2011 Heisman Trophy Watch

2011 Heisman Trophy Finalists To Be Announced At 6 P.M. ET

Finalists for the 2011 Heisman Trophy will soon be announced. Baylor's Robert Griffin III and Alabama's Trent Richardson are the likely favorites. Stay tuned here for updates as soon as the news comes out.

2011 Heisman Trophy Watch: The Home Stretch

It's time for someone to seize control of the Heisman Race in the stretch run. Who will it be?

Heisman Trophy 2011 Watch: Brandon Weeden, LaMichael James Take Tumbles

Brandon Weeden's three interceptions against Oklahoma State may have knocked the quarterback out of the Heisman Trophy race.

Heisman Trophy 2011 Watch: Robert Griffin III, Montee Ball Have Rising Stocks

Robert Griffin III played a tremendous game for Baylor against Oklahoma. Is it enough to get him into the Heisman Trophy race?

2011 Heisman Trophy Watch: Starting Over

After Andrew Luck's struggles against Oregon, we hit the reset button on the Heisman race. Who is in the pole position now that the battle is much closer than it was a week ago?

Heisman Trophy 2011 Watch: Kellen Moore's Stock Falling After First Loss

Kellen Moore and Boise State suffered their first loss of 2011 on Saturday. Is Moore out of the Heisman Trophy race as a result?

Heisman Trophy 2011 Watch: Brandon Weeden, Case Keenum Have Stocks On The Rise

Brandon Weeden and Case Keenum each saw their Heisman stock go up in Week 11. Stanford's loss diminishing Andrew Luck's chances at the Heisman likely helped both prolific quarterbacks.

2011 Heisman Trophy Watch: Striking Back Against The Andrew Luck Consensus

It seems the engravers can already begin penciling Andrew Luck's name on the 2011 Heisman Trophy. That is a damn shame, as quite a few players are having seasons at least as good as Luck's, and perhaps better.

Heisman Trophy 2011 Watch: Trent Richardson's Stock Falling, Despite Showing Against LSU

Trent Richardson performed valiantly for Alabama against LSU. But the Crimson Tide's loss may have irrevocably damaged his Heisman stock.

Heisman Trophy 2011 Watch: Brandon Weeden's Stock Rising As Oklahoma State Soars

Brandon Weeden's Heisman stock may have risen after his monster night against Kansas State, but does it have a ceiling?

2011 Heisman Trophy Watch: Crowning Andrew Luck And The Power Of Bad Defense

2011 Heisman Watch: Can Trent Richardson overcome the wave of conditional wisdom? And is it fair to punish Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III because they can't make their respective defenses play better?

Heisman Trophy 2011 Watch: Sammy Watkins' Stock Falling After Clemson Loss

Did Sammy Watkins' Heisman candidacy go down the drain with Clemson's loss to Georgia Tech? Probably.

Heisman Trophy 2011 Watch: Andrew Luck's Stock Rising As Stanford Wins

Andrew Luck's Heisman Trophy chances got better when Stanford beat USC over the weekend. Luck's clutch play in a dramatic victory probably made an impression on voters.

2011 Heisman Watch: Is It Andrew Luck Vs. Trent Richardson?

Is the 2011 Heisman race Andrew Luck vs. Trent Richardson at this point? Do the dynamic dual-threats (Wilson, Griffin, Robinson) still have a chance? What about the two quarterbacks who are about to hold every NCAA career record ever?

Heisman Trophy 2011 Watch: Landry Jones, Ryan Broyles Tumble Like Oklahoma Did

Oklahoma losing means that Landry Jones and Ryan Broyles face an uphill road to get back into the Heisman Trophy race.

Heisman Trophy 2011 Watch: Andrew Luck's Stock Rising With Stanford

Andrew Luck is still looking like a Heisman front-runner. Could Stanford's big win over Washington given him a substantial boost?

2011 Heisman Watch: A New Leader, And The Soft Bigotry Of Andrew Luck's High Expectations

Your weekly look at what the numbers say about the Heisman race. Do we have a new leader (Trent Richardson) on our hands?

2011 Heisman Watch: Andrew Luck Remains Front-Runner, But RG3 Gets Our Vote

A look at the top 2011 Heisman contenders, including Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, Tyrann Mathieu, Landry Jones and Denard Robinson.

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