The Best Animated Sports GIFs Of 2010, Numbers 30 Through 26

We all love the humble animated GIF, the modern man's answer to the flip-book. Here, we count down the 40 best sports GIFs of the year, featuring Sad Nolan Ryan, Disappointed NFL Grandpa, and whatever the hell Glen Davis was doing.

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The Best Animated Sports GIFs Of 2010, Numbers 30 Through 26

30. Rural Oscar


There's no way of confirming this, but a popular rumor is that this is the moment in which Urban Meyer learned that Lane Kiffin was taking the head coaching job at USC.

I know that the score graphic here is a little confusing, so I'll explain: Kentucky scored two safeties. Florida scored a field goal, two rouges, and a Henderson Maneuver. Few know who Henderson was, and even fewer know the nature of the maneuver, but we know that it involves a bottle of Robitussin, a crowbar, and a friendly disposition, and is worth four points.

29. Nebraska Mascot Is Raptured


(Click image to view. Thanks to @worstfan)

A popular theme of evangelical dispensationalism is that one day, the Lord will take his people to Heaven, leaving behind only articles of clothing. Well, guess what? It happened last month, and God decided to rapture Lil' Red and leave the rest of us to starve or join the Tribulation Force or whatever. In seven years, the Earth will be gone, and the only thing in the universe will be God and the Nebraska mascot hanging out on a cloud. Thanks for playing!

28. Argentines Express Staunch Anti-Bumping Into Things Stance


(Click image to view. Via 30fps)

Hey guys, what's crackin'? Hear you're playin' a soccer match! The World Cup! Gee whiz! You're world famous, and I'm just a plain ol' cameraman. Sure wish I'd learned how to play soccer! They wouldn't let me play because I kept bumping into things. I guess I'm just a real Clumsy Curtis, huh? Just gotta try my best to be a good cameraman. I wanted to be a reporter, but the bosses say I'm too much of a world-class knucklehead to get in front of a camera. Guilty as charged! Heh! I wonder ifBOOF

A soccer diamond! Would you look at that!

27. Racist


(Via @xmasape)

26. Are you a good person or a bad person?


(From our own Andy Hutchins)

This is how you find out. Watch this GIF of Florida's Will Hill running over a guy in a wheelchair. If you laugh, you are a bad person. How did you do?

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