NFL Combine Records: Can The 2011 Draft Class Touch All-Time Fastest 40-Yard Dash And Other Marks?

The 2011 NFL Draft entrants at the 2011 NFL Combine certainly have plenty of talent. But will any of them come close to matching the all-time NFL Combine records? You be the judge: thanks to Top End Sports, we have some of the best numbers in NFL Combine History, including for the 40-yard dash.

Caveats: these aren't the NFL's official numbers, because the NFL doesn't keep official numbers, and they only date back to 1999. So if Deion Sanders blazed a ridiculous 40-yard dash time back in his day — and rumor has it that he ran in the 4.19 range — it's not part of these records.

40-Yard Dash

4.24 - Rondel Melendez, WR, Eastern Kentucky - 1999
4.24 - Chris Johnson, RB, East Carolina - 2008
4.28 - Jerome Mathis, WR, Hampton - 2005
4.28 - Champ Bailey, CB, Georgia - 1999

Bench Press (Most 225-Pound Reps)

51 - Justin Ernest, DT, Eastern Kentucky - 1999
45 - Mike Kudla, DE, Ohio State - 2006
45 - Leif Larsen, DT, Texas-El Paso - 2000

Side note: Eastern Kentucky's weight room must have been fun in 1998, huh?

Vertical Jump (In Inches)

46 - Gerald Sensabaugh, FS, North Carolina - 2005
45 1/2 - Derek Wake, OLB, Penn State - 2005
45 - Chris McKenzie, CB, Arizona State - 2005
45 - Chris Chambers, WR, Wisconsin - 2001

10-Yard Dash

1.43 - Aundrae Allison, WR, East Carolina - 2007
1.43 - Eric Weddle, SS, Utah - 2007
1.43 - Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno State - 2007
1.45 - Leon Hall, CB, Michigan - 2007

20-Yard Shuttle

3.73 - Kevin Kasper, WR, Iowa - 2001
3.76 - Deion Branch, WR, Louisville - 2002
3.78 - Dunta Robinson, CB, South Carolina - 2004
3.79 - Champ Bailey, CB, Georgia - 1999

Three-Cone Drill

6.45 - Sedrick Curry, CB, Texas A&M - 2000
6.48 - Rogers Beckett, FS, Marshall - 2000
6.49 - Carlos Rogers, CB, Auburn - 2005

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