BBI's Positional Rankings, Wk 5 (QB, RB, WR, CB, DE, ILB, OLB)

Right now, I got knocked on my ass by some ridiculous cold, so I've been out of commission all of this Saturday. So after watching hours and hours of college football, decided not to make a mock draft this week. Doing a positional rankings instead. Only did these specific positions because, well, I don't have rankings just yet for the other guys. Been focusing on these positions the most, so there it is.


1) Andrew Luck, Stanford

2) Matt Barkley, USC

3) Landry Jones, Oklahoma

4) Robert Griffin III, Baylor

5) Nick Foles, Arizona


The number one spot for the QB is obviously the lead pipe lock of the NFL Draft. No real weaknesses found in Luck, he's athletic, great work ethic, solid arm, great footwork, and has awesome awareness. I like Matt Barkley slightly more than Jones because Barkley has a stronger arm. Jones is the more accurate of the two, but I think scouts will like Barkley a bit more because he's a purer pocket passer. Robert Griffin III....this guy is one of my favorite prospects in the draft. Just discovered him after week 1, he has a rocket for an arm, is athletic as hell, and of course, you all know how accurate he is. Only problem is the mechanics. One prospect I don't like is Ryan Tannehill. He seems skittish, inaccurate, and doesn't read progressions really well. It doesn't look like he can feel pressure well either.



1) Trent Richardson, Alabama

2) Lamar Miller, Miami

3) David Wilson, Va Tech

4) Cyrus Gray, Texas A&M

5) LaMichael James, Oregon


I've had a hard time figuring out who the 2nd best RB in the draft was. Got to see both Miller and Wilson on display against each other. Wilson seems to have the better balance of the two. He's going to get more yards after first contact and I've rarely seen him falling backwards. Miller on the other hand, has the quicker first step, and is much stronger. If you saw him against VTech, he was dragging people like nobody's business. I ended up ranking Miller over Wilson because he has that first burst. Of course, Richardson has both of these guys beat in more or less everything. LaMichael James is a special college player, but he doesn't have NFL size, which is concerning. I don't know if he holds up, but he certainly in intriguing.


1) Alshon Jeffery, Southern Carolina

2) Justin Blackmon, OK State

3) Michael Floyd, Notre Dame

4) Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma

5) Mohamed Sanu, Rutgers


Honestly, its 1A and 1B between Blackmon and Jeffrey for me. Both have been thoroughly dominating on 1-on-1 matchups with other CBs, and both have made some highlight reel catches. I gave a really, really slight edge to Jeffery because he seems to be more physical, is bigger, and has better body control playing with a crap QB. Michael Floyd is right up there with those guys. I like Broyles, because he is probably the best possession receiver prospect in a long, long, long time. Insane hands and great route running. A prospect that is falling for me is Jeff Fuller, who is right behind Sanu for 6th place. He does not seem physical enough and doesn't run great routes. Excellent size and speed, but not great production at all. Some rising prospects that I really like, and are sure to shoot up are Marquis Maze, who is dynamic as a special teamer, Nick Toon, who is just beasting fools in Wisconsin, and Kendall Wright, who is having a monster year with Robert Griffin III.



1) Dre Kirkpatrick, Alabama

2) Alfonzo Dennard, Nebraska

3) Morris Claiborne, LSU

4) Stephon Gilmore, South Carolina

5) Janoris Jenkins, Some random college that I forget 


Kirkpatrick remains my favorite CB prospect, but damn, he is really inconsistent. He has all the physical tools to be a playmaker, and he is a huge hitter. Dennard remains a top 10-15 lock for me. He hasn't played for a few games, but the limited action that he's gotten, he's shut stuff down in coverage and has been flying all over the field and making tackles. He was all over the place against Ohio State. I actually like Stephon Gilmore more as a prospect than Morris Claiborne, but Gilmore hasn't been shutdown lately, and there is no denying Claiborne's playmaking ability after what he's done so far in this season. I'd be lying if I said I've seen Janoris Jenkins play this season, but from what I remember, he was a fringe 1st round pick last year for good reason. He was fluid and made great adjustments. Jayron Hosley was really close to making the 5th spot, but he got outplayed on a few different situations against Miami, and so I dropped him to 6th. He still remains a fringe 1st rounder that's likely to drop to the 2nd round due to the talent ahead of him.


DE/3-4 OLB


1) Quinton Coples, North Carolina

2) Courtney Upshaw, Alabama

3) Brandon Jenkins, FSU

4) Melvin Ingram, South Carolina

5) Donte Paige-Moss, North Carolina



Wow. What a weak class. Coples looks nothing like a top 10 pick. Give him credit, he's getting double teamed a lot, and produces pressure. He seems really, really sluggish out of his stance though, and sorta of lulls himself forward (best way I can describe what he does, I dunno) towards the QB. Compare him to the top ranked pass rusher last year, Von Miller. Yeah. Miller blows him out of the water. Jenkins has been equally unimpressive, but still more impressive than others, plus he gets credit for his year last year. Upshaw is not a DE, he will be an OLB in either formation (best fit as a 3-4, so I'm putting him here). He has been all over the place and is both a solid run defender and pass rusher. With the exception of Melvin Ingram, he's the only one I've seen completely take over a game. Ingram, of course, after that game, is now on everyone's radar. I need to see him consistently before I can move him to the 3rd spot. Yes, I know Paige-Moss was benched. But in limited time, I've seen him get more pressure on the QB than Coples. Devin Taylor is a freak with long arms, but I haven't seen him produce that much. Need to see more. This draft class sucks.



1) Luke Kuechly, BC

2) Vontaze Burfict, ASU

3) Manti Te'o, Notre Dame

4) Dont'a Hightower, Alabama

5) Tank Carder, TCU


Alot of people don't like Kuechly that much. He is my favorite prospect in this draft. I think he has one of the best instincts of any linebacker prospect I've seen. He is by no means an athlete, and gets washed out at times. A little bit of time in the weight room, and what you have is a smarter and better Mason Foster. Burfict is athletically gifted, and could very well move into the top spot. Only reason he's not is because while he's a heat seeking missile, he tackles like one too. He plows into his tackles rather than wrapping up. Also has been known to get hot headed at times and play undisciplined. So far, though, it looks like he's learned his lesson. If he keeps this up, he gets by Kuechly by virtue of raw athleticism. All of the top 4 are legitimate 1st round prospects, which is kind of ridiculous. After that, its a huge dropoff. Tank Carder has regressed greatly from last year, and I think the only scheme he can perhpas be successful in is a Tampa-2. He reminds me of Pat Angerer, but more sluggish. Looks like a 3rd round prospect at best right now.



1) Zach Brown, North Carolina

2) Travis Lewis, Oklahoma

3) Lavonte David, Nebraska

4) Keenan Robinson, Texas

5) Sean Spence, Miami


Zach Brown has been quiet the past game, but he shown in all the others that he's all over the place. He tackles with solid form and has been pretty solid in coverage from what I can tell. Travis Lewis was my highest rated 4-3 OLB last year, slightly higher than Akeem Ayers. This was mostly for his coverage ability. Of course, he's been injured and doesn't look completely back to form. I'd say he's a fringe 1st rounder right now if he can come back to form from last year. Lavonte David had a nasty game against OSU. He can diagnose plays quite well, and he shoots gaps pretty easily. He, like the rest of Nebraska's defense, is a solid tackler. Spence is a late 2nd rounder in my eyes right now. He flies around the ball, but is a really small dude.

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