2-Team Mock Draft; 1st Edition GB & MIA

A 7-Round Mock draft for Green Bay and Miami.

You don't have to be the fan of one of these teams to read and comment.

In the comment section, say which teams you want me to mock in the next edition.


I have the Pack picking last because I'm confident they will win the super bowl.

Round 1, pick 32- J.J. Watt DE Wisconsin-  Watt is exactly what the Pack need.  They will likely be without Johnny Jolly again next season, and Cullen Jenkins could also be gone to free agency.  Justin Harrell's career is over and Mike Neal will be coming off the IR.  With all that going on, Watt would likely start DE in their dyamic 3-4 defense.  I think Packers fans like me would love this pick, as we are all familiar with Watt.

Round 2, pick 64- Marcus Cannon OT/OG TCU-  By now all of the stud LTs are off the board, so the Packers explore their options and decide to go with Cannon.  He was consistent all season, and was also very impressive in the Rose Bowl.  Scouts say Cannon's size and skill set will likely make him a guard in the NFL, and Green Bay could use one of those.

Round 3, pick 96- Dontay Moch OLB Nevada-  Moch has a knack for getting into the opponents backfield...he has 63 career tackles for loss.  He has ideal size to play OLB opposite Clay Matthews in that 3-4 defense.  There will be a very big jump in the talent of his competition, more so than say Von Miller, because Moch played at Nevada instead of in the Big 12 or Big 10.

Round 4, pick 128- Austin Pettis WR Boise State-  Look, Donald Driver won't last forever.  As a matter of fact, he may only last one more season.  The Packers need 4 legit receivers to run those 4- and 5- wide sets.  Pettis can be that 4th guy as early as next season, and down the road if there are injuries or guys lost to free agency, Pettis could be starting.  A real good value pick for 128th overall.

Round 5, pick 160- Noel Devine RB/KR West Virginia-  Devine adds depth to a group of backs that needs it (Grant coming off major surgery, and Starks has an injury history).  He is also the quick, scatback that the Packers don't have.  Devine's quickness allows him to get to the sidelines to stretch out defenses, opening the middle to make it easier for Aaron Rodgers.  Devine is also a proven KR.

Round 6, pick 192- Derek Hall OT Stanford- Hall competed against legit Pac-10 foes, which tells you he can make it in the NFL.  Hall won't be a early starter, but the Packers aren't looking for that at the end of the 6th round.  If a starter gets injured this season, Hall will be a considerable and dependable option for a short term role.

Round 7, pick 222- Zac Etheridge S Auburn-  Zac came back from a scary spinal injury, and had a good season with 69 tackles and 3 INTs.  The Packers could use him to help out that special teams unit that looks shaky most weeks.



The Phins don't have a 2nd round pick. 

Round 1, pick 15- Mark Ingram RB Alabama-  A very predictable pick, but the right pick.  Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are both FAs, and I doubt they will resign either one.  And even if they resign Ronnie, they still should pick Ingram, the best back in this years draft.  His combination of speed, power, and quickness is remarkable, and the Dolphins would be foolish to pass on him.

Round 3, pick 79- Ben Ijialana OT/OG Villanova-  The Dolphins need help on the O-line, and this small-school prospect can definitely help.  He may fill the void left by FA G Richie Incognito (assuming he departs).  By adding to the running game and helping protect Andy Dalton (see below), Ijialana can be a small part in helping the Miami offense become relevant once more.

Round 4, pick 112- Andy Dalton QB TCU-  If you're a Dolphins fan or just happeneed to watch them play a few times, you know that Chad Henne is not a franchise quarterback.  Neither is Tyler Thigpen.  The Phins are in a bad QB situation, and Dalton can make it a little better.  He showed really good things in the Rose Bowl, including decision-making and accuracy.  Dalton probably won't be ready to start as a rookie (but thats rare for 4th rounders).

Round 5, pick 144- Cecil Shorts III WR/All-Purpose Mount Union-  Shorts had over 1,000 receiving yards, and also contributed to the running game (114 yds, TD) and special teams, as he returned punts and kicks.  Shorts could return kicks for Miami as a rookie, and will be on the field with the offense quite a bit, too.

Round 6, pick 176- Mario Butler CB Georgia Tech- Butler isn't an interception guy.  He only had one this season, but it came in their bowl game...a 85-yard interception return touchdown.  The fact that Butler started 30 straight games for G-Tech shows he is a durable and consistent corner, just what the Dolphins want to get on Day 3.

Round 7, pick 206- Rob Housler TE Florida Atlantic- Housler is a good receiving tight end, and will need to gain some weight (he's only about 230) to make him a more effective blocker.  Housler can help the Dolphins' special teams unit, and could get on the field if he surprises or there are injuries.

Round 7, pick 208 (from Jax)- Mark LeGree FS Appalachian State-  This guy had 22 career INTs.  The Dolphins are a team that struggles to catch the ball (on both offense and defense, but right now I'm talking about defense), so LeGree would fit in well with this team.  He could get on the field early in Quarter packages, and will be a contributor on special teams.

I hope you liked the article.

Leave a comment below, and include a team you would want me to 'mock' in the next edition.

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