Mock Draft 2.0 (w/ Trade Scenarios)

     When I was thinking about trades there really wasn't a lot of opportunities.  This draft kind of follows nicely to where teams are picking, their needs, and the value of the players available.  I only had two trade scenarios and they were in the late first round.  Please tell me what you think, especially your opinion about your respected team's pick.

1. Panthers - Fairley (DT, Auburn)


     The more I think about it the more this pick is becoming a lock.  Unless they trade down.  Rivera is going to install his Tampa-2 defense in Carolina and the three tech DT is essential to making it work.  Fairley projects extremely well in that role.

2. Broncos - Peterson (CB, LSU)

     Many people will point to the Broncos defensive line as the need for the biggest upgrade.  In my opinion every position on that squad needs an upgrade.  Shut down corners are rare and a necessary piece to having a truly dominant defense.  Champ Bailey will probably be going elsewhere in the offseason and Perish Cox just got arrested for sexual assault.  Peterson is a rare prospect that only comes around once in a blue moon.

3. Bills - Dareus (DT, Alabama)

     Whether the Bills are sticking to the 3-4 or 4-3 this pick will help them since Dareus can play in either formation.  The Bills also need a rush LB or two, but without defensive lineman taking up blockers it won't matter who is rushing from the edge.  Dareus can help with the pass rush from his probable spot at DE. 

4. Bengals - Bowers (DE, Clemson)

     Bowers and Dunlap could form one of the best pass rushing tandems in the league.  The Bengals had a horrible pass rush this year.  The Micheal Johnson experiment looks like it failed at Odom can't be counted on due to his injury concerns. 

5. Cardinals - Quinn (DE/OLB, North Carolina)

     I could see them taking Amukamara, but I think they need a pass rusher.  Porter is unreliable at this point in his career and the added pass rush from Quinn could help the guys in the secondary.  With Schofield on the weakside and Quinn on the right side they could form a good tandem for years to come.  I think McNabb will be heading down to Arizona to solve their problem at QB.  Arizona revived the career of Warner and maybe it can do the same for Donovan.   

6. Browns - Green (WR, Georgia)

     The stars are finally aligning for the Browns.  This a perfect fit in terms of need and BPA.  Green is the best WR prospect to come out since Calvin Johnson in my opinion.  He should greatly help Colt develop. 

7. 49ers - Amukamara (CB, Nebraska)

     The 49ers need a QB, but something tells me Harbaugh is going to try and wait next year to get Luck.  In the meantime they could use a shut down corner. 

8. Titans - Newton (QB, Auburn)

     Many people will say that Fisher will not go for Newton because he is too similar to Young.  I think that Fisher sees that as a plus with Newton since he brings the arm strength and mobility of Young minus the baggage. 

9. Cowboys - Solder (OT, Colorado)

     People will think this is a reach, but I think Nate Solder will rise quickly on draft boards during the workout phase.  The boys need to stabilize that offensive line or nothing is going to work for them.  Their defense will be tired from being on the field all day, the running game will be sub par, and Tony Romo isn't going to have but a second to throw the ball.  I also do not see a willing partner to trade down with.   

10. Redskins - Gabbert (QB, Missouri)

     The Redskins are a lock to pick a QB with their 1st round pick.  Gabbert is a lot like Josh Freeman as a prospect.  A big 12 QB with great measurables, but has some inconsistency on tape.  I think they will like his upside and pull the trigger. 

11. Texans - Miller (OLB, Texas A&M)

     The Texans transition to the 3-4 should be a rather smooth one.  They have two lineman in Williams and A Smith that are capable of playing DE in the scheme.  They have two really good ILBs in Ryans and Cushing.  And they drafted Connor Barwin a few years back who I thought would be perfect for the 3-4.  They are still missing that weakside pass rusher and possibly a NT, although I think they will let Okoye have a shot at it since he is still really young and Phillips doesn't have traditional NTs in his defense.  Miller is a sack artist and Wade might think he is getting the next DeMarcus Ware.  I think they attempt to solve their secondary woes in free agency with the likes of Asomugha, Joseph, or Bailey.  I really like what the Texans are doing, Manning has more trouble against 3-4 Ds.     

