2011 College Football Rankings

College Football Rankings: Final AP Poll Features Alabama On Top

The final AP college football poll of the season features Alabama at No. 1, although LSU and Oklahoma State each claimed first-place votes.

College Football Rankings: Final Coaches Poll Features 4 SEC Teams In Top 8

The SEC was well represented in the final USA Today Coaches Poll, with Alabama and LSU finishing first and second, as expected, and Arkansas and South Carolina each climbing to finish in the top...

College Football Rankings Preview: LSU Takes Inside Track, Oklahoma State Survives

LSU won the "Game of the Century," but it was another matchup -- Oklahoma State and Kansas State -- that nearly turned the rankings upside-down.

BCS Rankings Projections 2011: Alabama, Oklahoma, LSU In The Running

The season's first set of BCS standings will be unveiled at 8:15 pm ET on ESPN. Will Oklahoma, LSU or Alabama get the inside track?

Week 7 Rankings Ramifications: LSU, Alabama Among Teams Trying To Stay On Top

Let's just say any major college football rankings adjustments this week will be really, <em>really </em>major.

College Football Rankings Ramifications: SEC Showdowns Dominate Week 6 Schedule

Week 6 doesn't provide quite as many earth-shattering matchups as last week did, but both the top 25 rankings and the SEC's standings will look mighty different on Sunday.

BCS Standings Preview, Week 5: Wisconsin's Schedule Hurts National Title Chances

Two weeks away from the first official BCS standings of the 2011 season, let's take a look at who's best put themselves in line for a chance at a national title.

College Football Rankings Ramifications: Florida Can Think SEC Crown With Win Over Alabama

Florida is just one of many teams that could shake up the college football rankings in Week 5. The Gators face Alabama at home in a battle for SEC supremacy.

College Football Rankings: LSU Vs. West Virginia The Week's Biggest Opportunity

Is West Virginia a national contender again? Here are the five games that matter the most in terms of college football rankings, now with more Vanderbilt.

LSU Vs. Mississippi State Kicks Off Week 3 Slate With Big Rankings Ramifications

There are five games on the college football Week 3 schedule with major rankings, and potentially BCS, implications, starting with LSU taking on Mississippi State on Thursday night.

College Football Rankings, Sept. 6: USA Today Coaches Poll Kills Oregon, Holds Broncos Steady

Here we go again? Boise State put together a convincing road victory against a power opponent, yet made very little noise in the USA Today Coaches' Poll.

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