Cardinals vs. Brewers, NLCS Game 1 Preview: Time, TV Schedule, Pitchers And More

Central division rivals, the Brewers and the Cardinals, are set to square off in Miller Park on Sunday afternoon for Game 1 of the NLCS.

The NLCS battle will come down to two Central Division rivals, the Cardinals and the Brewers. Both teams know quite a bit about each other and neither team likes the other. Zack Greinke is slated to start for the Brewers and he's already talking about the Cardinals. "There's other pitchers in the league that do it, but, I don't know," Greinke said about Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenters habit of staring down and yelling at batters, "a lot of guys on our team don't like Carpenter."

The Cardinals are coming off a thrilling 1-0 Game 5 win over the Philadelphia Philles that saw Carpenter pitch a complete game shutout. The Cardinals will trot out Jaime Garcia for Game 1 of the NLCS, but Garcia and the Cardinals didn't have much to say in response to Greinke taking a shot at Carpenter. Cardinals manager was disappointed in Greinke's comments, however. 

"That's a bad comment to make unless you know Chris Carpenter," La Russa said. "Our attitude is we look at ourselves and we grade ourselves. And even if we don't like what's happening on the other side, we don't make a -- it's not our business, unless somebody crosses the line. So I think the Brewers should take care of their players."

The Brewers and the Cardinals definitely don't like each other and have had various run-ins this season. Whether it be the Cardinals complaining about electronic signs in Miller Park distracting hitters or colorful center fielder Nyjer Morgan taking to Twitter to call Albert Pujols "Alberta.", it will definitely be an emotionally charged series.

The teams split their regular season match up, 9-9.

Cardinals: Jaime Garcia (0-0, 0.00 ERA)
Brewers: Zack Greinke (0-0, 0.00 ERA)

Game time: Sunday October 9th, 4:05 p.m. ET

TV: TBS (National)

For more on the St. Louis Cardinals, be sure to visit SB Nation's Cardinals blog Viva El Birdos. For more on the Milwaukee Brewers, be sure to visit SB Nation's Brewers blog Brew Crew Ball.

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