Pure Mockery #2

I'm using the current draft order going by record and strength of schedule. For playoff teams I went by point differential. I added a couple trades basically using the trades from last years draft.



1.   Broncos (STL)     QB    Andrew Luck        Stanford**  

    I have Denver trading up for the QB of the future. I just don't see how he isn't the #1 pick in the 2012 draft. The question is who trades up for him.

2.   Colts        T    Matt Kalil        USC**

 I guess they go OL. I don't see them drafting a QB and even though they have some free agents at WR I can't see them passing on Kalil.

3.   Dolphins        QB    Matt Barkley        USC**

 I gave them my #2 QB. At #3 I can't see them going anywhere else but QB.

4.   Vikings        WR    Alshon Jeffery        South Carolina**

 This was a tough choice between Alshon Jeffery and Jonathan Martin. They could really use a tackle like Martin. Is he worthy of #4? Some say yeah, some say no but Jeffery sure is.

5.   Cardinals        T    Jonathan Martin        Stanford**

 With no OLB worthy of this pick I went with Martin. He should protect Kolb for years to come.

6.   Seahawks        CB    Dre Kirkpatrick        Alabama**

 Tough choice as I was thinking Landry Jones or even Robert Griffin but Dre Kirkpatrick could be too good to pass up.

7.   Chiefs        QB    Landry Jones        Oklahoma**

 Sometimes I see Landry Jones and I see a guy that could be the #2 pick in the draft. Sometimes I see Landry Jones and I see a guy that could be taken in the 20s. I'm awfully hot/cold with him but I think KC would like him.

8.   Eagles        LB    Manti Te'o        Notre Dame**

 I honestly have no freaking clue. History tells us most likely it will be OL or DL but they need to do something with the LBs.

9.   Rams (DEN)        WR    Justin Blackmon        Oklahoma St.**

 Not bad trading down from #1 to #9 and still get a top notch WR. Bradford to Blackmon, NFL you've been warned.

10.  Jaguars        DE    Quinton Coples        North Carolina

 Coples or Dennard ? I haven't liked what I've seen out of Coples so far this year but I still get that feeling he is a top 15 lock.

11.  Panthers        CB    Alfonzo Dennard        Nebraska

 I was considering Michael Floyd in this spot but went with Dennard. The Panthers offense is looking good, the defense not so much.

12.  Browns        LB    Luke Kuechly        Boston College**

 I honestly don't know what direction they would go in. They have two first rounders and I was/am clueless on both.

13.  Bengals        RB    Trent Richardson    Alabama**

 I can't see him falling any further. I almsot went with Stephon Gilmore here as they could use help at CB but Richardson was just too good to pass up.

14.  Steelers        G    David DeCastro        Stanford**

 This has to be the pick. Right?

15.  Jets        LB    Courtney Upshaw        Alabama

 I think Rex Ryan would love to have a guy like Upshaw on J E T S Jets Jets Jets.

16.  Browns (ATL)    T    Riley Reiff        Iowa**

 Like I said earlier I have no freaking clue. Although having Reiff team up with Joe Thomas is pretty sweet.

17.  Raiders        CB    Xavier Rhodes        Florida St.**

 Guessing what the Raiders will do is foolish.

18.  Bears        OL    Brandon Washington    Miami**

 If it's not a G or C I might seriously consider switching teams. Serious question are we trying to get Cutler killed?

19.  Cowboys        CB    Janoris Jenkins        North Alabama

 CB HAS to be the pick and Jenkins is a talented SOB. Will Jerry take a chance on him like he did on Dez?

20.  Seahawks (NE/NO)    QB    Robert Griffin        Baylor**

 You know the Patriots are trading one of their 1st rounders. You know they are. Seattle gets their QB of the future.

21.  49ers        CB    Stephon Gilmore        South Carolina**

 Kind of a BPA thing going on here.

22.  Chargers        LB    Bruce Irvin        West Virginia

 I can actually see him moving up draft boards with the combine and workouts and such but for now this is a good spot.

23.  Bucs        CB    Morris Claiborne    LSU**

 Corner is the pick.

24.  Titans        WR    Michael Floyd        Notre Dame

  I don't really know what they need besides getting Chris Johnson going. Floyd and Britt together will give Hasselbeck/Locker a nice duo.

25.  Ravens (NE)    LB    Vontaze Burfict        Arizona St.**

 Oh snap the Ravens trade up for Ray Lewis JR. I see this as a perfect fit.

26.  Giants        DE/LB    Devin Taylor        South Carolina**

 I know DE isn't a big need but doesn't Devin Taylor just seem like a Jerry Reese pick?

27.  Redskins        DE    Jared Crick        Nebraska

 They missed out on the QBs and I don't like any here yet. Crick is good value at #27.

28.  Bills        LB    Donta Hightower        Alabama**

 Missed out on Burfict so grab Hightower to help that D.

