2011 World Series Commercials: Cautionary Tales

Brian Wilson of the San Francisco Giants walks to the bullpen against the Chicago Cubs during the first game of a doubleheader at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)

Every year during the Super Bowl, advertisers trot out their best new commercials. At times, the commercials become more interesting than the game. The World Series doesn't get the audience that the Super Bowl does and there aren't many commercials shown that you likely haven't seen if you've been watching baseball all year. Nevertheless, some comments and analysis seem necessary for some of the stranger and/or more interesting commercials that came across our TV screens during Wednesday's Game 1.

The State Farm commercial where "Duane" (or is it "Dwayne"?) has his house (and pretty much everything else) destroyed is a mystery. Is it saying that you can get this all fixed up if you switch to State Farm? Or is it a warning, telling us that if you have State Farm insurance, not only is your own house going to be crushed by an alien robot, but your entire neighborhood will be devastated? A cautionary tale, indeed.

I don't get this one. First of all, Brian Wilson is last year's news. Second, what does "Black Ops" have to do with eating chalupas? He never does eat any of it, either. It'd probably just get stuck in his beard.

The lesson from this DirecTV commercial is clear: if you sign up for this service, a fight will break out and destroy your house. I'd be very careful about this if I were you; perhaps increasing your insurance coverage would help. (But be careful which company you choose.)

GEICO has been known for its commercials featuring a six-inch-tall lizard with a British accent. Why this would want to make you buy its product is beyond me, but this particular GEICO spot is... strange. Are they telling us that GEICO will replace the daughter's goldfish? Or just that the parents are odd people for eating it? In any case, try not to watch this one after eating.

The only thing that's really necessary to say about this AT&T commercial is that these two deserve each other -- and, as they appear to be in their 40s or 50s, that they've probably been sniping at each other like this for years. Only now, they can do it with free messaging.

Situation: Your husband comes into the house pretending to be a sea captain coming home from a voyage with a strange-looking cartoonish creature attached to his back; thousands of coins fill up your house. Message: "Smell Better Than Yourself". Another "run away at all costs" scenario.

OK, I actually liked this one:

Who hasn't had that happen? Get the snack you want stuck in the machine? Loved the fake German opera singing, too. (Hint to get that stuck snack out: it's not knowing that you have to hit the vending machine. It's knowing where to hit it.)

Finally, this year's Bad Timing Award goes to Harley-Davidson for this one, given recent events in Zanesville, Ohio:

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