The Best Animated Sports GIFs Of 2010, Numbers 40 Through 36

We all love the humble animated GIF, the modern man's answer to the flip-book. Here, we count down the 40 best sports GIFs of the year, featuring Sad Nolan Ryan, Disappointed NFL Grandpa, and whatever the hell Glen Davis was doing.

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The Best Animated Sports GIFs Of 2010, Numbers 40 Through 36

40. This man has an important message to impart to you


Did you know that Lakers? Though great strides have been made in recent years, a lot of folks are still unaware that Lakers. During this broadcast of a Lakers game, in fact, you still may not have known that Lakers. Thankfully, this man offers proof that Lakers, and even submits visual evidence. In addition to being informative, this guy is super-cool.

39. A pitcher in Colorado is actually good


(Via @jose3030)

How would baseball look if, after over a decade of offensive dominance, pitchers suddenly took the upper hand? We found out this year, and I don't remember baseball fans ever gawking at pitches like they did in 2010.

Ubaldo Jimenez couldn't keep up the pace throughout the entire season, but through the first half, at least, he was a wonder. This pitch traveled at 99 miles per hour while managing to break five inches. That isn't supposed to happen. Ubaldo broke the video game.

38. Pau Gasol is a terrible person


(Via @jose3030)

Oh goodness, that looked like it hurt. I wonder -- HEY! Gasol was barely touched! He faked it! What a clown. He's a disgrace to the NBA, and a thugfraud to boot. This is why I don't watch the NBA. Too many thugs! I want my country back! A stitch in time saves nine! The difference is drinkability!

37. Get back on the field, Matt Treanor


(Via our Rangers blog, Lone Star Ball)

In Texas, local youths Bill Gates and Tim Lincecum are protesting the oppressive nature of T-shirts. Congratulations, Other Dude, for coming up with the baseball, but if you tuck in your shersey, you're part of the problem. Abolish torso norms! Smash the state!

36.Cameron Marshall hurdles over the human spirit


(Click image to view. Via 30fps)

Arizona State's Cameron Marshall did not press the B button, as ESPN's Stuart Scott would say. Cameron Marshall pressed the TURBO button on the side of the cheap-ass controller he got at Blockbuster. No fair! Whatever, buttmunch. Your controller's going to break in like three days.

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