Albert Pujols #5 of the St. Louis Cardinals looks on in the ninth inning during Game Five of the MLB World Series against the Texas Rangers at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Albert Pujols Mulling Huge Offer From Marlins, According To Report

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Report: Marlins Offer Pujols Nine Years, $225 Million

There have been reports that the Marlins had an offer into Albert Pujols, but until now, there wasn't any word on what that offer might be. Could have been a one-year/$14 million offer. Could have been an offer to check out that new burger place. Some baseball folks were skeptical.

But in an article titled "Is Cy Young winner Verlander a fit for MVP?", Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports leaves this little tidbit:

The Miami Marlins aren’t messing around. Their standing offer to Albert Pujols is believed to be for nine years. With a competitive average annual value (say $25 million), that’s $225 million, minimum, and that’s more than what the St. Louis Cardinals are believed to have offered in the spring.

Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post mentions the heartwarming tidbit that the contract would cost the Marlins more than their new stadium, which was heavily subsidized by taxpayers. What sort of nerd-child actually wants to learn music, anyways?

Even though the contract offer is believed to be larger than what the Cardinals offered in the spring, it's still in the same general area, so we should probably hold off on pre-writing those Pujols-to-Marlins articles. Still, that's a lot of clams for a franchise that isn't used to spending. Here's a perspective chart:

With One $225 Million Pujols, The Marlins Could Have Bought:
1.5 Miguel Cabreras
3.6 Dan Ugglas
80 Jim Eisenreichs
100 Andy Foxes
642 Andy Larkins

Now, 642 Andy Larkins might not appeal to you, but imagine if they were all playing the field at the same time. Chris Volstad's BABIP would be .001. Also, the money that would go to Pujols could be used to invent Andy Larkin-cloning, as well as money to bribe Bud Selig to change the rules of baseball.

The idea of Pujols on the Marlins still hurts the brain, but it might be an idea that we have to get used to.


Albert Pujols Receives Offer From Miami Marlins

With a new name and a new stadium, the Miami Marlins wasted no time trying to sign a new superstar, offering Albert Pujols a contract during his free-agent visit Friday, according to the Associated Press. He's the biggest prize on the market, but he's not Miami's only target: the team has reportedly made offers to shortstop Jose Reyes and pitcher Mark Buehrle, as well, and have interest in reliever Ryan Madson

What happens if all four players decide to take their talents to South Beach? That's unlikely to happen, says Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman:

one person characterized offers to pujols, reyes, buehrle & madson as "preliminary'' types. so no threat of 4 acceptances
Nov 12 via webFavoriteRetweetReply


Marlins president David Samson admits the team has a preferred pecking order, but he didn't tip his hand as to who's the favorite. "It's a problem we never suspected could happen," Samson said, according to the AP. "It didn't even occur to me. We have a first choice, a 1A and a 1B after 1. This week did not happen by accident. We knew who we wanted to see, and when we wanted to see them."

The Marlins have gone through boom-and-bust periods in years past with their payroll, signing free agents one year and dumping contracts the next, but owner Jeffery Loria hopes the team's new stadium will ensure they remain competitive for the long haul. 

"We're looking at everyone," Loria said, according to the AP. "We want to make this team as special as we can. We would be foolish not to entertain the possibility of some of these players. It's just one of those things that mean you're going forward. We've had our hands tied for a long time. With this new stadium we want to step into a new light."


What Would Happen If The Marlins Signed Albert Pujols?

The Miami Marlins are hosting Albert Pujols for a free-agent visit this weekend. What would the world be like if they actually signed him?

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