2011 Draft Pos. Rankings- QB, RB. V. 2; Changes have been made.


I made some changes depending on new players declaring for the draft.  But remember not all the players have announced yet.


With Andrew Luck staying at Stanford, I don't think a QB will be taken in the top 5, but I feel that Ryan Mallett should be the first signal-calling off the board.

1. Ryan Mallett- He's huge...around 6'6, 240 pounds.  He can make all the throws and appears NFL-ready.  I'm very imressed with how well he fared against legit SEC secondaries. Top 10 pick.

2. Cam Newton- (Assuming he declares) His passing skills aren't the same as Mallett's, but Newton can still get the ball to receivers on time.  He will need a season or two to polish his accuracy, but that's what you expect.  And he could be the next QB to rush for 1,000 yards in a season.  Picks 7-15.

3. Blaine Gabbert- Another big guy, who can not only throw but make plays with his feet.  The only problem with Gabbert is his pedestrian stats this past season.  For him to be a Top-10 talent, he should be producing much more at his current level, but he still has enough potential to go in the Top-20.

4. Jake Locker-  Just because his senior season didn't go as planned doesn't mean he can't be an NFL quarterback.  Washington's O-line was pretty bad and he didn't get alot of help from receivers.  Late 1st to early 2nd round pick.

Here's where the QB discussion gets unpredictable.  Remember it's just my unbiased opinion.

5. Andy Dalton-  Yes, Andy Dalton played in an easy conference. But when I watched him throw the ball between Wisconsin's legit secondary in the Rose Bowl, my opinion of him changed.  He's big enough and mobile enough to be comfortable in the pocket, and the arm strength and accuracy to hit receivers on time.  Worthy of a 3rd rounder.

6. Christian Ponder-  Ponder has what it takes to be a servicable backup for the early part of his career.  And I feel that he will be a starter at some point. 4th round.

7. Colin Kaepernick- He showed alot of what he could do in the game against Boise St.  Will never start in the NFL, but can be a good backup for teams that need it. 5th round

8. Pat Devlin- Honestly, I've only seen his highlights on Youtube.  But he throws a nice ball and he's really big (6'4, 220 pounds).  He could follow Joe Flacco's success into the NFL.  It's tough to project where he'll go, but I could say 5th-7th round.

9. Ricky Stanzi- Had good games against Big-10 opponents Wisconsin and Michigan St. Good size.  6th-7th round

I don't think any other QB's will get drafted this year, but some others have the potential to be league back-ups like Scott Tolzien, Tyrod Taylor, and Greg McElroy.


Running Backs

Mark Ingram will be the lone back to crack the top 20, but potential 1st-rounders Demarco Murray and Mikel LeShoure follow close behind as part of a deep class of runners.

1. Mark Ingram-  The former Heisman trophy winnner combines speed, vision, and power like no other back in this class. A lock for the first round, will likely go between 10 and 20. 

2. DeMarco Murray- Another good prospect who is familar with the end zone...50 career touchdowns.  He is a major threat catching the ball out of the backfield.  Likely 2nd round, but could sneak is way into the 1st.

3. Mikel LeShoure-  The fact that he put up such big numbers against stout Big 10 run defenses raises eyebrows.  And his stock really soared after his monster bowl game.  Early 2nd Rounder.

4. Shane Vereen- Vereen has over 2,800 career yards and a 5.1 YPC average, mainly because of his burst through gaps.  Likely a mid to late 2nd round selcection.

5. Jacquizz Rodgers-  Rodgers is short (5'7) which allows him to have exceptional balance.  He's also a good receiver out of the backfield with 44 receptions this college season. Late 2nd to early 3rd round.

6. Ryan Williams- Williams obviously didn't live up to the preseason hype around him, but he had to deal with injuries.  He still has NFL talent.  3rd-4th round.

7. Jordan Todman-  Can't be ignored after a 1,695 yard season.  His combination of skills bodes well for him.  4th round.

8. John Clay-  The 2009 Big 10 offensive player of the year had to deal with injuries this season, but still eclipsed 1,000 yards and scored 14 times.  At 6'1, 250 he'll be tough to bring down. 4th round.

9. Dion Lewis- Lewis couldn't repeat his remarkable Freshman season, but still managed 1,000 yds and 13 TDs.  Lewis probably should stay another year, but regardless he is a 4th round pick this draft.

10. Daniel Thomas- Thomas hit the 200 yard mark twice this season.  NFL teams could use him as a short-yardage and goal-line back.  5th round.

The rest of them...

  • Kendall Hunter, 5th-6th round
  • Noel Devine, 5th-6th round
  • Roy Helu, Jr., 5th-7th round
  • Evan Royster, 7th round

Tell me what you think.  But please don't be extremely critical because it's just my opinion and yours.


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