Screwfish's 2012 Mock Draft 2.0. (2 Rounds)

Order is my own based on how I think the season will shake down. Trades are made up purely for my amusement.

1) Miami Dolphins = Andrew Luck (QB, Stanford)

And the Dolphins win the "Suck for Luck" race. Not the worst place for Luck to end up either - Dan Marino comparisons aside, he has a couple of good receivers to throw and the best OT in pro football (the American Dragon himself). With Tony Sparano recently fired, this team is rebuilding around Andrew Luck.

2) Indianapolis Colts = Matt Kalil (OT, USC)

I don't think the Colts go QB here unless they know for sure Peyton is done for good. Even if that was the case I can see them rolling with Painter (who's shown flashes but hasn't been able to control a game yet) for another year andif he fails, looking at QB in 2013.

Either way, whoever's under center for Indianapolis needs to know they'll be protected. After spending their first two picks on O-linemen last year, the Colts take Matt Kalil and probably move last year's No.22 pick Anthony Costanzo to the right.

3) St. Louis Rams = Justin Blackmon (WR, Oklahoma State) 

Even with the trade for Brandon Royal the Rams still need to give Sam Bradford top receivers if they plan to go far with him as their QB in the McDaniels offense. Blackmon is the best player available and a freak at wideout - great hands, can go deep and also over the middle for the first down.

4) Jacksonville Jaguars = Quinton Coples (DE, North Carolina)

Jacksonville have invested in their defensive line in recent drafts, but they need to improve their pass rush. Coples is the best defensive end in the draft.

5) Seattle Seahawks = Landry Jones (QB, Oklahoma)

Tarvaris Jackson and Clipboard Jesus aren't exactly walking out for the Seahawks. They probably aren't quite bad enough to Suck for Luck, but Jones isn't a bad consolation prize - he's played in a spread offense in college, but so did Cam Newton and Sam Bradford. And he's a big guy with a big arm. Pete Carroll finds his franchise QB.

6) Minnesota Vikings = Jonathan Martin (OT, Stanford)

The Bears' defensive line nearly murdered Christian Ponder last week before he could even play a full game. If the Vikings plan to build around him they've got to improve their pass protection. Martin is big, smart and athletic - a prototypical NFL left tackle if he gains a little more weight. 

7) Denver Broncos = Matt Barkley (QB, USC)

Everyone has an opinion on Tim Tebow - I don't believe he can play quarterback in the NFL because he can't throw the ball and he won't be able to overpower NFL defenses while running the way he could in college. And I think the Broncos will figure this out by the end of the season and start looking for their next quarterback.

Matt Barkley is a rich man's Mark Sanchez IMO - but John Fox will be looking to return to more of a ball-control offense so he won't have to do a lot.

8) Carolina Panthers = TRADE (No.8 to Cincinnati for No. 18 and No. 26 (via Oakland)

Cincinnati Bengals = Trent Richardson (RB, Alabama)

The Bengals' biggest need is at running back - Cedric Benson is well below average - and Trent Richardson may be the most talented to come into the draft since Darren McFadden. Even with the recent trend for RBs to slide down the draft boards, Cincy can't afford to take that chance. Luckily, with two first round picks, they can move up to take him. Carolina need extra picks to replenish their defense and do this deal.

9) Washington Redskins = Robert Griffin III (QB, Baylor)

Griffin is beginning to charge up draft boards like Cam Newton last year and for good reason - not only is he exceptionally mobile and athletic, but he has a great arm. He has a few flaws, mostly relating to his throwing mechanics, but Shanahan will believe he can coach him up. The Skins' need at QB is desperate enough that they won't think twice.

10) Cleveland Browns = Alshon Jeffrey (WR, South Carolina)

Greg Little has looked capable in his rookie season, but the rest of the Browns' receivers are garbage. It's hard to accurately assess how good or bad Colt McCoy is as a young quarterback if his receivers can't play. Jeffrey gives the Browns a stud No.1 wideout. His production has tailed off a little this season but the Gamecocks' QB issues can't be helping there.