29.  Texans        WR    Jeff Fuller        Texas A&M

 I was thinking Ta'amu but Wade Phillips seems to like smaller DTs so Jeff Fuller would be a nice #2 behind Mr. Andre.

30.  Packers        LB    Brandon Jenkins        Florida St.**

 BPA here. I really really like Jenkins and at #30 should be a nice steal.

31.  Lions        LB    Zach Brown        North Carolina

 Lions will always go BPA and Zach Brown is getting alot of love lately.

32.  Patriots (BAL)    S    Robbie Lester        Alabama**

 Who knows what they will do. I predict they will trade one or both 1st rounders but who they pick is a crap shoot.




33.  Rams        RB    Lamar Miller        Miami**

 I know they have other needs but Miller is good value here and provides insurance for Steven Jackson.

34.  Colts        WR    Ryan Broyles        Oklahoma

 With three free agents at WR they need to address this early.

35.  Dolphins        S    Ray Ray Armstrong    Miami**

 I had problems here. There will be a new coach and with that will be a new scheme and who knows if they switch to 4-3 so I went S with local product Ray Ray.

36.  Vikings        DT    Jerel Worthy        Michigan St.**

 Wanted to go OL here but Worthy is good value here.

37.  Eagles (ARI)    LB    Travis Lewis        Oklahoma

 Back to back LBs. I guess it could be an area of strength now.

38.  Patriots (SEA)    DE/LB    Donte Paige Moss    North Carolina**

 Does he fall this far? I don't know but it's good value.

39.  Chiefs        NT    Alameda Ta'amu        Washington

 They could go in another direction but this would be a great pick.

40.  Eagles        CB    Chase Minnifield    Virginia

 I don't think he falls this far but in this mock he did and Philly snatches him.

41.  Rams (DEN)        CB    Jayron Hosley        Virginia Tech**

  This is another pick they acquired in the Denver trade.

42.  Jaguars        DE    Vinny Curry        Marshall

 The Jaguars have been known to double up in the first two rounds.

43.  Panthers        WR    Mohammed Sanu        Rutgers**

 I like Sanu, don't know if he falls this far but the Panthers would have to snatch him up.

44.  Browns        WR    Dwight Jones        North Carolina

 I don't know if they would go for another big WR but I gave them one anyway.

45.  Bengals        CB    Cliff Harris        Oregon**

 Don't know if he falls this far but Cincy would need to pounce on him after passing up the position in round 1.

46.  Steelers        RB    Chris Polk        Washington**

 Don't know if they go RB this early but Polk and Mendenhall would be nice. They need to run the ball.

47.  Jets        T    Andrew Datko        Florida St.

 Bolster that OLine so they can get back to ground and pound. Almost put Mike Adams here instead.

48.  Falcons        TE    Dwayne Allen        Clemson**

 Don't know if he falls this far, he has looked good. Falcons need to find the heir to Tony Gonzalez's throne.

49.  Patriots (OAK)    DE/DT    Brandon Thompson    Clemson

 I was looking at my list and said oh shit I forgot Brandon Thompson so here he is at #49. I definitely don't think he falls this far but I'm too lazy.

50.  Bears        C    Michael Brewster    Ohio St.

 I hate Jerry Angelo.

51.  Cowboys        S    Mark Barron        Alabama

 After going corner in round 1 safety should be next.

52.  Saints        DE/LB    Ronnell Lewis        Oklahoma**

 I've been impressed with Lewis and think he would be a nice fit next to Vilma and Martez Wilson.

53.  49ers        S    TJ McDonald        USC**

 Don't know if safety is a need but here he is.

54.  Chargers        OL    Cordy Glenn        Georgia

 Good value.

55.  Bucs        CB    Donnie Fletcher        Boston College

 Bucs have also been known to double up positions in first two rounds.

56.  Titans        DT    Marcus Forston        Miami**

 Good value. More hype than production thus far but he could be a steal.

57.  Patriots        LB/S    Kenny Tate        Maryland

 I'm sure they will find a way to use this talent.

58.  Giants        DT    Kawaan Short        Purdue**

 I like Short more than most and didn't really like any other options here for the GMen.

59.  Redskins        QB    Nick Foles        Arizona

 Missed out on QB in round 1 so they snag one in round 2.

60.  Bills        LB    Jonathan Massaquoi    Troy**

 Keep bolstering that defense.

61.  Texans        NT    Josh Chapman        Alabama

 Here is the smaller NT for Wade Phillips.

62.  Packers        OL    Kelechi Osemele        Iowa St.

 Some offensive line depth.

63.  Lions        CB    Casey Hayward        Vanderbilt

 They need to address the corner position.

64.  Ravens        T    Mike Adams        Ohio St.          

 I'm clueless and tired.




As always feedback is appreciated.

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