World Series Game 6: Cards Come Back Again, Now 9-9 In 11th

If we hadn't seen it, we might not have believed it. Any of it.

The Cardinals were down by three runs in the eighth inning. You don't make up three runs against the Texas Rangers in the last two innings.

The Cardinals made up three runs against the Rangers; one in the eighth, and two in the ninth on David Freese's two-out, two-strike double over Nelson Cruz's head in right field.

If you believe in momentum, you had to believe the Cardinals were heading toward an incredibly dramatic and unlikely Game 6 win, and thus a Game 7.

Baseball players don't give a jimmy-jack about momentum, though. Jason Motte, who'd pitched a hitless ninth for the Cardinals, returned to the mound in the 10th. He got Ian Kinsler on a pop to first base, but Elvis Andrus singled.

Small problem. Not a big problem. After all, Josh Hamilton was next and he's a good player and everything but has a sore groin or something and hadn't hit a home run since September. Literally, since a previous month.

It's a funny game, though. Motte threw a low fastball, right where Hamilton likes his fastballs, and he took a mighty rip that sent the fastball 406 feet, well over the fence in right field.

And just like that, the Rangers had another two-run lead.

Motte and his beard got out of the inning, but the Cardinals needed yet another miracle.

And they got one.

With ancient left-hander Darren Oliver taking over on the mound, Daniel Descalso lined a single into right field. Jon Jay followed with a pop fly down the left-field line that dropped for a single that will forever look fantastic in the box score.

That brought up the pitcher's spot, and Tony La Russa was out of hitters. Which was fine, because he wanted someone to bunt anyway. Pitcher Edwin Jackson got that job, and he popped a bunt ... Well, you gotta see that for yourself:

Yes, the shortstop made the play on a sacrifice bunt. Tim McCarver said he'd never seen that before, and he's been watching the big boys play baseball for more than half a century.

Out came Oliver. In came right-hander Scott Feldman (and his beard), with right-handed hitters Ryan Theriot and (gulp) Albert Pujols coming up next.

Feldman got ahead in the count against Theriot, and got him out on a grounder to third base. Descalso scored, but that was irrelevant.

Feldman didn't get ahead of Pujols, because Ron Washington ordered the intentional walk. Even though Lance Berkman lurked on deck.

Feldman got ahead in the count against Berkman. Then he threw Berkman a low fastball and Berkman drove it into right-center field for a single. Jon Jay scored without a throw.

Cardinals 9, Rangers 9 (!)

That's how the inning ended. And on we play, heading to the 11th inning of a World Series game the likes of which has probably never been seen before tonight.

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