12.  Vikings - Claybourn (DE, Iowa)

     Ray Edwards will probably leave via FA and the Vikings are going to have to find his replacement.  Clayborn is a perfect LDE and should compliment Jared Allen nicely.  He can also help to stop the run on the strong side.  I think the Vikings should trade for Kyle Orton or Kevin Kolb to solve their QB issues. 

13.  Lions - Ayers (OLB, UCLA)

     There isn't a CB or OT worth taking at this spot so it should be a DE or OLB.  I think they will get another pass rusher in FA like a Ray Edwards.  They just came out saying Peterson their SLB will not return so they need to fill that void.  Ayers is a playmaker and should help that defense create more turnovers. 

14.  Rams - Jones (WR, Alabama)

     This is an obvious pick for the Rams.  Their number one priority should be getting their young star QB a number one target.  Jones can make plays after the catch and he doubles as a vertical threat.  That should help open up the underneath stuff for Amendola and that TE with the weird name.  Also, he is a good run blocker and should help Steven Jackson. 

15.  Dolphins - Ingram (RB, Alabama)

     Even if the fins resign Brown I think they prefer to have a two back system.  Ingram fits the mold of a Bill Parcells running back that Ireland will love.  He has the balance, vision, and decent power to become maybe the next MJD.  Not to mention his ability to add to the passing game and he never fumbles the ball.  I think they should sign Vince Young in FA.  He would be perfect for that offense. 

16.  Jaguars - Kerrigan (DE, Purdue)

     They can't rely on Aaron Kampman as the solution to their problems at defensive end.  The poor Jags just can't seem to fix that position.  But, even if Kampman reemerges it will be an added luxury to have a great pass rusher across from him. 

17.  Patriots - Watt (DE, Indiana)

     This is the Richard Seymour pick and I think it would be fitting that this player be his replacement.  At 6'6", 280 lbs. he fits the Pats profile of what they need at the RDE spot.  They got to miss the added pressure Seymour put on QBs from a position that isn't suppose to get a lot of sacks.  Watt brings some good pass rushing abilities to the table. 

18.  Chargers - Jordan (DE, Cal)

     The Chargers haven't found a replacement for Olshansky since he left in FA.  Cameron Jordan is a great fit for a 3-4 defensive end and should solidify that defensive line. 

19.  Giants - Paea (DT, Oregon St)

     The Giants love drafting front 7 guys in the 1st round and I don't think this year will be an exception.  They need more push up the middle by their defensive tackles.  They have Canty who is a big run stopper, but their 3-tech Barry Cofield is average at best [correction: Cofield fucking rocks but the G-men won't pay him] and a FA at the end of the season.  I think a penetrating defensive tackle could soar that unit to new heights. 

20.  Buccaneers - A Smith (DE, Missouri)

     Tampa has a really solid foundation, but I think they need two pass rushers if they want that defense to go to the next level.  Smith is great value here and offers amazing upside.  I don't know why he declared, I thought he could have been a top 5 pick in 2012.  I also think they should target Mathis in FA.  That defensive line could look scary with Smith, Price, McCoy, and Mathis. 

21.  Patriots [via Chiefs] - Castanzo (OT, Boston College)

     This is the first trade scenario.  I think the Pats are aware that their attempts to get the Lombardi trophy post 2005 have been thwarted because of the pressure teams have put on Brady.  He got sacked 5 times in Super Bowl 42 and the same amount in the most recent contest with the Jets.  Pioli and Belichick have done plenty of deals together so I could see this happening.  It would only cost the Pats one of their two 3rd rounders.  They have to jump the Colts, Eagles, Saints, and Ravens who could all go OT in the first.  I think they let Light walk in FA, franchise Mankins, and might draft another OL at the top of the 2nd w/ the OT/G Ijalana out of Villinova.  

