2-Team Mock 2nd Edition: Giants & Bengals (edited 1/23)

I made some changes to the Bengals picks because Palmer will be gone.

I'm doing these teams because they were the only recommendations I got from my 1st edition.

These are not my favorite teams, and I have only watched them play a few times each, so understand that I don't know these teams as well as a real fan does.

New York Giants

The Giants don't have a 5th round pick.

Round 1, pick 19- Nate Solder OT Colorado-  The Giants don't protect Eli as well as they should, and 4 of their offensive lineman are over 30 (and Chris Snee is 29).  They could use the help of an AP All-American.  Solder showed consistency in his blocking his whole career. He could anchor that line for as long as Manning is there, and even longer.

Round 2, pick 20- Mason Foster OLB Washington-  Foster has the size and skillset to replace Keith Bulluck as the SS linebacker should he go to free agency (Chase Blackburn is also a FA).  Even if Bulluck returns, it won't be for long as he is 33 years old.  Foster's 378 career tackles is remarkable, and that skill for tackling will translate well into the pros.

Round 3, pick 19- Shane Vereen RB California-  I know this isn't one of their greater needs, but Vereen is a great back and would be a steal in the 3rd.  Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs had major fumbling issues over the entire season.  Bradshaw is a FA (and so is Danny Ware), and I think they will find a way to retain him, but there is always a chance that another team finds a way to get the guy they want.

Round 4, pick 20- Deunta Williams FS North Carolina- Williams once was a projected 2nd-3rd round pick, whos stock dropped as he failed to make big plays his senior season.  His stock dropped a little more when he broke his leg in his bowl game.  But Williams still has tremendous skills that he showed his sophmore and junior years, and if the Giants can get him back to that form, he will be a great back-up that could develop into a full-time starter.  The G-men need more depth at safety because 2 of their back-ups are FA's and Kenny Phillips could get injured again.

 Round 6, pick 20- Clint Boling OG Georgia-  It's been said that Boling doesn't pull well and doesn't have as much upside as some of the other guards, but that doesn't seem valid because he was a 4-year starter in a pro-style offense.  Boling will add some needed depth on the Giant's line.

Round 7, pick 19- Terrell McClain DT South Florida- McClain is an under-the-radar player who can add depth to the Giant's front line.  He was selected to the All-Big East 1st team all conference this past season.


Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bengals have alot of needs, so I will try to address those needs as well as give them high value players for their respective rounds.

Round 1, pick 4- Marcell Dareus DT/DE Alabama-  The Bengals seriously need to help out a front line that was 29th in the league in sacks.  Dareus alone can lower that number.  He was a force to be reckoned with the whole season, most noticeably in the Bowl game vs Michigan State.  In that game, the 306-pounder lined up at DT and DE, and got pressure from both positions.  Dareus is a sure pick in every way.

Round 2, pick 3- Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas- Mallett could drop this far because of the rumors surrounding him about him doing drugs and stuff like that.  But there is no evidence that he does, and alot of other players in this draft do although no one seems to care.  Some experts compare him to Cutler (attitude, leadership, and mentality, as well as skillset), and hasn't Cutler been pretty good so far?  Mallett is too good to pass up at 35th overall, especially considering there newfound need at QB with Palmer demanding a trade.

Round 3, pick 2- Tyler Sash SS Iowa-  Every safety on the Bengals' roster is either a FA or simply not good.  If Cincy drafts Sash, he won't be a FA and he won't be not good.  Sash was a leader on a very good Iowa defense.  He has 13 career INTs, including 2 this past season.  Sash could start right away or be a back-up, depending on who they resign.

Round 4, pick 4- Stephen Schilling OG Michigan-  Schilling has showed alot of versatility over his career at Michigan...he has played RT, LG, and RG in his collegiate career.  Schilling won't play tackle but the Bengals know that they can put Schilling at left or right guard and he will succeed.  The Bengals have 3 free agent guards, so this pick makes sense in every way.

Round 5, pick 3- Casey Matthews ILB Oregon-  The Bengals need depth at both inside and outside linebacker, and although Casey is listed as an ILB, he can play both positions. Dhani Jones is old and a free agent, and Rey Maualuga isn't going to be a superstar when he moves back inside to replace Jones.  Even if they resign Jones for 1-2 more years or sign a different FA,  they still will need depth that Matthews can bring.

Round 6, pick 2- Justin Rogers CB Richmond- Rogers is listed as a CB, but he does alot more than shut down receivers.  He returns punts, and also made appearances on offense early in his collegiate career.  Rogers is a pure athlete who will play cornerback in the NFL, but will also be an option on returns and very good on special teams coverage.  The Bengals could go receiver here but I feel that they should be content with young receivers Jordan Shipley, Jerome Simpson, and Andre Caldwell.  They wouldn't take a WR unless he was a stud and a steal.

Round 7, pick 4- Evan Royster RB Penn St.-  Cedric Benson is a FA and he fumbled 7 times this season. Some GMs wouldn't pay a guy who can't hold on to the ball, even if he rushes for 1,111 yards.  Even if Benson is brought back, it won't be long term, and the Bengals would need a 3rd back behind Benson and Scott should one of them get injured (which will be expected if the season expands to 18 games).  Royster is a good sized back at 6'0 218 who runs similar to Benson, just not nearly as good (and doesn't fumble as much).

 Thanks for reading.

Tell me what you think, remember I'm not a fan of these teams so I don't know as much about them as a real fan.

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