11) Kansas City Chiefs = TRADE (No.11 to Chicago for No.17 and 2012 No.2)

Chicago Bears = Riley Reiff (OT, Iowa)

The Bears' offensive line continues to suck. They need a left tackle in the worst way - hence, trading up for Reiff, who's big and athletic enough to play LT in the NFL (although they said the same thing about Robert Gallery...). At least now Jay Cutler has a chance to make the throws the Mike Martz offense requires...assuming that he survives the season. Plus, I want to see how good Matt Forte can be with a real O-Line blocking for him.

12) Arizona Cardinals = Donte Paige-Moss (DE/OLB, North Carolina)

The Cardinals will be pissed that Reiff went one slot above them, but this gives them the chance to address their pass rush (which they didn't do last year for reasons only known to them). Joey Porter won't play at a high level forever, but his presence allows the Cards to mold Paige-Moss (the most talented pure rusher in this draft IMO) into a 3-4 OLB.

13) Philadelphia Eagles = Vontaze Burfict (LB, Arizona State)

Not such a good first year for the Dream Team. Their biggest issue may be team chemistry, but they also have big problems at linebacker. The fact that Burfict is BPA makes this an even better pick - I would not be surprised to see the Eagles trade up for him even if he's out of their draft range.

14) Dallas Cowboys = Dre Kirkpatrick (CB, Alabama)

Nice easy pick here. Dallas have problems at cornerback - they tried and failed to sign Nnamdi - and Kirkpatrick is the best player available. He could easily go top-10. Next.

15) Cleveland Browns (via Atlanta) = Manti Te'o (LB, Notre Dame)

When he's not breaking Jason Campbell's collarbone, Scott Fujita is a mediocre linebacker. The Browns need help at both 4-3 OLB slots.

16) New York Jets = Courtney Upshaw (OLB/DE, Alabama)

One of the reason the Jets are struggling is that they can't get any pressure on opposing quarterbacks without blitzing, a dangerous move against QBs who can read them and release quickly. With Tom Brady, a rejuvenated Ryan Fitzpatrick and now Andrew Luck in their division, the Jets will need to upgrade their pass rush. Plus, Upshaw comes with experience as a 3-4 OLB, unlike the last pass rusher the Jets took in the first round.

17) Kansas City Chiefs = Morris Claiborne (CB, LSU)

Cornerback isn't a huge area of need for the Chiefs, but Scott Pioli isn't afraid of taking a chance in the first round if he likes a player. Claiborne is a serious talent who's stock is really gaining momentum.

18) Carolina Panthers = Stephon Gilmore (CB, South Carolina)

The Panthers really need to rebuild their entire secondary. Gilmore can be inconsistent but he usually makes big plays, and he's an ideal Tampa-2 zone corner which is the base Carolina defense.

19) Pittsburgh Steelers = Matt Reynolds (OT, BYU)

It's not usually the Steeler way to reach for players, but their offensive line issues are so significant they may not have a choice if they want to compete for another Super Bowl. Reynolds is certainly a very talented left tackle - his age (25) may put some teams off but as we learnt with Danny Watkins and the Eagles last year teams ready to contend will ignore age if the player is more ready to contribute from go.

20) Tennessee Titans = Michael Brewster (C, Ohio State)

Tennessee needs to upgrade their interior blocking for Chris Johnson. Brewster is one of the best players available and gives the Titans an instant upgrade at center. Mike Munchak surely is looking forward to coaching him up.

21) New York Giants = Zach Brown (LB, North Carolina) 

A perfect storm here - the Giants need help at 4-3 strongside LB, Jerry Reese isn't afraid of taking workout warriors and he always goes with the best player on his board.

