential. The play of the two quarterbacks will be key in this one but we'll look to the veteran, Jay Cutler, for the edge.

Player to Watch: Offensive coordinator Mike Martz has a way of making quarterbacks put up gaudy stats. Against the Lions will be the first test to see if he can do the same with Jay Cutler.

Line: Bears are 6.5 point favorites.

Prediction: Look for Jay Cutler and the Bears to get on track early in this one. Mike Martz's influence should be clear as they face one of the weakest defenses in the NFL.


NFL Week 1 Preview, Prediction: Carolina Panthers Vs. New York Giants

Carolina Panthers (0-0) vs. New York Giants (0-0)

When: 1:00 p.m. Sunday, FOX

SB Nation Panthers: Cat Scratch Reader

SB Nation Giants: Big Blue View

Breakdown: If the game comes down to quarterbacks, then you have to favor the Giants here. The Panthers will trot out QB Matt Moore for his first season opener as the starter. He's young and inexperience while the Giants defense is full of veterans. This could be a long day for Moore.

Player to Watch: The Panthers best shot at winning this game may come from the run game so that's why DeAngelo Williams could be a key component here. John Fox prefers veterans so if Williams can get going, the Panthers have a shot.

Line: Giants are seven-point favorites.

Prediction: All Giants, all the time in this one. Their defensive line should be able to handle the Panthers running game leaving the game in Matt Moore's hands, which probably isn't a good thing no matter how well he played last year.


NFL Week 1 Preview, Prediction: Oakland Raiders Vs. Tennessee Titans

Oakland Raiders (0-0) vs. Tennessee Titans (0-0)

When: 1:00 p.m. Sunday, CBS

SB Nation Raiders: Silver And Black Pride

SB Nation Titans: Music City Miracles

Breakdown: The Titans are clearly the better team. QB Vince Young isn't much of a threat to pick you apart passing the ball but the Titans plan to hand the ball off to RB Chris Johnson again and again. It worked last year so I imagine it will in week one against the Raiders.

Player to Watch: Chris Johnson is hard to look past. He's aiming for 2,500 yards and the Raiders, as the 29th worst team against the rush last year, present a great jumping off point for him. The question here should be whether he hits 200 yards.

Line: Titans are six-point favorites.

Prediction: We're taking the Titans in this one because the Raiders haven't demonstrated they're able to stop the run game and the Titans have arguably the best running back in the game. The Titans should win by a touchdown or more.


NFL Week 1 Preview, Prediction: Atlanta Falcons Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Atlanta Falcons (0-0) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-0)

When: 1:00 p.m. Sunday, FOX

SB Nation Falcons: The Falcoholic

SB Nation Steelers: Behind The Steel Curtain

Breakdown: It's hard to break this game down because of the uncertainty at quarterback for the Steelers. The Steelers historically play strong defense and they'll need that this week against the Falcons who sport a strong running game with Michael Turner and a passing threat with Matt Ryan.

Player to Watch: Dennis Dixon will be the target in this game. This is his first NFL start and no one is really sure how he'll play. He has scrambling ability, which should help out in tough situations against the Falcons, but it's his arm that has people curious. If he's accurate, then he could be dangerous.

Line: Falcons are 2.5 point favorites.

Prediction: The Steelers aren't underdogs at home very often but they deserve it this time. We're going with the Falcons to win by less than a touchdown because we're not quite sure what Dennis Dixon will bring.


NFL Week 1 Preview, Prediction: Denver Broncos Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Denver Broncos (0-0) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-0)

When: 1:00 p.m. Sunday, CBS

SB Nation Broncos: Mile High Report

SB Nation Jaguars: Big Cat Country

Breakdown: The story line in this game will be Tim Tebow returning home to Florida but he won't have much of a role against the Jaguars. Instead it will be the Broncos trying to balance their shaky running game with Kyle Orton's game management abilities. If the Broncos can build a lead, it will be hard for the Jaguars to come back.

Player to Watch: Maurice Jones-Drew is among the best running backs in the NFL. With the Jaguars mediocre quarterback situation, they'll be leaning on Jones-Drew to take them to victory. The Broncos run defense will have a big test against Jones-Drew.

Line: Jaguars are 3.5 point favorites.

Prediction:Games in the NFL usually come down to quarterbacks and in this matchup we have to go with Kyle Orton, who has had a solid offseason throwing the ball. Look for the Broncos to win by a field goal.


NFL Week 1 Preview, Prediction: Indianapolis Colts Vs. Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts (0-0) vs. Houston Texans (0-0)

When: 1:00 p.m. Sunday, CBS

SB Nation Colts: Stampede Blue

SB Nation Texans: Battle Red Blog

Breakdown: If you're into fantasy football, then this game is for you. There will be plenty of points scored as two of the best offenses face off against each other. The key to this game will be the defense for each team coming up with a big stop or a big turnover. It may only take one since both teams plan to score early and often.

