The Sports GIFs Of October: Terrible Athletes, And The Instruction Manuals They Necessitate


Athletes malfunction a lot, and anything that malfunctions a lot needs its own instruction manual. As such, we present the greatest animated GIFs from the month of October, as well as documentation we hope you find useful.

Athletes mess up a lot. Quarterbacks throw the ball 10 yards in the wrong direction. Hockey players whiff while trying to punch one another. Snaps hit third-stringers in the chest. Hitters try and fail to break their bats over their knees. Punters drop the ball out of their hands and apparently forget to actually kick it.

We saw all of those things happen in October, perhaps the greatest month of the year in which to be a sports fan. With football hitting its midseason stride, and baseball in the postseason, athletes are afforded so many high-profile opportunities to completely screw up and come off looking like a bunch of jimmyjohns.

Such malfunctioning athletes surely need instruction manuals. And so, in the Animated GIFs of October, we offer relevant excerpts from each individual's instruction manual. We recommend storing them in their original packaging. Or you can read them on the john. That's what I tend to do with my instruction manuals. I've said too much, please do not judge me.

So! Let's get right to it. I've attempted to properly credit every GIF I've used, but if you see one on the following pages that is credited incorrectly, please tweet me at @jon_bois.

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