22) Buffalo Bills = Brandon Jenkins (DE/OLB, Florida State)

The Bills' pass rush could definitely stand to improve. Jenkins is one of the best players available.

23) San Diego Chargers = Mike Adams (OT, Ohio State)

SD has had issues at right tackle for ages. Adams is a bit of a stretch here but he's a massive and powerful tackle who's unstoppable in the run game, although he could do with a little more athleticism - he's a pure NFL RT.

24) Tampa Bay Buccaneers = Alfonzo Dennard (CB, Nebraska)

If Aqib Talib goes to jail the Bucs will need to start looking at cornerbacks. Dennard fits their scheme and is a good value option at this stage.

25) Houston Texans = TRADE (No. 25 to New England for No.32 and 2012 No.3)

New England Patriots = Michael Floyd (WR, Notre Dame)

New England trades up? Huh? With all these extra picks and so few real needs, surely the Pats have to make a move up at some stage? 

Clearly they don't have a major need at receiver, but Tom Brady has been looking for a new Randy Moss since Moss left, and Floyd is a true deep threat (he even comes with character questions). I can see him strong-arming Belichick to move up here.

26) Carolina Panthers = Jerel Worthy (DT, Michigan State)

Carolina's defensive line have been lousy against the run and rushing the passer this year. They'll be looking at upgrades this draft. Worthy has been mocked from the mid-first to the third round next year but this appears appropriate for a guy with his talent. His relative lack of production can be put down to the attention O-lines are focusing on him.

27) San Francisco 49ers = TRADE (No.27 to Jacksonville for No.36, 2012 No.4 and 2012 No.5)

Jacksonville Jaguars = Jeff Fuller (WR, Texas A&M)

Blaine Gabbert hasn't set the world on fire so far, but a large part of the reason for that is that Jacksonville has crap receivers. They're gonna need to upgrade, and Fuller is the kind of high-character player Gene Smith likes.

28) New England Patriots (via New Orleans) = TRADE (No.28 to St Louis for 2012 No. 1)

St Louis Rams = Janoris Jenkins (CB, North Alabama)

Typical Patriots move. Even though the Rams pick may be quite high next year, they don't really have much choice. Their secondary is terrible but they have several other areas of need. Everyone knows Jenkins' story, but in terms of pure talent he may be the best CB in the draft. Teams can't afford to pass him up.

29) Baltimore Ravens = T.J. McDonald (S, USC)

Ed Reed won't play forever - the Ravens have to start looking for his long-term successor. McDonald has been a strong contributor in his time at USC - a good season may push him into first round consideration.

30) Detroit Lions = David DeCastro (G, Stanford)

The Lions still need to look at upgrades for their offensive line, particularly along the interior. At this point, DeCastro also fits their MO of taking the best player on their board. Perfect match.

31) Green Bay Packers = Cordy Glenn (G, Georgia)

The Packers don't exactly have many needs, but they could use a little more interior O-line depth. Ted Thompson likes collecting offensive linemen.

32) Houston Texans = Ryan Broyles (WR/KR, Oklahoma) 

Houston needs a No.2 receiver opposite Andre Johnson - we can see the impact his injury is having on their pass game right now. Kevin Walter isn't explosive enough and Jacoby Jones sucks. Broyles can take over for Jones both as a receiver and returner.


33) Miami Dolphins = Dwayne Allen (TE, Clemson)

A good receiving tight end is a young QB's best friend, and the Dolphins don't have one on the roster right now. Allen is playing his way into borderline first round contention.

34) St Louis Rams = Kevin Zeitler (G, WIsconsin)

St Louis' offensive line sucks and has already gotten Bradford banged up plenty this year. Zeitler is the latest product of Lineman U and has been extremely effective in both pass and run blocking this year.

35) Indianapolis Colts = Luke Kuechly (ILB, Boston College)

Colts get really lucky here - they have issues all over their defense, and Kuechly is a first round talent who slides due to a relative lack of pure athleticism. But he's a smart footballer and a good fit as a Tampa-2 ILB.

