New Miami Marlins Logo, Uniforms Officially Unveiled


After months of guesses and speculation, the Miami Marlins officially unveiled their new logo and uniforms in a private ceremony.

Friday night, during a private ceremony broadcast to the world over the internet, the Florida Marlins officially became the Miami Marlins. But then, we all saw the name change coming miles and miles away, and what we were most interested in was the big reveal of the Marlins' new logo and uniforms. There had been alleged leaks, and there had been speculation - so much speculation - but only during the ceremony would we finally find out what the new Marlins would look like for sure.

Everything was shrouded in secrecy as those of us watching on the internet waited for the ceremony to begin.


At last, it began, and after a short speech, Jeffrey Loria unveiled the Marlins' new logo:


Just like the leaks. I can't tell if this logo isn't actually that bad, or if I've just gotten used to it since I've been seeing it for almost two months. Loria described the Marlins' new look as "unique, sleek and different," and said that the team would be wearing the "colors of Miami". Sunsets and beaches and everything.

After the logo, it was time for the players to model the new uniforms. Here's an overall look, from the Marlins' Twitter account:


And now to break it all down bit by bit, we go to the Marlins' official team store.

Home hat


Road hat? (not shown in team picture)


BP hat


Home jersey


Road jersey


Alternate jersey 1


Alternate jersey 2


BP jersey


Look - I know we've all been prepared for the Marlins to look like absolute shit. It's maybe because of that preparation that I think these look all right. In the image posted above, even the orange alternate looks sharp and perfectly wearable. I'm not wild about the idea of, say, pairing it with the orange hat, but I'll worry about that if and when I actually see it. (I won't actually worry.) (So don't worry.)

The jerseys are colorful, and different, and different in a way that I like. When the Padres revealed their updated jerseys the other day, there was some criticism that they went too bland, and look too much like the Brewers. The Marlins won't really look like anybody else, and I don't mean that as a criticism. The Marlins definitely have their own look.

Oh, by the way, before I forget, some of the backs:



I dig the teal shadow on the alternate. I have never claimed to have fantastic taste in anything, but I'm okay with what I'm okay with. I'm okay with this.

You, of course, are free to disagree with my assessments, because our opinions are our opinions and when it comes to something like a team's logo and uniforms, I don't think there's any right or wrong. If I like this stuff, and you hate this stuff, I am right and you are right. That's the way this works. There are going to be tons of people who blast the Marlins from here to Bangkok for what they've done to themselves. Some of those people are just going to be upset because something changed, but many of those people are going to express opinions that are perfectly legitimate.

But at least it's all done now. It's all official. No more projections, no more guesswork. We know what the Miami Marlins are going to look like. It's time to get used to it.

And maybe buy a t-shirt!

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