Newly Addition To Bengals Mock Draft 2012

Well This Tuesday, The Bengals Made A Small Move To Get a 1st rounder in 2012 and a 2nd conditional pick in 2013 see how it fares out in this new mock draft

Round 1: (A) Morris Claiborne DB- I would personally go DB here since we dont have much depth after Hall,Clements, and Jones. I would love to pair Claiborne with Hall for years to come and maybe let Jones walk in FA and Move Clements to Nickel when Claiborne is ready to take over for Clements.

(B) Trent Richardson RB-If Richardson is here at this point of the draft, I'll get him, but Im not so sure, You have Denver who loves RB's and you also have maybe Cleveland looking to draft high for a RB since Hillis is having issues with the team. In my Opinion, if there's not a prospect were sold on later in the 1st, we can trade down to at least get another 1st in 2014 and a 3rd in 2012.

Round 2: Cam Johnson DE- Another Steal here we can put in our D-line Rotation to Scare off O-line and QB's what a Combination we have here, Dunlap, Atkins, Michael Johnson.....Crazy I would love this pick

Round 3: Kevin Zeitler OG- Good Value, the kid can moves guys around and can open up some holes for our Future RB's so prepare to be bullied at the line AFC North

Round 4: Kenny Tate S/LB- He was once a Regarded 1st round pick, but after the move to LB, he has been define as un-gradeable at the moment, because he doesnt have a true define position, but I'll take him here at this point, the guy can play he can cover and play in the box as well as he can cover as a center-fielder. His value here should be great.

Round 5: (A)Trumaine Johnson DB- Big Corner, we can have him in the Dime packages since we are still going to keep Clements on the team. He can be move to Safety with his size, but with him, we just added more Depth in our back-end of the Defense.

(B) BJ Coleman QB- Depth please! I know Gradkowski is a system guy, but we can always bring another QB in to see how they perform, Coleman should get a shot to compete for the back-up spot but he can sit out and learn from Gradkowski and Dalton as well.

Round 6: Mitchell Schwartz OT- Get Another O-line and Coach him up, isnt that what we did with Cook? we can do the same with Schwartz he's big and athletic enough to play on Sundays

Round 7: Jeff Demps RB- Return Specialist, and help boost our ST play which Brandon Tate has done, but he's having some problems on his decision making. Also Demps can return Kickoffs while Tate return Punts or have them split both of them every other kickoff or punts


The Reason why i didnt draft a WR is that Armon Binns can Play, i seen the guy play a few times when he was at Cincy and he can go up there and get it, besides hes on our Practice Squad so i didnt decide to get a WR


Feedbacks And Personal Thoughts would be great, you guys can give me a few ideas on what to do with it next.

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