36) San Francisco 49ers = Jayron Hosley (CB, Virginia Tech)

The Niners CBs have played pretty well this year but they still need some depth at the position. Hosley will be, at least, an effective nickel corner in the NFL.

37) Seattle Seahawks = Brandon Lindsay (DE, Pittsburgh)

Seattle's defensive line are stout against the run but they need to improve their pass rush - currently equal 28th in the league for sacks. Lindsay can play both 4-3 DE and 3-4 OLB should the Seahawks change scheme.

38) Minnesota Vikings = Juron Criner (WR, Arizona)

Criner is steadily moving up boards and is probably the BPA at this slot. The fact that the Vikings need a big possession receiver opposite Percy Harvin makes this a very easy pick. Christian Ponder will be happy.

39) Denver Broncos = Brandon Thompson (DT/NT, Clemson)

For reasons only known to him, John Elway did not upgrade the defensive tackle spot in last year's draft, and the free agents he brought in haven't exactly panned out whether due to injury or underperformance. In a division with three of the best ground games in the league, this isn't good enough. Thompson doesn't offer much against the pass but he's tough against the run.

40) Carolina Panthers = Chase Minnifield (CB, Virginia)

Carolina double up on cornerbacks here - again, this is largely due to being in a division with Drew Brees, Josh Freeman and Matt Ryan. Minnifield doesn't have the stats of other CBs in this draft but that's largely because teams don't throw at him. 

41) Washington Redskins = Jared Crick (DE/DT, Nebraska)

Crick, a first round talent, slides because of an injury, but the Skins still could use another 5-technique DE. They won't let him fall further.

42) Cleveland Browns = Markelle Martin (S, Oklahoma State)

The Browns need a playmaker at safety - even Kyle Boller was making deep throws against them last week. 

43) Kansas City Chiefs = Chase Thomas (OLB, Stanford)

KC could use another pass rusher opposite Tamba Hali, especially as third-round rookie Justin Houston has struggled this year. Thomas is the kind of player Scott Pioli likes to draft.

44) Philadelphia Eagles (via Arizona) = Casey Heyward (CB, Vanderbilt)

A cornerback? After they invested so much in Nnamdi? Yes. Asante Samuel is on his way out of Philly - they'll need to replace him next year. And probably get a DC who understands his players' strengths.

45) Philadelphia Eagles = Dont'a Hightower (ILB, Alabama)

Eagles double up at linebacker. Casey Matthews has struggled at ILB this year - even if he improves Hightower can play the weakside. Philly has no depth at the position.

46) Dallas Cowboys = Nick Foles (QB, Arizona)

First big "Oooh" of the draft. As much as Jerry Jones publicly backs Romo, you know he's got to be getting a little frustrated with his habit of throwing game-killing INTs, and Jason Garrett surely wouldn't mind having a young QB to mold. The Cowboys can sit Foles and develop him behind Romo for a couple of years.

47) Atlanta Falcons = Nate Potter (OT, Boise State)

The Falcons' offensive line has sucked this season. Potter can start on the right side and eventually move left once he develops his pass protection skills.

48) New York Jets = Bobby Massie (OT, Ole Miss)

Same as the Falcons. Only the Jets' issues have been on the right side, particularly in run blocking - adding a big body like Massie will help Shonn Greene or whoever else the Jets go with at RB.

49) Kansas City Chiefs (via Chicago) = Andrew Datko (OT, Florida State)

It's a run on offensive tackles. Brandon Albert isn't an NFL-caliber LT - he'd be more effective at RT or guard. Datko isn't the biggest tackle but he's athletic and has solid technique.

50) Cincinnati Bengals = Marcus Forston (DT, Miami)

The Bengals defense has been at the heart of their surprisingly good season, but they could use some extra D-line depth. Forston's production hasn't exactly matched his athletic talents, but as with Dontay Moch last year Cincy aren't afraid to go after the workout warriors.

