Steelers mock draft

I would appreciate feedback on where I have players going. Also, if there are STeelers fans on here, on particular picks. IMO, the Steelers needs are as followed (in order)

These are off the assumptions that Willie Colon, LaMaar Woodely, and Ike Taylor are resigned. 

1. RG

2. CB2

3. NT 

4. DE

5. ILB

6. pass catching back

7. Big WR

8. TE2

These picks also take into account Colbert's draft history of taking players based on BPA more so than need. They ALWAYS go BPA in round 1. Sometimes they reach in the mid rounds if they have a big need. 

Round 1: Pick 32

Phil Taylor | NT | Baylor | 6-4 | 337

Taylor's stock is on the rise and is now viewed as the best NT in the class. He was a 2nd to 3rd round prospect mid way through the season but since he has risen to a borderline 1st round talent. The way the draft falls we will probably be looking at the 4th best CB, 6th best DE, 5th best OT, 2nd best G, or the best NT. Taylor would be the best player available and will be the replacement to Hampton. The Steelers have shown that they will take a player in the 1st round that won't start for 2 or 3 years. 

Round 2: Pick 32

Marcus Cannon | G | TCU | 6-6 | 350

Cannon has been a player I have wanted in round 2 for a long time. With our corner playing better, G is now a bigger need than CB and Cannon is the 4th best Guard in this class. He is a late 2nd to early 3rd round projection so it is a good value. He fills a big need and would probably start right off the bat.

Round 3: Pick 32

Brandon Burton | CB | Utah | 6-1 | 190 | 4.54

Burton was once projected as a mid to late first round pick. A nagging injury affected his late season play and people think he is too slow to be a lock down corner. However, there have been many corners who run a 4.5 or better (Revis and Asomagoua to name a few) who are great. Burton is a steal at this pick, IMO, and could compete for the #2 spot with Willie Gay and BMAC. If he does not get it he could play nickel or CB4 along with special teams. BMAC and Ike are both getting old so finding a CB in the mid rounds is important

Round 4: Pick 32

Cedric Thorton | DE | Southern Arkansas | 6-4 | 300

Thorton is a project but has been dominant against inferior competition. He likely won't play for at least one year but will be the long term replacement to Brett "Diesel" Kiesel. He is one of my favorite mid round players in this draft. 

Round 5: Pick 32

DeAndre Brown | WR | Southern Miss | 6-6 | 228 | 4.48

This is my favorite WR prospect in this draft for the Steelers. He reminds me of Limas Sweed but he can actually catch. He has great speed, size, and hands and if not for a broken leg his freshman year that really halted his development, he could have become a 1st round pick. If Hines retires this pick becomes even more important. A combination of Wallace, Sanders, Brown, and Brown would be deadly.

Round 6: Pick 32

Mark LeGree | FS | Appalachian State | 6-0 | 200 | 4.50

If you guys have not noticed, I like a lot of small school players in this class. LeGree is a great tackler, has good speed, and is very instinctive. He is a good tackler and does not get beat deep often. He led the nation in interceptions last year. 

Round 7: Pick 32

Brian Duncan | OLB | Texas Tech | 6-1 | 253 | 4.70

Duncan is a great pass rusher that needs to work on his cover skills. We lost Gibson to the 49ers so we need somebody to spell Deebo and eventually replace him. Worilds, Timmons, Sylvester, and Duncan would have the LB position set for the future. 

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