Player to Watch: Keep an eye on Texans RB Arian Foster. RB Steve Slaton is battling turf toe which could mean a larger role for Foster. This game is all about the quarterbacks but Foster could slow the game down for the Texans and help control the clock if they can secure a lead.

Line: Colts are 2.5 point favorites.

Prediction: Many are saying this is the time the Texans finally overcome the Colts but we'll have to see it to believe it. The Colts should win this one by a touchdown.


NFL Week 1 Preview, Prediction: Cincinnati Bengals Vs. New England Patriots

Cincinnati Bengals (0-0) vs. New England Patriots (0-0)

When: 1:00 p.m. Sunday, CBS

SB Nation Bengals: Cincy Jungle

SB Nation Patriots: Pats Pulpit

Breakdown: The Patriots are the better team but the Bengals match up well against them. Cincinnati is sporting a new look receiver core and they're eager to see if they can exploit the Patriots young (but talented) secondary. This game will likely come down to which team passes the ball better.

Player to Watch: The Patriots are going to try to stop Chad Ochocinco so it will be Terrell Owens who comes in with favorable matchups. He's a long-time veteran and understands how to work against young defensive backs to look for T.O. to get plenty of looks in this game.

Line: Patriots are 4.5 point favorites.

Prediction: The Bengals know how to score points, like the Patriots do, and their defense ended strong in 2009. That's why we're going with the upset here with the Bengals winning by a field goal.


NFL Week 1 Preview, Prediction: Miami Dolphins Vs. Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins (0-0) vs. Buffalo Bills (0-0)

When: 1:00 p.m. Sunday, CBS

SB Nation Dolphins: The Phinsider

SB Nation Bills: Buffalo Rumblings

Breakdown: The Dolphins and Bills rivalry is among the best in the NFL, even if one of those teams -- the Bills in this case -- haven't been very good. The Dolphins will use their running attack to beat up on the Bills defensive line. They'll also look to harass Bills QB Trent Edwards with pressure on their offensive line.

Player to Watch: Chad Henne enters the game as someone to watch. The Dolphins should be able to run the ball against the Bills, whose defensive line isn't great. That means Henne will have opportunities to go deep. If he can hit those, then this game won't be close.

Line: Dolphins are three-point favorites.

Prediction: The Dolphins should take care of business here but this is a rivalry game so it could be closer than some think. The Dolphins should win by a touchdown at least.


NFL Week 1 Preview, Prediction: Cleveland Browns Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Cleveland Browns (0-0) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-0)

When: 1:00 p.m. Sunday, CBS

SB Nation Browns: Dawgs By Nature

SB Nation Buccaneers: Bucs Nation

Breakdown: The Browns and Bucs were two of the worst NFL teams in 2009. At least one of them will start 1-0 on Sunday afternoon in Tampa, FL. The Browns are sending out Jake Delhomme in his first season as the starter for the Browns and the Bucs will be sending out Josh Freeman, who missed much of the preseason with an injury. Delhomme has been turnover prone in recent games while Freeman, in his second year as a starter, is just starting to get his feet under him.

Player to Watch: Josh Freeman will be an important player to watch in this game. He didn't get as much practice time as he would have liked after an injury in the second game of the preseason knocked him out but he's the Bucs future and is going against a team that they need to beat if they feel they can win in 2010.

Line: Bucs are three-point favorites.

Prediction: This is a tough game to predict because both teams had so many problems in 2009 it's hard to find a strength. In a tight game, we'll give the nod to the veteran quarterback-led Browns.


NFL Week 1 Preview, Prediction: Minnesota Vikings Vs. New Orleans Saints

Minnesota Vikings (0-0) at New Orleans Saints (0-0)

When: 8:30 p.m. Thursday, NBC

SB Nation Vikings: Daily Norseman

SB Nation Saints: Canal Street Chronicles

Breakdown: The Vikings and Saints meet once again. The Saints defeated the Vikings in the NFC Championship game in 2009 before going on to win the Super Bowl. The main ingredients for each team are still there including Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson for the Vikings and Drew Brees and Pierre Thomas for the Saints. At stake in this game is the early bragging rights for the best team in the NFC. It could also be a potential tie breaker for home field advantage down the stretch.

Player to Watch: While the passing games will likely be putting up touchdowns left and right, the Vikings will be able to lean on Adrian Peterson to keep the game at their pace. He's among the best running backs in the league and is an x-factor in this game. If he can pop off, the Vikings can finally beat the Saints.

Line: Saints are 5.5-point favorites.

Prediction: With Brett Favre returning with limited practice time during the preseason, the Vikings will lean on Adrian Peterson and come out with the three-point victory.

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