Mocking the 2011 Draft from Teal Goggles v7


Aaron Rodgers for Super MVP...

Carolina: Da'Quan Bowers | DE | Clemson

-They'd hope he turns out like Peppers

Denver: Patrick Peterson | CB | LSU

-Champ may be back, but there is still a need. DE depth is better than CB.

Buffalo: Cam Newton | QB | Auburn

-Fitz is playing well, but decent QBs rarely win championships


Cincinnati: Nick Fairley | DT | Auburn

-Peko and Fairley could be a dirty DT tandem in more ways than one

Arizona: Ryan Mallett | QB | Arkansas

-Wissenhunt can't expect to get another Warner through FA

Cleveland: A.J. Green | WR | Georgia

-Colt needs a playmaker to be successful

San Francisco: Jake Locker | QB | Washington

-This will make or break Harbaugh

Tennessee: Greg Jones | MLB | Michigan State

-Should be a force for years to come

Dallas: Tyron Smith | OT | USC

-Jerry get's his franchise tackle

Washington: Marcell Dareus | DE | Alabama

-The Redskins would consider themselves lucky should Dareus fall

Houston: Von Miller | OLB | Texas A&M

-He's got the versatility to play in the 34 or the 43 and be a play maker in both.

Minnesota: Robert Quinn | DE | UNC

-Out goes Ray Edwards, in comes Robert Quinn

Detroit: Brandon Harris | CB | Miami

-Fit's there CB mold better than Prince

St. Louis: Julio Jones | WR | Alabama

-A deadly playmaker for Sam to use

Miami: Mark Ingram | RB | Alabama

-If this doesn't happen...

Jacksonville: Amukamara | CB | Nebraska

-Drops due to concerns about speed and ability to play man, Gene Smith type of guy and the Jags would be counting their blessings

New England: Justin Houston | OLB | Georgia

-Should fit the OLB mold for the pats

San Diego: JJ Watt | DE | Wisconsin

-Should develop into a monster

New York Giants: Gabe Carimi | OT | Wisconsin

-Pro ready and someone the Giants would consider a drop

Tampa Bay: Aldon Smith | DE | Missouri

-The young team could easily roll the dice

Kansas City: Stephen Paea | NT | Oregon State


Indianapolis: Anthony Castonzo | OT | Boston College

-May bore Colts fans, but OT is extremely likely

Philadelphia: Jimmy Smith | CB | Colorado

-Need secondary help, OL will come later

New Orleans: Mikel Leshoure | RB | Illinois

-Would become quite the bruiser for the Saints

Seattle: Adrian Clayborn | DE | Iowa

-Value is too much to pass on

Baltimore: Torrey Smith | WR | Maryland

-Bad spot for the Ravens they'll either have to reach or take a position of lesser need

Atlanta: Kyle Rudolph | TE | Notre Dame


New England : Derek Sherrod | OT | Miss State

-Could use some new blood on the OL

New York Jets: Cameron Hayward | DE | Ohio State

-DL could use some help

Chicago: Nate Solder | OT | Colorado


Pittsburgh: Mike Pouncey | OG | Florida

-Who doesn't want this to happen?

Green Bay: Ryan Kerrigan | OLB | Purdue

-Should be able to make the transition to OLB and help Matthews

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