Montell's top 5 Trades that need to go down

Good news, the 7 rounder is almost done. So next time I post, I'm gonna have 7 rounds of draft goodness PLUS some bonuses on the mock. Stay tune for that please. For now, I sit down and thought of 5 trades I think need to go down. Here are my ten, in no order. Hope you like.


1. Arizona moves 2nd round pick, 2012 3rd rounder to Philadelphia for Kevin Kolb

- Arizona is not making a coaching change which means they probably will be one of the many teams looking to add a veteran QB. Many people think the Eagles won't move from that 2 1st round price, I think they will instantly. With the time out between the 1st and 2nd round, those early 2nd rounders become great picks. I think unless a team above Arizona offers better, I think this MIGHT be Philadelphia's best offer.

2. Buffalo sends Lee Evans to Atlanta for a 3rd and 5th round pick

- For Buffalo, I believe with Stevie Johnson, you have a real #1 and I think you can go with him for next season. Lee Evans is what I believe is a good player on a bad team.Getting a 3rd round pick and a 5th rounder, you can find a replacement for Evans between there and in FA. For Atlanta, you learned the hard way that NOONE believes Malcolm Jenkins is a threat. Time to upgrade opposite Roddy White and Evans could be a very good #2 WR

3. Carolina moves DeAngelo Williams and a 6th round pick to Indianapolis for a 2nd and 5th round pick

- Like most draftniks, I believe Colts are going OL with that 1st round pick. I think they also grab a top OL in FA this year ( Tyson Clabo? Jammal Brown? Logan Mankins?) so why not get someone to have out the backfield with Manning. Addai, Brown and James are solid backs, but none really strike fear into me. I think Williams would be a MONSTER for Indy on the turf.

4. New York Jets move Kris Jenkins to Houston for a 4th round pick

I know, I know, I know. Jenkins is a key member of the Jets. However, man's been hurt for 2 seasons now. I almost placed a 3rd round pick but with no real NT top of the drafts, I dobut Houston has a better choice then this considering the team has to upgrade the new 3-4 DL and DB's. For the Jets, I gave them a replacement in my draft AND they could use extra picks considering they will be needing to replace a boatload of starters in a couple years.

5. Willis McGahee to New Orleans for a 3rd round pick

For Baltimore, you gain a extra pick in a spot where DOZENS of RB's will be there to be picked. I believe Baltimore will pick up Champ Bailey in FA so I think they get a upgrade at CB leaving OL, DE and RB as candidate for a upgrade (along with another CB, WR, S as well). For New Orleans, you just saw the whole Ryan Matthews fiasco in San Diego, even if your drafting a RB, have someone who you feel comfortable giving the ball too 15-20 times.


What do you think?

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