BBI's mock draft v3.0

Wanted to do one after week 17. No Andrew Luck or other players that will "most likely" go back to school. Also, trades will be based off draft value chart.

  1. Carolina (2-14)  A.J. Green, WR. I still believe that Carolina can contend if Jimmy Clausen is allowed to have some big time receivers that he can develop with.
  2. Denver (4-12)  Marcel Dareus, DE. First order of business would be to take care of the defensive front, though Patrick Peterson has to be considered here as well.
  3. Buffalo (4-12) Nick Fairley, DE. The Bills upgrade the line for an anemic pass rush.
  4. Cincinnati (4-12)Patrick Peterson, CB. I believe they let Jonathon Joseph walk.
  5. Arizona (5-11) Robert Quinn, OLB. Upgrades pass rush.
  6. Cleveland (5-11) Prince Amukamara, CB. Along with Joe Haden, gives Cleveland strong secondary.
  7. San Francisco (6-10) Janoris Jenkins, CB. A position of need.
  8. Tennessee (6-10) Cam Newton, QB. First QB taken because of tremendous upside.
  9. Dallas (6-10) Da'Quan Bowers, OLB. Falls a little bit, and will make transition to provide Dallas with a formidable pass rushing duo at LB. 
  10. Washington (6-10)TRADE Miami trades 1st and 3rd for Mark Ingram, RB. Trading up for a RB is not unprecedented (see San Diego last year) and Washington needs picks.
  11. Houston (6-10) Travis Lewis, OLB. Give time for the young secondary to mature, what Houston needs is to beef up that LB corps, which should be scary with Lewis, Ryans, and Cushing.
  12. Minnesota (6-10) Ryan Mallet, QB. Too good value and don't think they're going to stick with Joe Webb.
  13. Detroit (6-10) Brian Kerrigan, DE. No CB's worth taking right now, and this would just add to the pass rushing prowess of Detroit as a possible replacement for Vanden Bosch.
  14. St. Louis (7-9) Julio Jones, WR. It became increasingly evident against Seattle that St.Louis needs a bonafide No.1 WR.
  15. Washington (6-10) Adrian Clayborn, DE. Washington picks up a pass rushing monster.
  16. Jacksonville (8-8) J.J. Watt, DE. Yes, a sorta out there pick at a place of not apparent need. But I feel like Jacksonville could establish a potentially dominant frontline. Also, there was no corners or safeties worth taking at this point.
  17. New England - from Oakland (8-8) Von Miller, OLB. Presents strong value and pass rushing ability.
  18. San Diego (9-7) Stephen Paea, DE/NT. Paea will provide much needed depth at DE as Jacques Cesaire and Travis Johnson are both free agents.
  19. New York Giants (10-6) Akeem Ayers, OLB. A versatile player that's BPA and also a need.
  20. Tampa Bay (10-6) Cameron Jordan, DE. Wow, add alongside Price and McCoy.
  21. Seattle* (7-9) Jake Locker, QB. Home town boy is the future.
  22. Kansas City* (10-6)Justin Blackmon, WR. Allows Chris Chambers to become number 3 WR, and could really open things up for Charles and McCluster.
  23. Indianapolis* (10-6) Anthony Castonzo, OT. Pretty much the gimme pick for Indy.
  24. Philadelphia* (10-6)Derrick Sherrod, OT. Not a place of need, but value is too good and could potentially become a starter at RT in the future to replace Justice.
  25. Green Bay* (10-6)Rodney Hudson, G. Upgrade on the offensive line.
  26. New Orleans* (11-5) Drake Nevis, DT. Adds a strong presence to the defensive front.
  27. New York Jets* (11-5) Justin Houston, OLB. An area of need.
  28. Baltimore* (11-5) TRADE Pittsburgh trades 1st and 4th to pick Gabe Carimi, OT. Pitt jumps over Chicago to pick best run-blocking OT in the draft
  29. Chicago* (11-5) Mike Pouncey, G. Every part of their Oline needs revamping.
  30. Baltimore (11-5) Aaron Williams, CB. The chic pick to fill the defense's biggest need.
  31. Atlanta* (13-3) Kyle Rudolph, TE. Tony Gonzalez's replacement.
  32. New England* (14-2)TRADE Arizona trades 2nd, 3rd round picks to get Blaine Gabbert, QB. Arizona makes the move to get its QB of the future.

  33. Round 2

  34. New England - from Carolina (2-14) Nate Solder, OT.
  35. Buffalo (4-12) Jonathon Baldwin, WR
  36. Cincinnati (4-12)Jared Crick, DT.
  37. Denver (4-12)Brandon Burton, CB
  38. Cleveland (5-11)Allen Bailey, DE
  39. New England (14-2) Stefen Wisniewski, OG/C
  40. Tennessee (6-10)Greg Jones, OLB
  41. Dallas (6-10)Rahim Moore, S
  42. Washington (6-10)Ryan Broyles, WR
  43. Houston (6-10)Ahmad Black, FS
  44. Minnesota (6-10) Bruce Carter, OLB
  45. Detroit (6-10)Marcus Cannon, OG
  46. San Francisco (6-10)Pat Devlin, QB
  47. Denver - from Miami (7-9)Jerrell Powe, NT
  48. St. Louis (7-9)Cameron Heyward, DE
  49. Oakland (8-8)Demarcus Love, OT
  50. Jacksonville (8-8) Deunta Williams, FS
  51. San Diego (9-7)Ras-I Dowling, CB
  52. Tampa Bay (10-6) John Moffit, OG
  53. New York Giants (10-6) Kris O'Dowd, OC/OG
  54. Seattle* (7-9)Mikel LeShoure, RB
  55. Indianapolis* (10-6) Quinton Carter, FS
  56. Philadelphia* (10-6)Jimmy Smith, CB
  57. Kansas City* (10-6)Jeremy Beal, OLB/DE
  58. Green Bay* (10-6) Mason Foster, OLB
  59. New York Jets* (11-5)Mark Barron, S
  60. Baltimore* (11-5)Jake Kirkpatrick, OG
  61. New Orleans* (11-5)Quan Sturdivant, ILB
  62. Chicago* (11-5)Jurrell Casey, DT
  63. Pittsburgh* (12-4)Jake Kirkpatrick, OG
  64. Atlanta* (13-3)Torrey Smith, WR
  65. New England* (14-2)Christian Ballard, DE

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