For those about to MOCK, we salute you!

Howdy, fellow Mockers!  Don't know about ya'll, but since the last draft ended and college football started, the 2012 draft has been just about all that I can think of.  Well, besides women of course.  Anywho, here's my first mock of the year.  Enjoy!

BUT FIRST!  A few notes on my draft and why it is a little different than most.

The order by which I have selected to have my mock draft arranged is not based upon strength of schedule, current win/loss record, or league standings but rather upon my opinions based upon statistics and judgement.  [As a quick side note, I base my offense and defensive rankings upon points scored and points scored PER GAME rather than cumulative points or yards or yards per game] 

The top 10 teams and playoff teams (20-32) are there for a reason, and I will provide an explanation on why I think they are there.  As for the middling teams (teams 11-20) I really haven’t a clue how they will shake out between 11-20, however based upon statistics and how they are currently playing, I foresee them being between 11-20 [basically because they are middling in most all statistics and because their offense/defense margin hovers closely over or under average].  Finally, I do have a Superbowl Champion, and I will discuss how the playoffs will shake out, in my mind at least!

Additionally, the draftees I have chosen for each team are based upon my own estimations of where prospects will likely land.  Some, I am more certain of their positions than others.

Lastly, I do offer my opinions on the teams.  They are not meant to be mean or cruel, but just realistic.  I try to be fair, even with respect to my favorite team.  Sorry in advance if I offend you, but I have the statistics to show where your team will land this year.

Oh yeah, and PPG= Points Per Game



1.       Kansas City Chiefs

NFL’s 3rd most pitiful offense, scoring a measly 12 PPG, and NFL’s most porous D.  They’ll take the ‘suck for Luck’ crown, I haven’t a doubt!


Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford.  No Brainer.  Chiefs win the Napoleon Dynamite look alike, or neckbeard, whichever you prefer.




2.       Jacksonville Jaguars -

Surprisingly, they have the NFL’s worst offense.  Their defense is actually respectable, a top 15 D.  However, they are scoring under 10 PPG.  You can’t get many wins with that, just ask Carolina who endured the very same situation last year.


Alshon Jeffery, WR, South Carolina.  They desperately need a dominant WR for Gabbert to throw to and to mature with.  Will be a smart pick, because he’ll really help the sputtering offense.   Jacksonville’s O will become quite similar to Jeffery’s alma mater, minus the idiot QB play.





3.       St. Louis Rams -

2nd worst O, 3rd worst D.  Not trailing far behind the Chefs, who can’t cook up many wins.


Matt Kalil, OT, USC.  Kalil will not escape the top 5.  He is Jake Long 2.0 in terms of athleticism, frame, strength, and draft value.  Smart choice for St Lew, will be a multi-Pro Bowler and long term fixation at LT.




4.       Indianapolis Colts

Have porous D, and offense is bad, but at least they are scoring more than 2 TDs a game.  That’s more than J-Ville can say.


Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma.  Bill Polian has been talking about getting a future QB in the past few drafts if the price is right.  However the cost is too much now to bear not getting one.  Manning’s return is uncertain, and frankly, as I’ve been saying since the start of TC, I don’t think he’s going to return to the gridiron.  EVER.  But that’s a whole another subject in its entirety.  Even if Manning is back, it might only be for a short time.  So, it would be wise to go after a successor now, rather than later.


5.       Minnesota Vikings

Will put in Ponder and get some wins at some point.  Though defense is average, offense is plain stale.


Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State.  Vikings need a lot of things.  They need O-line help, but they also need to give Ponder, the future, someone to throw to.  They have Rudolph and Harvin, but not really much beyond that.


6.       Miami Dolphins

Aren’t the very worst, but are giving up far more than they’re scoring.  Also in a brutal division this year.  They really don’t have a chance beating the Bills or Patriots.


Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford.  The Fins are in a stinky position once again.  They missed out on Luck and Jones.  Barkley isn’t worth taking here.  So, they shore up the right side of their line.  Later, they’ll use picks for their D.


7.       Seattle Seahawks

Pitiful O, average D.  Gets some wins in easy division.


