ICE's mid season player rankings

Just a note: a decent amount of these are more performance based than potential based. But some aren't.



1-Andrew Luck

2- Landry Jones

3- Matt Barkley

4- Ryan Tannehill

5-  RG3 

I don't think I need to touch on Luck. Jones is up above Barkley because Jones so far has shown to have better accuracy & is taller. Barkley, when I watched him vs ASU, did not remotely impress me, but he's made up for it. Still, it seems like Woods makes the offense for the Trojans run, not Barkley. Tannehill is a guy who I'd hate to start as a rookie, but he has immensely high upside. Only thing is that he's on & off, which you'd hope a year on the bench could fix. Though for a guy who tosses so many bubble screens, he could have better short range touch. RG3 comes out of a horrid offense for prepping QB's, and he hasn't faced a very good defense so far either. Not to mention his receivers get a lot of YAC, which helps him. That being said, his accomplishments are hard to ignore and he has made very good throws at times.


1- Trent Richardson

2- Lamar Miller

3- Bernard Pierce

4- David Wilson

5- LaMike

Pierce is a guy I really like. Good hands, saw him pick up on pass blocks, watched him on the sideline vs PSU and he was consistently trying to keep his guys animated. Strong and will bowl over people, but can also make guys miss and runs low. Only negative is that he isn't a true burner for the position, but that's not a huge knock. Miller seems like a slightly slower but much more "complete" scat back type of player. I know he has power and drive through defenders, and I don't mean to neglect that.  Overall, it's a very good group for the year.


1- Alshon Jeffery

2- Michael Floyd

3- Justin Blackmon

4- Mohamed Sanu

5- Nick Toon

Floyd & Blackmon could be interchangeable, it's just that I'd take Floyds upside over Blackmon's talent currently. Toon has destroyed it for Wisconsin this year and has all the qualities of a #1 WR. I could see people talking him up a lot more come draft time. I haven't watched Sanu play since last year, so I can't really say much on him, beyond that everyone seems to love him. I'd take it there's a good reason why.


1- Dwayne Allen 

2- Orson Charles

3- Coby Fleener

Not great, not bad, Allen has really impressed me a lot when I watched Clemson and honestly, he seems like he'll be a great receiving option in the pros. One guy to watch out for is Joseph Fauria from UCLA. Having a huge year and has great size.


1- Jonathan Martin

2- Matt Kalil

3- Riley Reiff

4- Mike Adams

5- Levy Adcock

Martin & Kalil are interchangeable. Martin has a higher upside (And freakishly long arms), but Kalil is better technique wise so far. After #4 it's pretty much a crapshoot. Reynolds hasn't been good at all for BYU, Datko hasn't been very impressive for FSU and now is out for the year, neither of the two have played well enough to warrant a 1st. I eventually went with Adcock because he's played the best out of all of them, though I don't feel good about it.

Interior Line:

1- Peter Konz

2- Mike Brewster

3- David DeCastro

4- Kelechi Osemele

5- Barrett Jones

It's a very, very good year for interior lineman. Konz & Brewster are two players who should have very long careers and have few question marks. Same holds true for DeCastro at guard. Kelechi hasn't played too well this year, though that could be attributed to an ankle injury. Jones has torn it up at Left Tackle for Alabama, and imo, he's really rising. Somewhat limited athletically and physically his arms aren't very long, but it's not like he has AQ Shipley arms either.

34 NT

1- Josh Chapman

2- Alameda Ta’amu

3- Josh Jenkins

It's not a great class. Chapmam is the best at this time, though has limited upside. Ta'amu hasn't been extremely effective, and was non-existent vs Nebraska, though easily has the highest upside. Dontari Poe hasn't been that good, but other candidates like Josh Jenkins haven't been very good either. Overall though, it looks like Jenkins is beginning to get it, and he's appeared to have progressed nicely from the Boise opener to the UT game. 

