2011 NBA Free Agency Rumors, Trades And News

2011-12 NBA Picks: Who Can Stop A Thunder-Heat Finals?

SB Nation's NBA crew predicts the award winners and Finals teams for the 2011-12 season.

Mehmet Okur Traded To New Jersey Nets For 2nd Round Pick, Trade Exception

The Jazz traded Mehmet Okur to the Nets for a 2015 second round pick and trade exception, giving the Nets a short-term replacement for injured big man Brook Lopez.

Mickael Pietrus Waived By Suns After Failed Trade To Raptors

The Phoenix Suns have waived Mickael Pietrus, and will have to pay the swingman all of his $5.3 million guaranteed contract.

Ray Allen Should Keep His Eyes Out Of David West's Wallet

Ray Allen judges David West for signing with the Pacers instead of the Celtics.

Top NBA Free Agents Of 2012: Dwight Howard, Deron Williams At Head Of The Class

The 2012 NBA free agent class is headlined by a couple of superstars who may end up together in Dwight Howard and Deron Williams. Our ranking of the top 65 in the class goes much, much deeper, however.

Peja Stojakovic Retires: Former Sacramento Kings Star Calls It A Career

Former Sacramento Kings star Peja Stojakovic will retire after 14 NBA seasons. Stojakovic won a ring with the Dallas Mavericks last season.

Kings Void Chuck Hayes' Contract After Flunked Physical, Heart Issues At Play

The Sacramento Kings have voided Chuck Hayes' contract due to an apparent heart issue.

PHOTO: Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman, Al-Farouq Aminu Look Upset About Something

The three newest Hornets are looking a little upset.

NBA Free Agency Winners And Losers: Clippers, Knicks Reign Supreme

Most of the top NBA free agents have been accounted for, so it's time to look at the Winners and Losers from this rodeo.


Rodney Stuckey, Arron Afflalo Top NBA Free Agents Still Available

Most top-drawer NBA free agents have been locked up, but a few intriguing players remain on the table.

VIDEO: Blake Griffin Learns Of Chris Paul Trade, Celebrates

"Who wants a free Sharpie?" Video of Blake Griffin reacting to the Chris Paul trade

Chris Paul Trade Knocks Hornets Into Rebuild Mode, Where Patience Will Reign

After trading Chris Paul to the L.A. Clippers, the New Orleans Hornets figure to be just awful for at least a year or two. That's a bitter pill for all of those new season ticket holders, but fans are smart enough to know that patience will be rewarded.

Eric Gordon Found Out He Was Traded In An Awkward Way

Eric Gordon found out he was traded while on a tour bus full of Clippers fans.

With Chris Paul Trade, Can Clippers Count On Return To NBA Playoffs?

By trading for Chris Paul, the L.A. Clippers have likely found a way to escape their futile history ... for now.

Chris Paul Makes Clippers, Lakers Preseason Matchup Even More Interesting

The Lakers and Clippers take the court for two exhibition games next week, which wouldn't be particularly notable under normal circumstances. To recap: Chris Paul was incredibly close to becoming a...

Nets Strike Out Again, Need Dwight Howard Before Things Get Ugly

The New Jersey Nets have failed in free agency ... again. The team desperately needs to pull a trade for Dwight Howard, and soon. Also in The Hook: Kwame Brown, DeAndre Jordan and setting cash on fire.

'My Heart Started Smiling'

Marc Gasol made Zach Randolph's heart smile.

Chris Paul And The Morality Of Choosing Your Team

Is Chris Paul a bad guy for wanting to decide where he spends his next contract? So long as there's little financial incentive to remain with the New Orleans Hornets, why would he let the league dictate his options?

Roger Mason Says CBA Negotiations Were 'Weird' For Chris Paul

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Washington Wizards guard Roger Mason and New Orleans Hornets star Chris Paul were both executive board members of the NBA Players Association this summer, and because of that,...

Chris Paul Trade Drama, In Visual Form

Rob Mahoney of Pro Basketball Talk has put together this flow chart of all the ramifications of the cancelled Chris Paul trades.  Maybe this is what David Stern meant by "enormous consequences." v...

Kobe Bryant Seems Pleased With Lakers' Lamar Odom Trade

Kobe Bryant isn't happy with the Lakers' Lamar Odom trade.

Chris Paul To The Clippers? Thank Goodness Someone's Looking Out For Donald Sterling

David Stern killed the L.A. Lakers' acquisition of Chris Paul last week. Thankfully, the most vile owner in pro sports -- Donald T. Sterling of the L.A. Clippers -- will be the primary beneficiary.

Jerry West, Warriors' Executive Board Member, Isn't Sure About DeAndre Jordan

The Golden State Warriors just signed center DeAndre Jordan to a four-year, $43 million offer sheet, even though his numbers aren't any better than their current center's numbers at the same age....

DeAndre Jordan Blind Taste Test

What young center does DeAndre Jordan resemble?

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