Matt Barkley, QB, USC.  With Peter Carroll, nothing suprises me.  He could be completely infatuated with Barkley, or despise him, I don’t know.  He’s also proved that he has no more loyalty to USC as he has chosen not to draft many of his former players in favor of other players (Earl Thomas in place of Taylor Mays comes to mind).  But he needs a QB.  No more of this Charlie Whitehurst/CFL quarterbacks, that’s just not going to cut it.  Either they pick up a top tier QB this year, or call up Shane Falco or something super creative, they are really out of options.  By the way, I think Barkley very well might tumble into the second round, a la Jimmeh Clausen, come April, but I have him going to the Hawks here anyway.  Oh yeah, and Taylor swift comes part of the package.  JK, found this pic online, but have no clue why the two are associated.





8.       Denver Broncos

Stubborn ole’ Foxy will have to put in Tebow at some point, and when he does they’ll start getting some wins.  Let us not forget that the Broncos had one of the best passing offenses in the league a few years ago, and that core remains there (Brandon Lloyd, Eddie Royal).  So when they put Tebow back in, he’ll light it up.  However, until then, they’ll go on with a top 10 worst offense.  Their Defense is also a mess and will need more time to adjust back to 43 D.  They will get some wins in an easier AFC division, just not many.


Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama.  Foxy loves his RBs.  At Carolina, he took 2 in the first round in under 10 years.  And Knowshon ain’t cutting it.  He’s more of a Reggie Bush type scatter back than true #1 back.  So, he gets his guy to lead the attack.  I really don’t think they go QB, because I really think Tebow will prove his value by the end of the year, by getting in the game, showing some promise, and reigniting the offense (which by the way was great 2 years ago).  And yes, I do think that Richardson is better than Ingram.  Always have.  Will be a top pick, no doubt.




9.       Carolina Panthers - 

Cammy Cam has lit a spark in the Panthers O, and they now are an average offense, which is incredible being that they could only put a single digit on the scoreboard last year.  Their D is on the porous side.


Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame.  A surprise?  Yes.  While Jeffery and Blackmon are being put on pedestals, Floyd is  silently racking up the stats.  Comparatively, Blackmon and Jeffery’s stats aren’t even close.  And let me remind you that Floyd is doing this with a subpar cast and mediocre at best QB.  Getting past his character concerns, Floyd has top 10 written all over him.

Carolina on the other hand, needs someone opposite the aging but fiery as always Steve Smith for Cammy Cam to throw to.  They have defensive needs, and could go O-line here, but they need to give Cammy a WR to grow with.  With better WRs, Cammy could be much more dangerous than he already is if he actually is, which is scary.  Enter Floyd, who, in my mind reminds me of Vincent Jackson (which is exactly what Ron Rivera and Rob Chudzinski are looking for, being former Charger coaches and using the SD offensive playbook).  At 6’3" and 220, is a physical WR who, while not a speedster, can get downfield and make the big catch.  Has future number 1 written all over him.





10.   Cleveland Browns

Hello Cleveland!  (Says Spinal Tap to the wrong stage!)  Hah, sorry just had to put that in there!  That’s what I think of when I think of Cleveland.  Well, that and LbJ if you catch my drift.  But when I think about the Cleveland football team, I think about a decent D and slightly below mediocre offense. Will be back in top 10 when April comes around.


Vontaze Burfict, LB, ASU.  So far, this draft has been offensive heavy, and I think it will likely shake out that way in April.  This means though, that Cleveland, or whomever, will get their pick of the Defensive litter.  Burfict is this year’s Von Miller.  Every bit as good, maybe even more so.  Cleveland has a QB, and some offensive weapons, but holes on D.  Linebacker is a black whole.  They have no playmakers there.  Enter Burfict, who probably will be D-ROY.  If you are Cleveland, yes you need a WR, however Burfict is just way to good to pass up.  They’d be fools not to take him.




11.   Oakland Raiders-

Raiders are scoring wonderfully, however they are also getting scored on far too much to have too great of a record.


Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama.  I know it’s almost cliché to pick the Raiders a CB, however their weakness really is the D, and they are starting Chimdi Chekwa and some guy named Routt at CB.  They could definitely use a quality CB to fill you know who’s shoes.  Kirkpatrick isn’t a bad replacement.


12.   Cincinnati Bengals

Bungles actually win some games and do okay.


Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa.  Sorry but Whitworth isn’t going to cut it as a long term answer at LT.  Need an upgrade.


13.   Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers have a down year, their offense is staggering along and D is really starting to age.


Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State.  Yes, I realize that this mock is going crazy with the O-linemen, however I think that there will be a lot of demand  and a good supply in 2012.  Steelers need O-line help just like most others.


14.   Arizona Cardinals - 

Cards do better than expected!  (Also because they are in an easier division.)


Donte Paige Moss, DE/34 OLB, UNC.  The Cards need some rushers outside.  Porter is old and I don’t know the other guy, he looks like a nobody.  Plus, the Cards love those hyphen names (Rodgers-Cromartie, Stephens-Howling, etc...)


15.   Philadelphia Eagles-

Injuries, offensive line problems, and unexpected defensive woes cause Eagles to middle.


Manti T’eo, LB, Notre Dame.  Offense is potent enough, D can get to QB, and they have some corners, so they’ll need to patch up their LB corps.


16.   Dallas Cowboys

Middling team.  Enough said.


Jared Crick, DT, Nebraska.  Crick is the top DT in my opinion.  While he doesn’t have the same exact skill set, I think he’s the same type of player as Nick Fairley.  He’s a disruptor and backfield penetrator.  Can’t say enough how much I like this guy.  Don’t see him getting past 20, especially since JJ Watt, who he really compares well to, went so early last year.  The ‘Boys take him to upgrade their D, and because Jerry really likes guys from the Heartland.




17.   Chicago Bears

Same story as Falcons.  GB and Detroit will win division and wild card.  And other WC is already taken.



Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin.  The loss of Olin Kreutz has hurt more than they thought, so they get an apt replacement in Konz.  Thought about mocking Fuller to them here, because well you know how Mike Martz loves to take WRs in the first round.  However Fuller isn’t a first round talent and won’t go in the first round come April.  He’s a poor man’s Jon Baldwin, and he’s soft, not a good blocker, not a speedster, outmuscled easily, and has a lot of trouble separating.


18.   Atlanta Falcons - 

Miss out on playoffs.  Will have a winning record, however TB and NO already have NFC Wild Card and Crown respectively.  Unfortunately, Detroit has the better record than ATL, and gets the other WC.


Cleveland picks:


Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina.  Being that ATL desperately wanted Julio Jones, they’ve forfeited this pick to Cleveland, which is going to make good use of it, cause it needs it!  Cleveland still would like to upgrade it’s offensive weapons, but the value just isn’t here.  The value is in defensive players.  So, they take the athletic DE Ingram, who had a breakout year for South Carolina.  So far, he has 5.5 sacks, 7 TFL, 2 interceptions, 1 TD run, and 26 tackles.  Just a beast.  The Browns need rushers for their new 43 D, and Ingram is going to be a 1st rounder, you can count on that!



19.   New York Jets - 

For the first time, miss the playoffs.  Sorry, but Sanchez is only mediocre and can only take a team so far with his arm alone.


Brandon Jenkins, 34 OLB, FSU.  Need to get Rexy some pass rushers finally.


20.   Washington Redskins

Just miss the playoffs.


Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M.  Gross Rexman has been alright, however he’s not really a long term answer for Shanny, so I give them a QB.


21.   San Francisco 49ers

Good D, middling offense.  They’ll win the NFC West, but only because they are the best of the worst of their stinky division.


Kelechi Osemele, G, Iowa State.  A little more beef for the trenches.


22.   San Diego Chargers  - 

Top 10 D, middling offense.  They’ll obviously win the AFC West, because frankly, they don’t have much competition.  However, they aren’t going much further than that.


Vinny Curry, 34 OLB, Marshall.  A very San Diego-esque pick.  They’re still looking for that premier edge rusher.


23.   New York Giants - 

The Giants win the NFC East but are by no means a scary team.  They have a top 10 offense and a decent D, however I’m not sure how consistent they can be.  Also, I think whoever emerges from the lowly NFC East this year isn’t going to be too much of a contender.  A down year for the NFC East.

Luke Kuechly, LB, Boston College.  It’s pretty obvious that the Giants don’t have anything at LB.  And it’s also obvious that they ALWAYS go BPA even if they don’t really need the position (Prince Amukamara, JPP).  This year, BPA meets Needs. 


