My 49ers dream draft

This is what I want the 49ers draft to be.

1. Patrick Peterson CB LSU
I don’t really need to get into why I want him.

2. Jerrell Powe NT Ole Miss 
6-2 320 and he lost weight this year. The guy is built to be a NT. Franklin isn’t going to be playing with us for much longer and who knows how good RJF is.

3. Casey Mathews OLB Oregon
I love Oregon players mostly because they play so fast. Casey will be a decent OLB. He may not be as good as his brother but if he is 3/4ths as good as him it will be a steal.

4. Noel Devine RB West Virgina University
Although I personally don’t like drafting a RB we need a COP back.

4. Owen Marecic FB Stanford
Smart player and great hands. He seems like a decent WCO FB. Yes, I finally looked up and read up on WCO took me a day but I think I finally understand has an indepth conversation about it.

5. Alex Henery K Nebraska 
What a leg and more importantly what an accurate leg. He only missed one FG this year. Which was a 53 yarder and blocked. He is also a punter so if Andy Lee gets injured (God forbid) he can be the backup punter. If you clicked the link you saw that he kicked a 57 yarder with no wind. Nedney is injured every year and I’m tired of having an annual search for a kicker.

6. Greg McElroy QB Alabama
Very intelligent. Has a decent release. Although he isn’t the greatest of athletes neither are many of the top QBs. Hasn’t been asked to carry the game a lot but when he has he has pulled through.

6. Chase Beeler C Stanford
I don’t know why people don’t have him ranked higher? He seems light though weighing 270 lbs. Since the 3-4 Defense is the new fad in the NFL it seems vital for the Center to be strong enough to take on the NT.

7.Clay Nurse #97 DE/OLB Illinois

This is pending the combine/proday. If he can show that he is athletic enough to play OLB then he would be perfect. He is 6-3 260. He has some stamina issues since I do not see him playing every play. he plays DE right now so his coverage will be lacking a little. Since a 6th round pick isn’t expected to start right away he could always learn how to cover while he plays ST for a little bit.

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