Colts Mock Draft v2.0

Well, Colts fans, our season is over.  Somewhat disappointing, but to be expected given the number of injuries we suffered.  Nothing to do now but look ahead to the draft.  For a team that looked so uninspiring during the second half of the season, I really feel we have very few needs outside of the OL.  So, without further ado, version 2.0 of my Colts mock draft.

Round 1:  Derek Sherrod - OT - Mississippi St.

One of two picks I carried over from version 1.  In spite of it being a poor tackle class, the Colts really need to invest in a LT.  Johnson is a natural guard, so this may net us two OL for the price of one.

Round 2: Tyler Sash - SS - Iowa

It's time, folks.  Bobzilla needs to be put out to pasture.  Bullitt is a decent fill in IMO, but doesn't posess nearly the skill set that Sash brings to the table.  A top notch SS is so important in the Cover-2, I think this needs to be addressed this year.

Round 3:  Jarvis Jenkins - DT - Clemson

Moala has really come on this year and Foster can provide adequate pass rush when called upon.  However, Mookie and Muir are still below average and we need a big body to help in run support.  If Jenkins makes it this far, he would be a great fit for the Colts bringing both athleticism and run stuffing ability. 

Round 4:  Lee Ziemba - OT - Auburn

Ziemba could play RT or guard at the next level.  Colts have needs at both these positions and love versitile linemen.  Ziemba was in version 1.0 of my mock as a 5th round pick.  I moved him up a round to make sure we get him.

Round 5:  Jake Kirkpatrick - C - TCU

Saturday probably has 1 season left and as sad as it may seem... I'm not sure his replacement is on the roster right now.  Jamie Richard is a possibility, but I would like to have another option in there as well.  I haven't seen Kirkpatrick play much, but have heard some positive buzz around him.

Round 6:  Darrin Walls - CB - Notre Dame

Hayden and Powers are set to be the starters again next year and I really like what Justin Tryon has done this year.  Personally, I can't stand Lacey.  It seems like we should be deep enough at CB, but the way we went through them this year; it couldn't hurt to add another big physical corner to the depth chart.

Round 7:  ***I think this went to Washington in the Justin Tryon trade*** (not sure)

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