24.   Houston Texans

The switch to the 34 D under Coordinator Wade has made a world of difference.  They now have a top 5 D.  Add that to their top 10 offense, and you have yourself a playoff contender!  Finally they make it in via the AFC South crown, however they are going to flounder (just my personal opinion, sorry Texans fans!)

Mohamed Sanu, WR, Rutgers.  Texans have a good D (finally), and are solid at skill positions, however still are aching for someone across from Andre Johnson.  Enter Sanu.


25.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 

While they don’t take the NFC South crown, the Bucs have finally gotten back into the playoffs.  They’ll get in via NFC wildcard and beat a team but go no further.  A top 10 D is going to get them there, but their offense still has some maturing to do to go any further.


Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU.  You already know about Ronde Barbers age, so I’m going to leave it at that.

26.   Tennessee Titans

Surprise, the Titans make the playoffs!  They do so by AFC wildcard though.  Their offense is middling, however their defense is the best in the NFL right now.  So, they’ll make it in, and I see them going farther than the actual AFC south winner.


Quinton Coples, DE, UNC.  Although the Tennessee D is top of the league in points per game allowed, they could definitely use some upgrades at DE.  Especially since Derrick Morgan hasn’t really blossomed yet.


27.   New Orleans Saints

Another scoring dynamo, the Saints will take the NFC South crown.  The defense though, will hamstring them deep in the playoff hunt.


NO won’t actually be picking here though, being that they gave it up for Mark Ingram.  And retrospectively, I was a smart gamble, being that their pick is very late. 

New England picks…

Alameda Ta’amu, DT, Washington.  The Patriots need to retool their D-Line.  Ever since they traded away Seymour, it hasn’t been spectacular.


28.   New England Patriots -

The Pats are the highest scoring team in the AFC, and are definitely playoff bound.  They’ll either be the AFC East champ or an AFC wildcard, but they’ll be in the hunt.  They just aren’t SB bound this year.  Not with that defense.


Devin Taylor, DE, South Carolina.  The Pats still haven’t found that edge rusher that they’ve been looking for.  Taylor also adds the prospect of scheme versatility being that he could stand up and rush the passer a la Clay Matthews, or put his hand in the dirt and get after ‘em.


29.   Buffalo Bills -

While it was merely a regular season game, the Bills win over the Patriots was a significant win.  They are either the AFC East champ or a wildcard, but they are going to go deep in the playoffs. Why? They’re scoring like crazy@ 33.2 PPG, and they’re defense isn’t bad.  Actually, it’s better than the Patriots.  And that’s why I am giving them the leg up on the Pats in the playoffs.


Courtney Upshaw, OLB, Alabama.  Merriman has been decent, but by no means is the answer at OLB.


30.   Detroit Lions

They are 4-0 and they are for real people.  Go ahead, laugh and scoff.  However, I think they are for real.  And I’m getting on the bandwagon.  Behind GB, they have the second best offense in the NFL.  They also have a top 10 defense.  They’re going to go be a wildcard, but will meet their fellow NFC North rival Packers in the NFC champ game, ultimately losing, because hey, it’s Green Bay!


Jayron Hosley, CB, Virginia Tech.  The Lions D is formidable, but they could add a quality corner.  They take Hosley over Gilmore, because Gilmore is a bit of risk.  He gives up far too many big plays than he should.


31.   Green Bay Packers-

The Pack is back!  At least, as the reigning NFC champ and NFC North champ.  Currently, they are an offensive dynamo, scoring 37 PPG.  Defensively, they are middling, however Rodgers is one who can lift a team up.  With their experience, I see them making it back to the SB, however I don’t see them hoisting the Lombardi trophy once again.


Shayne Skov, OLB, Stanford.  Most are mocking Bruce Irvin here, but I’m not so sure he’s a first rounder, so I have them taking Skov who’s already plays in the 34 D and is a stud.




32.   Baltimore Ravens

As of right now, the Ravens have the second best defense in the NFL, allowing only 14.2 PPG.  Paired with the 6th best offense, gaining 29.8 PPG, the Ravens in my opinion have the best offensive/defensive combo.  They are my Super Bowl Champions!


Cordy Glenn, OG, Georgia.  I almost had them picking Gilmore for the value, however I noticed that they are starting Andre Gurode at G.  They need a long term answer there.


Well there you have it.  Disagree?  I bet you do.  But keep it to yourself, I don't wanna hear your complaints.  JK, bring it on!

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