34 DE/43 DT

1-Brandon Thompson

2-Devon Still

3- Jerel Worthy

4- Jared Crick

5- Melvin Ingram

A decent amount of the prospects fit either position, so I lumped them together. Still & Thompson are both great athletes who should be the top 2 players taken off the board. Thompson looks really explosive, and gobbles up the run. Still is still somewhat raw & has an injury history, but he’s definitely been the best DT in the Big Ten. Worthy looks like he’s finally getting it together after a slow start. Ingram should play under tackle in the pros, he’s so undersized, but so talented…..

43 DE/34 OLB

1- Quinton Coples

2- Whitney Mercilus 

3- Brandon Jenkins

4- Bruce Irvin

5- Courtney Upshaw

What a piss poor class. Coples is beginning to look like he understands how to handle double teams. Whitney Mercilus leads the nation in sacks and has been a force off the edge for Illinois and I’ve enjoyed watching him. He’s explosive and goes 100%. He’s a guy to watch this week vs Ohio State. Jenkins is a disappointment, but he could have a case of the Clayborns (Needs time to learn how to handle double teams). Still, he looks a lot slower than last year. Irvin is clearly misused in the 3-3-5 front, and lining up the to interior of the RT he’s getting killed. That being said, I still think he could be a great pass rusher. Upshaw hasn’t really stood out to me, and when I watched him vs PSU he really didn’t do anything to wow me. He’s up there because the rest of the class is horrid. Players like Sean Porter & Nick Perry could really make this class look a lot better

43 OLB’s

1-Travis Lewis

2- Zach Brown

3- Lavonte David

4- Sean Spence

5- Tahir Whitehead

This is 100% assuming Lewsi gets back to last years form. Brown reminds me of Aaron Curry, big time athlete, but that’s it: Big Time athlete. Still though, players like Brown don’t come around that often. David is a wonderful tackler who doesn’t try to push and shove (Which seems to be the polar opposite of the rest of Nebraska’s defense) his opponents, but instead goes and smacks him. Spence is undersized, but fast and flies around the ball. Sounds like Navorro Bowman without the attitude problems.

43 ILB’s

1- Luke Kuechly

2- Vontaze Burfict

3- Don’t’A Hightower

4- Manti Te’o

5- Chris Marve

Luke Kuechly isn’t fast, but he has Paul Pozluszny-esq instincts. There’s no bad part to his game, except limited athleticism. Burficts still plays too reckless and loose and isn’t great in pass coverage, but he’s still shown marked improvement from last year. Hightower isn’t overly fast and like Burfict, isn’t great in pass coverage, but he is a great tackle and is underrated rushing the passer. Prototypical 34 ILB. Te’o has been mildly disappointing this year, but has still shown that he could warrant a 1st round pick.


1- Casey Heyward

2- Dre Kirkpatrick

3- Alfonso Dennard

4- Chase Minnifield

5- Janoris Jenkins

If Tyrann Mathieu didn’t play, Heyward would easily be the SEC’s top DB. Considering QB’s have all day to throw vs Vandy and he’s still torn it up, it’s really impressive. Not a huge hitter, but superior in coverage. Kirkpatrick has the most upside, but honestly, he seems to get beat deep. Happened last year vs Jeffery a lot, happened vs Andre Debose, it’s a red flag. I haven’t watched Jenkins this year (Who has?) but if it weren’t for attitude concerns, he could easily be higher on this list.


1- Mark Barron

2- Tony Jefferson

3- Robert Lester

4- TJ McDonald

5- Bacarri Rambo

Not a very good class overall. Barron seems to be taking much better tackling angles this year, and has demonstrated ample ability to play the pass. Jefferson is wonderful in coverage, quite undersized though. Lester has been a disappointment, but the only competent offense Alabama has faced all is Arkansas’s. Not much room to show off. McDonald is on again, off again, as far the year goes, and tackling, along with personal foul issues remain. Rambo still tackles really high, but he’s good in coverage and seems to be near the ball when it’s thrown. 

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