Seattle's Best Option for 1st Round Pick?  None?

Pete Carroll after last year's draft said that he had outlined his draft as such so that if the player he was targeting (Earl Thomas) was not available with the 2nd 1st round pick, he would have traded down.  I think that same mindset can be the case here.  I've read a lot of 'Seattle's faithful' hoping to land Locker with their 1st round pick, but I'm not sold on him.  His completion percentage is lower tier (55%), his TD/INT ratio is not impressive etc.  I think the Seahawks target D or OL with the first pick and if these 4 players are gone, you could see  Seattle trade out of the first round.  Those 4 names: Nate Solder - OT - Colorado; Brandon Harris - CB - Miami; Mike Pouncey - OG - Florida; Ryan Kerrigan - DE - Purdue.  Here is why these players make sense.

Mike Pouncey - Best interior lineman in the draft, we need solid LG to play with Okung and our woeful OL play last year.

Nate Solder - OT - Colorado; I like him on the right side, Max Unger is due back fully healthy next year and will help on the right side, so having a solid RT will open holes for Lynch which were not there last year... also if Okung goes down we have a natural OT to take over on the left side.

Ryan Kerrigan - DE - Purdue; We NEED to get to the QB no question about it... I am a strong believer that our D was poor due to lack of QB pressure.  I like our DL Clemens, Cole, Bryant and Mebane and with Brock filling in nicely when asked, but our Leo was inconsistant all year.  Kerrigan gives us the option of Clemens slipping to the Leo spot and Bryant can move back inside to DT to add depth. Kerrigan has to speed to beat OT outside forcing him in to meet Mebane up nice and close.

Brandon Harris - CB - Miami: Harris is a playmaking corner that would play opposite Trufant.   He's got great speed to come off of the corner blitz and has good recovery speed.  He's a bit shorter at 5'11" than I personally like in a corner, but at a #2 corner he's perfect.

I have an issue drafting a QB first round in Seattle's case when Locker is the target.  There are too many question marks for him, and drafting a QB when so many pressing needs are there makes no sense to me.  If these 4 players above are gone, I think the best option is to trade out of the 1st round and hope for a 2nd and 3rd round pick in return.  That does a few things for us:  First, it gets us back into the 3rd round, and it would still give us a fairly high pick in the 2nd round to get a very solid OL.  I like Rodney Hudson - OG - Florida State who is not likely there with our 2nd round pick.  I do believe most QBs in this years draft are risky, so I'd much rather take that risk on Christian Ponder or Pat Devlin late 2nd or in the early 3rd round (based on us getting 2nd and 3rd round pick for our 1st rounder).  Both have the 'potential' lable as does Locker... but check the stats, watch the film, there not enough separating Locker from either of these 2 QBs at much less the price.

If all 4 players are still on the board at #25 my pick would be: Ryan Kerrigan DE - Purdue.

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