Brock Osweiler NFL Draft prospect notes

Brock Osweiler
6'8, 240 pounds | Quarterback | Arizona State

First word:
Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler has played himself into the first-round discussion with his play as a junior. He's picked apart the Southern California and Missouri defenses and looked good against Utah.

Clearly, though, he remains a work in progress. Arizona State's passing offense is based around the short passing game to open up the deep ball. In truly his first season as a starting quarterback, Osweiler has made strides but has a ways to go. He shows his inexperience when faced with pressure and tends to put the ball in bad spots too often.

But for a player who has started less than 10 games in college, he has a lot of potential. He's obviously got incredible size (even if it's inflated), a great arm and an incredibly high ceiling. Read our prospect notes on Osweiler after the jump.


- Has worked a lot to shorten up and quicken his delivery. Coming out of high school, Osweiler had a long release. Before his junior season with the Sun Devils, he worked diligently to shorten his release. It has been successful for Osweiler, though it has lowered his release point. He'll on occasion revert to his old motion, especially when he has to drive the ball deep.

- Still learning line adjustments to better protect himself against blitzes. Clearly struggled in this area against Illinois. In that game, Osweiler was forced to forced to speed up his game, which led to some poor ball placement.

- Isn't a statue in the pocket. A former high school basketball player, Osweiler has nimble feet and is quick enough to elude pressure.

- Has an arm that is exceptionally strong, and maybe the strongest of any quarterback eligible for the draft. He just doesn't get to show it all the time for Arizona State.

- Knows how to take some zip off his ball in the short passing game. Many quarterbacks with the same kind of big arm throw short passes too hard, making them hard to catch.

- Has made improvements reading defenses pre-snap as the season has progressed. Benefits from predominantly lining up in the shotgun.

- It's difficult to fully judge Osweiler's footwork since he takes few snaps from under center. Many long limbed quarterbacks get tangled up on five-step drops and have to take their time. This is probably the biggest area of Osweiler's game that needs to be evaluated.

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