51) Pittsburgh Steelers = Kelechi Osemele (G, Iowa State)

Really, the Steelers have problems everywhere on their line except center - hence, spending two high picks. Osemele is a perfect fit for the pure power blocking of the Steelers.

52) Tennessee Titans = Andre Branch (DE, Clemson)

The loss of Jason Babin left a hole in the Titans' pass rush. Branch is having a good year and could move into first-round consideration - but if he stays here the Titans can't afford to pass him up.

53) New York Giants = Cliff Harris (CB, Oregon)

Typical BPA move by the Giants - and it's not like they don't need extra CB help, especially as their depth has been exposed this year. I doubt Jerry Reese will be deterred even after he took Prince Amukamara with the 19th this year.

54) Buffalo Bills = Ray Ray Armstrong (SS, Miami) 

Buffalo need a replacement for Donte Whitner to shore up their secondary. Armstrong is one of the best safeties in this draft and provides a real presence at strong safety. The Bills like to use higher picks on DBs.

55) San Diego Chargers = Bruce Irvin (OLB/DE, West Virginia)

Even though Larry English is playing better this year he still doesn't look like a long-term option as a pass-rushing OLB. The Chargers are lucky to get Irvin here - if nothing else you can never have too many pass rushers.

56) Tampa Bay Buccaneers = LaMichael James (RB, Oregon)

A luxury pick here but also a smart one. The Bucs need a third-down/change of pace RB now that Cadillac Williams is in St Louis. James, who is on track to win the Heisman Trophy, is too small to be an every-down RB in the league but could be lethal in a Darren Sproles-type role for the Bucs.

57) Houston Texans = Alameda Ta'amu (NT, Washington)

The Texans still don't have a pure run-plugging NT for the 3-4 defense. Ta'amu has been a beast all year for the Huskies, both stopping the run and even on occasion showing a bull rush against the pass. Houston can't afford to let him slip here. 

58) New England Patriots (via Oakland) = Robert Lester (S, Alabama)

I don't bother predicting what Bill Belichick will do too much - I just nod my head at his selections and assume he's right. That said, the Pats' defense has been porous all year and they really do need an upgrade at SS after letting Brandon Meriweather go.

59) San Francisco 49ers = Levy Adcock (OT, Oklahoma State)

A BPA pick for the Niners, and they could also use some O-line depth. Adcock can play both sides of the line.

60) New Orleans Saints = Lavonte David (OLB, Nebraska)

The Saints have needed upgrades at outside linebacker for what seems like an eternity. David is a top athlete, similar to Martez Wilson last year, and has produced consistently during his college career.

61) Baltimore Ravens = Peter Konz (C, Wisconsin)

Matt Birk's career is coming to an end, and he's even said he'll help the Ravens groom his replacement. Konz is another member of the stud Wisconsin O-line that has been a major reason for their great start to the season.

62) Detroit Lions = Mohamed Sanu (WR, Rutgers)

Nate Burleson isn't exactly starring for the Lions - they need a solid possession WR for when Calvin Johnson is double and triple-teamed on third down in particular. Sanu being one of the best players available seals the deal.

63) Green Bay Packers = Devin Taylor (OLB/DE, South Carolina)

You can never have too many pass rushers, especially when it appears that the divisional title you thought was yours for the next 10 years appears to have a feisty challenger led by a new star QB. The Packers could certainly do with another rusher at OLB opposite Clay Matthews.

64) New England Patriots = TRADE (No.64 to Chicago for 2013 No.2)

Chicago Bears = Dwight Jones (WR, North Carolina)

Roy Williams hasn't worked out, and even though UDFA Dane Sanzenbacher looks good the Bears still need a big receiver. Jones is one of many talented WRs UNC have produced lately and is worth trading back into the second for. The Patriots, well they do what they do.

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