Super Bowl 2011 Media Day Pictures: Ines Sainz, Chad Ochocinco Among Reporters

Welcome to Super Bowl 2011 Media Day. We're inside the shiny Jerry Dome in Dallas, TX writing this as hundreds of media members are walking around the field talking to players on the Green Bay Packers. As we noted, Media Day is known just as much for the odd, unusual or even wacky personalities that come through there.

This year was no different as we saw a few costumes (and Ines Sainz's outfit apparently isn't a costume) as well as our friend, stick guy, from last year.


First, here's the set up at Media Day. It's hard to see but that's Atari Bigby being interviewed by a woman who was teaching him to speak Spanish. And yes she's in a workout outfit. Why? One of Media Day's mysteries.


The photo below is, um, Batman. In this photo, he's interviewing Packers offensive lineman Daryn Colledge. And by "interviewing" I mean he was awarding Colledge the Best Facial Hair award. Just wait 'til Brett Keisel hears about this.


And this is Ines Sainz and Chad Ochocinco, err, Johnson. This picture is a great description of Media Day: crazy and random. I don't have a shot of her entire dress but you can use your imagine. She was often seen with reporters interviewing her instead of her interviewing the athletes. Ochocinco surprised me a little as he was asking legitimate questions to some of the players. Perhaps OCNN is taking a turn for the serious? I doubt it but we'll see. 

Topping this picture off is the head of ESPN's Ed Werder in the background between them. 


And then there's the cheeseheads (and Marshall Faulk chillin' in the background). One news station was passing these out to all the players they were interviewing. One Packers player ran over shortly after this picture was taken and instructed his teammate to take the cheesehead off (and the teammate complied).

All in all another "normal" Media Day.

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