22.  Colts - T Smith (OT, USC)

     Manning desperately needs an eltie blind side protector.  Tyron Smith could be that player.  He is very raw and a bit undersized, but should fit in nicely with the Colts system.  He could also help to boost the anemic running game.

23.  Eagles - Camiri (OT, Wisconsin)

     Since Vick is left handed it would make sense for the Eagles to invest in a RT, right?  I think the right side is perfect for Camiri has he is a powerful run blocker and will go against less elite pass rushers.  He is pro ready and should help the Eagles immediately. 

24.  Saints - Houston (DE/OLB, Georgia)

     I think the Saints will like the versatility that Houston brings to the table.  He can help them at SLB and also act as a pass rushing specialist off the edge.  Similar to what Mathias Kiwanuka does for the Giants. 

25.  Seahawks - Locker (QB, Washington)

     Mel Kiper said the Seahawks like Mallet more than Locker at this point.  Which means they like Locker better.  This seems like a fair spot for Locker to go.  The Seahawks desperately need a franchise QB with Hasselbeck on his last legs and Charlie Whitehurst as their only other option. 

26.  Ravens - Harris (CB, Miami)

     The Ravens could go offensive line here, but I think they want to sure up their pass defense and fix the offensive line in later rounds.  I could see them improving drastically with Kindle coming back from injury and adding a pass rush.  Also, they could get Champ Bailey in free agency and then draft Harris to turn their weakness into a great strength. 

27.  Raiders [via Falcons] - Mallet (QB, Arkansas)

     There are rumors out there that Mallet is falling because people saw him doing pot and cocaine.  Well, this should help Davis decide to trade up for Ryan, who he is probably already in love with him in terms of the size and arm strength.  This is an expensive trade up as it will cost the Raiders their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks.  People may think of it as drastic, but its Al Davis we are talking about here.  The Falcons needs and the value they are getting at 27 do not go together.  They could still land the premier TE, Rudolph, out of Notre Dame in the 2nd round.   

28.  Chiefs - LeShoure (RB, Illinois)

     KC has plenty of needs and people may think that RB is not one of them.  I disagree, Thomas Jones will be 33 by the start of next season and it looked like he slowed down considerably at the end of the season.  The Chiefs may have the most explosive RB in the league in Jamal Charles, but having a power back that can beat up defenses up the middle would ensure that KC has the best running attack in the NFL.  LeShoure himself is a home run threat at 230 lbs.  He adds the ability to pass protect and catch the ball out of the backfield.  The Chiefs could have the best RB tandem in football for the next five years.  I think they solve WR in FA by signing Steve Breaston

29.  Steelers - Pouncey (G, Florida)

     Funny how this would work out.  Mike gets to join his twin brother in Pittsburgh and play next to him just as he did in Florida.  The Steelers have a huge hole at RG and Pouncey fits their style of guard to a tee. 

30.  Bears - Liuget (DT, Illinois)

     Tommie Harris has been very underwhelming for the Bears ever since he signed that big contract.  I think they are getting tired of Harris and will draft someone to either put a fire under his ass or eventually replace him.  Liuget looks like he could be a solid 3-tech in the NFL. 

31.  Jets - Moore (S, UCLA)

     The Jets need to find a replacement for Brodney Pool who is mediocre.  Moore is a ball hawk and should help the Jets create more game changing turnovers.  This was one of the harder picks to make.  The Jets could opt for a 3-4 DE like Bailey out of Miami at this spot.

32.  Packers - Heyward (DE, Ohio St)

     The Packers will probably lose Jenkins to FA after this season.  Heyward has the size and strength to play a 5-tech at the next level.  He falls because of his inconsistency, but the kid has great upside.

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