2011 NFL Draft Predictions: Odds On Top 10 Picks

The 2011 NFL draft is only a couple days away and there's still not a very good idea of who will be the top picks in the draft. Sure, many people feel the Panthers will take QB Cam Newton but there's hardly any confirmations out there. It seems there's more uncertainty in this draft than in previous years. 

Bodog.com believes they have an idea of how the top 10 of the NFL draft will go and released some odds on who will be picked at which draft slot. 

1. Panthers, QB Cam Newton (1/2): This is the media favorite as well. Most people are now thinking the Panthers are leaning toward Newton over DT Marcell Dareus.

2. Broncos, DT Marcell Dareus (1/2): This is also a pick that most media folks think will happen. Despite what the Broncos say, they probably won't be swayed by the availability of Newton or QB Blaine Gabbert. They should go with the top defensive player.

3. Bills, LB Von Miller (1/2): The Bills are more of a mystery at this point but Miller seems as good of a guess as anyone else.

4. Bengals, WR A.J. Green (1/3): Hmm...will it be Green or Gabbert? That's a tough question to answer. The odds say Green, though it's close.

5. Cardinals, QB Blaine Gabbert (5/7): What's interesting about Gabbert here is that none of the Cardinals beat writers are predicting they go with a quarterback yet nearly everyone else thinks they'll pick Gabbert if he's available.

6. Browns, WR Julio Jones (6/5): This is where things really get tough because the picks are really based on who is still available. If Green is gone, Jones or the next best defensive player makes sense here.

7. 49ers, CB Patrick Peterson (5/7): I feel fairly confident about this. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported the 49ers would be interested in a trade down if the player they want isn't there. I believe the player they want is Peterson.

8. Titans, DT Nick Fairley (4/5): The Titans got rid of one big defensive tackle a couple years ago in Albert Haynesworth and they could bring in another big one in Fairley. Absent a quarterback, this makes sense.

9. Cowboys, OT Tyron Smith (2/3): Many smart draft people think the Cowboys will go with Smith. It seems like a solid guess.

10. Redskins, WR Julio Jones (4/5): This is the second time he's been on this list. If he's gone, I could see Locker or DE Robert Quinn here. 

And then some team will probably go and make a trade screwing up up a month's worth of predictions on the top 10 of the draft. 

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